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22872, 23962, 23914, 23623, 24671, 13057, 23132, 16758, 23273, 23943, 23359, 23956, 16370, 23944, 23605, 22339, 23606, 23946, 24848, 19505, 20023, 12596, 12970, 22027, 22628, 9539, 23582, 21739, 24587, 23676, 21817, 22693, 24623, 24328, 17616, 24737, 15489, 11924, 20708, 24738, 19774, 23128, 22917, 22918, 22919, 21239, 18742, 22430, 10252, 15136

PROF. ANONYMOUS WITH THE MARSHALLS -Christmas Elf (1980 POWERPOP ORIG PRESSING) - Label:Isabelle Records Inc. Bomp co release oddity. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22872

BLACK LIPS - Baby doll M vintage- Label:GILDEN We have some boxes of T shirts in our warehouse, sometimes given to us by the bands, sometimes bought to sell but never listed. I took a photo of the shirts with a ruler laid out so you can see the size. All are 100% cotton , Some are a little linty, but never worn, just wash them and they’ll be fine.I ain’t Martha Stewart, YOU do it! APPAREL $10 SKU:23962

TMGE- New in bag - M Label: We have some boxes of T shirts in our warehouse, sometimes given to us by the bands, sometimes bought to sell but never listed. I took a photo of the shirts with a ruler laid out so you can see the size. All are 100% cotton APPAREL $10 SKU:23914

FLAMIN GROOVIES - Monthly book #1 - Label: warehouse find. 1976 5x7 pink booklet published by Groovies fan club with thanks to Sire, put together by Greg Shaw . Interviews , letters , pictures, and a cool ad for Shake Some Action, before it had a title! BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:23623

VINCEBUS ERUPTUM- Vol 19 with (Heavy psych/Stoner rock )- Label: ll written in English. Cover by Kabuto. Size: A5 - 40 full colour pages. Contents: The Linus Pauling Quartet - Orange Goblin - Victor Griffin - Fantasyy Factoryy - Killer Boogie - My Sleeping Karma - Ides Of Gemini. Reviews: Abbot - Acid King - Amenra - Atomic Workers - Black Capricorn - Black Rainbows - Black Wings Of Destiny - Bleeding Eyes - Brain Pyramid - Child - Colour Haze - Deaf Proof - Domo - Doomraiser - Drifter - Elder - Eldorado - Hands Of Orlac - Jastreb - Juggernaut - Kalamata - Kali Yuga - Madre De Dios - Misty Morning - Mondo Drag - Monte Nero - Mos Generator/Isaak - Mother Island - Mr. Peter Hayden - Osso - Papermoon Sessions - Pombagira - Pyrior - Return From The Grave - Sendelica - Slow Order - Sounds Of New Soma - Spidergawd - Spurious Transients - Sula Bassana - Sun Rider - Temple Of Deimos - Viaticum - Warhorse - Wedge - Wild Eyes - Wino & Conny Ochs. BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:24671

BLAIR 1523 (Spacemen 3 related ) - Beautiful Debris ( Psych/Drone ) SAALE -Label:VOXX 060 Brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, this remarkable band from the bucolic shire of Cornwall had a variety of strengths, from strong pop songwriting to a penchant for extended freakout jams, all of which is captured on this, the only record they made before sadly breaking up. To those few fortunate enough to have heard it, it remains an esoteric favorite.. Psychedelic swirl/drone pop Early Floyd/ Elevators sound by his amazing UK band. “This album is worth buying for the cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s.” - American Music Press CD $5 SKU:13057

BRIMSTONE HOWL - Guts Of Steel (60s style garage prod by Dan of the Black Keys!)Label:ALIVE PRODUCED BY DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS A furious mix of 60's influenced garage and old school from Nebraska. "4 Beatles-headed psych-nerds with a taste for razor-sharp snake rock."-NME. "Cranked, lo-fi blues-rock from NE hoodlums."- Uncut. "A foot-stomping, ass-shaking, roof-rattling, 30-minute sonic assault."-HearYa. "Singer John Ziegler channels the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Rob Tyner with reverence and aplomb whilst his able bodied mates.- Amplifier. "Part bluesy roots punk ala Gun Club, part Oblivians/Childish lo-fi raunch, part 60s British Invasion slop; Brimstone Howl is ALL rock'n'roll.”– Lowcut CD $5 SKU:23132

DATURA4- Demon Blues - digipack w 3 songs not on the LP-Label:ALIVE Hailing from Fremantle in Western Australia, DATURA4 is the brainchild of Dom Mariani (frontman of legendary Australian garage rockers The Stems and Power Pop favourites DM3) and Greg Hitchcock (former You Am I and one-time New Christs’ guitarist). In 2011 they joined forces combining a shared passion for full-tilt boogie, psychedelic rock and progressive blues.

Along with drummer Warren Hall who previously played with The Drones and bass player Stu Loasby DATURA4 have been steadily building a reputation in their hometown with their live performances. With a healthy nod to Early ’70’s Australian Psych/Blues/Boogie from the likes of Buffalo, Coloured Balls, The Aztecs and latter era Masters Apprentices, “Demon Blues” represents Mariani & Hitchcock’s love of hard hitting bell-bottom blues. Fans of Radio Moscow will love this album!

As psyched-out, louder-than-Sabbath blues goes, this record is out there on its own. – The BLUES Magazine 8/10 review

“Demon Blues” is ‘very 70s rock. There’s also a deftness and pop sensibility in the undertow. It’s a happy marriage of the hard-edged and the hooky. – I-94 BAR 4.5/5 review

Their sound is very much vintage, but for some modern references I can thrown in Swedish acts such as The Nomads and the ace Sewergrooves. If those names mean sh*t to ya, then "Demon Blues" is pretty much satisfaction guaranteed. – VIVE LE ROCK 9/10 review

The LP and the CD have different versions of the cover designed by Joshua Marc Levy/Asheville Art Family (Black Crowes, Grateful Dead, Buffalo Killers).

The CD includes 3 songs not on the LP.

1. Out With The Tide
2. You ‘Aint No Friend Of Mine
3. Another Planet
4. Journey Home
5. Hoonsville
6. Demon Blues
7. Pissin’ Up The Wall
8. Killjoy
9. Gravedigger Man (CD only)
10. Love To Burn (CD only)
11. If Seven Was Eleven (CD exclusive - not available on digital) CD $10 SKU:16758

DRIPPING LIPS - Ready to Crack ( garage punk with Damned member ) -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Featuring BRIAN JAMES of the DAMNED and and Lords Of The New Church. Produced by Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Primal Scream) and fueled with righteous garage punk and neo Brit R&B. Play it loud! CD $10 SKU:23273

HOWLING DIABLOS- Car Wash ( DETROIT Iggy/Mc5 style )Label:ALIVE Gritty, down and dirty blues rock'n'roll made in Detroit. CD $10 SKU:23943

HUSTLERS, THE- ST (1964-1968 So Cal garage psych )Label:GEAR FAB The complete recordings & musical history of one of South California’s most prolific & influential garage/psych bands. Hear unreleased versions of their Psych State’s Florida LP tracks. Prev. unrel tracks & outtakes from ‘64-’68. CD $10 SKU:23359

HYPSTRZ - Live At The Longhorn 1979 (high energy garage ) -Label:BOMP Records The complete 1979 live performances at the Longhorn, released for the first time on CD, entirely remastered and with liner notes. The release features their LP 'Hypsterization!', originally released on Voxx in 1980, as well as the band's first EP, plus an array of previously unreleased material; a total of 37 tracks on brilliant high-energy garage. "A high-speed hurricane of mid-'60s Brit snot and MC5 revolutionary rama lama. Along with the Chesterfield Kings on the East Coast and the Crawdaddys in San Diego, the Hypstrz were the first to mine a fogotten motherlode of hopeless obsucre 45s dropped worldwide by hapless teen combos" - City Pages CD $10 SKU:23956

KANSAS CITY JAMMERS - Got Good If You Get It -DBL CD (69-71 electric acid folk !) -Label:LION Recorded between 1969 and 1971 the Kansas City Jammers were a college trio struggling between grades and drugs, the results, psychedelia. A mixture of electric acid folk to out and out rock, songs like "Waiting For The Messiah", "Midnight Watch" and more. CD $10 SKU:16370

KRAMER, WAYNE / MC5 /PINK FAIRIES - Cocaine Blues Live at Dingwalls 1979 LAST COPIES! -Label:TOTAL ENERGY This collection of material from 1974/1978, around the time of Wayne's arrest, brings him back to his roots in rock 'n roll and blues. This is a high-energy release that includes previously unreleased material performed live with the infamous Pink Fairies. The album is complete with rare and unreleased photos. CD $10 SKU:23944

CD $10 SKU:23605

LINDAHL, PETER- PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN (60s 70s T REX Pink Floyd style) SAALE!Label:TRANSUBSTANS Psychedelic Sweden" is a musical reflection of when Peter had joined up with the alternative community which was growing rapidly in Sweden in the late sixties and he started to take in more psychedelic stuff, his favourites at the time being Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pugh Rogefeldt and Pink Floyd. Full story by Tobias Pettersson in the extensive booklet with an fold out poster of Peter on backside. CD $10 SKU:22339

CD $10 SKU:23606

LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - ST (Detroit Stooges style) digipack LAST COPIES Label:TOTAL ENERGY - Hot Pants Zone. Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ CD $10 SKU:23946

MORAZ, PATRICK- ST- Remastered Edition (MOODY BLUES)Label:ESOTERIC Swiss born Patrick Moraz is probably best known in rock music circles for his membership of two of the world’s biggest rock bands, Yes and the Moody Blues. He was also been a member of the progressive rock band Mainhorse, forming the band with bassist Jean Ristori in 1969 and releasing one self titled album in 1970. By the time of the release of Moraz’s debut solo album in early 1976, he was firmly installed as the keyboard player in Yes. CD $10 SKU:24848

MYLLA -VANJA (ultimate psychedelic party-band 70s sytle )-Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Mylla came into fruitation at the now legendary illicit club/speakesy BZ in a Stockholm cellar. Mylla is the ultimate psychedelic party-band for the loosely knitted family of musicians centered around the Subliminal Sounds label (like Dungen, The Works, Life on Earth! and St. Mikael and many other Swedish psychsters). Were happy to finally be releasing their debut album "Vanya". The album was recorded in a limestone cottage at a secluded island far out in the Baltic Sea known by sailors for centuries as the "White Hawaii". The island Faro has been closed for all foreigners up until a few years as it contains several top secret army bases. The music is steeped in the Swedish 70s "Progg" tradition. Like Dungen the band sings in Swedish but unlike Dungen the Mylla experience might only be for the natives, but at least its no longer forbidden for anyone to try it out. Gustav Ejstes from Dungen turns up as a guest with his fiddle too. CD $10 SKU:20023

OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Crimes digipack ( With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 ) SAALE - Label:ALIVE With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 and the passion and forward thinking of Billy Bragg, Occult Detective Club is the sound of today with a nod to the past. Taking a cue from an increasingly active underground Texas music scene, they play a mix of first wave punk and new wave music with a focus on the catchy chorus, the thoughtful lyric, and a DIY mentality. The band has previously released their ten song debut LP " Tortures" in the of spring 2010 on Red Lounge, and fellow Texas gore-hounds Hex Dispensers covered one of their songs. Occult Detective Club is formed by Alx Anguiano on vocals/guitars, Andrew Messer on guitars, Chris Reeves on drums, and Tyler Shults on bass. CD $5 SKU:12596

OLIVE, BRIAN - Two Of Everything ( Prod by Dan of the Black Keys) digipack - Label:ALIVE ex-Greenhornes guitarist & Soledad Brothers) Following his 2009 self-titled debut , which was praised for skillfully blending soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psychedelia, Brian Olive takes us further on his latest full length “Two Of Everything”. Listeners will recognize a number of musical touchstones here (Night Tripper era Dr. John, Exuma, early Funkadelic, Canned Heat, West Coast psych, etc…) but the end result is completely Olive’s own, an insanely dynamic, soulful , psychedelically-rich summer album perfect for intergalactic flight, night visions, or voodoo rituals.

“Two Of Everything” was recorded and produced by both Olive and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, and Easy Eye Sound in Nashville and features a revolving cast of talent including long time right hand man Mike Weinel, Detroit psychedelic caveman David Shettler (SSM, the Sights), Daniel Allaire (Darker My Love), Jared McKinney (Greenhornes), and with Courtney Jaye, Leisa Han, Kari Kragness, and Sarah Benn on backing vocals. The hauntingly beautiful artwork is by Laura Dolan.

Brian is currently on tour in the US and will be joining the legendary Dr. John and Dan Auerbach on stage at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. He is also laying down sax parts for Dr. John’s upcoming album. CD $5 SKU:12970

OOSTEN, MICHAEL -sT (1974 Dutch psych folk Fairport COnvention style) with ADDITIONAL TRACKS Label:WAY GONE MUSIC The rare and much sought after 1974 folk/psych LP by this Wisconsin native. Right off the master tapes!!CD issue of the one and only and EXCELLENT album by Dutch born PSYCH-FOLK artists MICHAEL OOSTEN from USA. Originally released in 1974 privately in an edition of 400 copies. Outstanding electric folk rock feat smke great vocals and guitar work. By Many compared to the music of FAIRPORT CONVENTION CD $10 SKU:22628

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY- Universal Malcontents digipack (Amazing psych pop/ cosmic blues)- Label:ALIVE Leader/songsmith MATTHEW SMITH is more on form than ever before, whether on a cosmic blues rocker like 'Outsider,' a shimmering psych popper like 'Feels Like Shadows,' a glam-inflected choogler like 'I Recognized Her' or a sardonic stomper like 'It's Not Rock N' Roll (And I Don't Like It).' Universal Malcontents is, I think, Outrageous Cherry's most consistently engaging album, and that's saying a lot. - The Big Takeover CD $5 SKU:9539

PLASTICLAND- Mink Dress and Other Cats (post punk psych) SAALE - Label:TIMOTHY'S BRAIN Record Collector magazine in England rightly calls this "a superb compilation of one of the true pioneers of post-punk psychedlia:—and it's true; an amazing collection of ultra-rare early singles from a truly under-rated band CD $10 SKU:23582

POWERs OF BLUE -DRILLIN ON THE ROCK ( great fuzzed out intro covers 65-67)Label:GEAR FAB 2 exploito LPs on one CD! Powers Of Blue and Drillin' On The Rock: Brother T. & Family. Flipout features great fuzzed-out instrumentals covers of the hits of 1965-1967. Drillin' On The Rock, released on the German FASS label (Bokaj Retsiem)is a free for all wild fuzzed-out marathon of bizzare tunes!! CD $10 SKU:21739

RADIO MOSCOW - S/T produced by Dan of the Black Keys! -Label:ALIVE A psychedelic blues rock trio from Iowa produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. "Parker Griggs is one of the best young guitarists out there today, if not the best. He's a prodigy." - Hear Ya CD $10 SKU:23676

RAINY DAY SAINTS-All These Strange Ghosts -Cleveland psych, garage punk, pure pop ,prog)Label:GET HIP You don’t have to listen to the Rainy Day Saints for long to surmise that their heady amalgam of psychedelia, garage punk, pure pop and prog-rock is the product of astute music fandom.Rainy Day Saints were born out of frustration, heartache, love and power chords. Setting controls for the heart of the sun is multi instrumentalist Dave Swanson. He and his cohorts parade along the rock and roll route oblivious to the fact that the scenery along the way has most definitely changed. In other words, they do what they want, when they want and for no one else but themselves. Why else would they reference Hawkwind, Roxy Music, Crazy Elephant and Johnny Thunders in one fell swoop! Selfish? Perhaps, but that is not their concern. It’s all about the melodies, the harmonies, the loud guitars, the driving bass, the bashing drums and the snarling saxophone. Things like : “pristine electrified paisley underground jangle”,“a nastier version of The Move and the harder side of the Dream Syndicate”, “an elegant almost British classicism of hazy, psychedelicate pop-rock swirls”, “ Cheap Trick meets The Nazz meets early Flaming Lips”, “reminds me of the Monkees”, and our favorite, “ Mr. Swanson is one talented motherfucker” are just a few of things that have been said about Rainy Day Saints CD $10 SKU:21817

SMOGTOWN- Tales of Gross Pollution (Beach Punk phenomenon)Label:DISASTER Records Features the previously unreleased early recordings of the now defunct band from '95 & '96. “The final nail in the box of Dana Point's grubbiest sun bleached safety pinned Beach Punk phenomenon SMOGTOWN, whose demise came way too early in my crummy opinion, and meant us folk in Europe never got a chance to experience the mayhem first hand. Bah! Anyways, I've still got all the great memories on compact disc and vinyl to remind me why this bands music gave me such a buzz - no fucking around, snotty and raw self-destructo Punk Rock. "Tales" is a ragged 19track collection of early demo material, that's essentially for anal fucks like yours truly to tie their SMOG collection off.” - Zonked CD $10 SKU:22693

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP -Time Seller- DBL CD ed with 1967 documentary-Label:PURPLE PYRAMID (Bar code drilled) This edition of WITH THEIR NEW FACE ON includes an Enhanced bonus disc containing a 1967 documentary about the Spencer Davis Group. All tracks have been digitally remastered. TIME SELLER contains WITH THEIR NEW FACE ON (1967) plus documentary CD-ROM. This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files. The Spencer Davis Group: Eddie Hardin, Phil Sawyer, Spencer Davis. CD $10 SKU:24623

STAMEY, CHRIS-Robust Beauty-Label:EAST SIDE DIGITAL Not the typical, power-pop release from Chris Stamey. For Improper Linear Models in Decision Making Stamey teams up with Kirk Ross for his most experimental outing to date -- CD $10 SKU:24328

STARCADE -SPACE VACUUM FROM OUTER SPACE (B52s, Roxy Music style) -Label:DIONYSUS Drilled barcode promo copy, otherwise like new. Combine multi-layered Ed Wood inspired movie interstitials with vampy silver beehives, space monkeys and the aural landscape of the milky-way and you have a musical experience like no-other! Think Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Tones On Tail, Siouxee and The Banshees, The B52s, Roxy Music, The Breeders, Plan 9, Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners, Crop Circles, 1950’s television sets and anything silver.
CD $3 SKU:17616

SUPREME JUBILEES--It'll All Be Over (California gospel-soul)Label:LITA If God had a disco, the DJ would be playing California gospel-soul group The Supreme Jubilees. “We won’t have to cry no more,” the tuxedo-clad group would sing, in high, angelic vocals over smooth grooves. “It’ll all be over.” Prepare to dance and contemplate death all at the same time. A band of brothers and cousins, the group was founded from two families: brothers Joe and Dave Kingsby plus Dave’s son David Kingsby Jr., and keyboardist Leonard Sanders plus his brothers Phillips (drummer), Tim (bassist), and Melvin (tenor). The Sanders clan grew up singing together in the Witness of Jesus Christ church in Fresno CA, where dad Marion was pastor. Guitarist Larry Price–who belonged to neither family–completed the line-up that recorded the group’s first–and, prophetically, only–album, It’ll All Be Over. Released in 1980 on the group’s own S&K (Sanders & Kingsby) label, It’ll All Be Over pinpoints a fatalistic mood exemplified by the title. Its lyrics drawn from the Old Testament, its sound from the church by way of the disco, and it’s a feel captured by the album cover–a low, orange sun setting over the Pacific ocean. It is, as Jessica Hundley observes in the brand new liner notes, “both apocalyptic and seductive.” CD $10 SKU:24737

T2-1971- 1972 W 12 PAGE BOOKLET(PSYCH PROG Power trio)Label:ACME LION Third and last archival set of recordings from the classic era of UK psych/prog legends T2. Digipack with 12-page booklet detailing T2's three sets of recordings from the psychedelic era CD $10 SKU:15489

WHITE NOISE SOUND- St- ( 3 tracks not on LP )( Spacemen 3 related psych ) Label:ALIVE WHITE NOISE SOUND is the eponymous debut from the Swansea/Cardiff, Wales-based sextet. Completed with the help of Pete Kember (Spacemen 3, Spectrum and E.A.R) and magician Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals), the album is is a psychedelic dream-piece, and the realization of a band conjuring their own particular wall-of-sound -- at once relentlessly pulsating and blissed-out. MORE ON SITE CD $5 SKU:11924

DUDE, YOU ROCK - Rare DAllas TExas METAL -Label:TRIPLE X Rare Dallas,Texas based rock and metal compilation on Triple X Records, USA. Released in 1990. Features 13 bands, an eclectic mix, ranging between thrash metal rigor mortis to rockabilly of Rev Horton Heat, Etc. COMP CD $5 SKU:20708

ELECTRIC HOLYLAND -ST- (Jesus fuzz psych 1960s)Label:LION Only 300x copies made! Music known as “Jesus rock” or "Jesus psych,” the synthesis of the Christian philosophy combined with heavy rock or psychedelic music, first saw light of day in the late 1960’s and was immediately pressed on vinyl. It didn’t dent popular consciousness and was met with almost zero popularity in its infancy. Over the years, astute collectors and music lovers began to realize that some of these records, almost all of which had been privately pressed in very small quantities with little to no promotion, contained some of the heaviest, catchiest, guitar-driven psych rock ever released. Many of us feel that these early greatly talented, creative and innovative Jesus rock artists, which, sadly, have been mostly overlooked and remain stlll relatively unknown, deserve to be heard. They broke the traditional mold of what Christian music should sound like and need to be known and recognized along with the well-known rock artists and bands of the era. This album presents twelve cuts of some of the best and sometimes heaviest obscure Jesus psych rock ever. Several tracks are from ultra-rare albums that are well-known to vinyl collectors, while others are from albums so obscure that only a few copies are known to exist. Enjoy your fuzz-drenched trip through “Electric Holyland”! COMP CD $10 SKU:24738

PERVIRELLA - VA MOVIE SOUNDTRACK stars from the British Trash scene -Label:DIONYSUS A tremendous collection of music from the movie, and more! Exotic sounds from Alessandro Alessandroni, Francois Evans and the London Gay Symphony Orchestra along with stars from the British Trash scene; Bruce Brand (Headcoats) The Diaboliks, Sexton Ming and more. The most exciting and swingin' soundtrack since Goldfinger! COMP CD $5 SKU:19774

SIXTIES REBELLION Vol 16 The Living Room ( U.S. 60s garage ) - Label:WAY BACK This volume has been complied by Freddy Fortune, and features 17 amazing tracks of orare 60s American garage :. Artwork by Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones. Import. COMP CD $10 SKU:23128




GG ALLIN - HATED IN THE NATION on VHS!! Label:STF Check it out kiddies, we found some VHS tapes here at the office , some interesting stuff. Dig out those VHS players and have yourself a party. (Easily tranferred to digitial form, by the way, all kinds of places offeer the service on the internet.)
SEALED This 52 minute video includes concert footage, birthday pa rty, & funeral. REmastered special edition
DVD $5 SKU:21239

EASY LIVIN' -Good Time Head on Collision (NYC garage punk) -Label:DIONYSUS Formed from the ashes of NY and Virginia garage-slop and drunken sons The Morning Shakes and The M-80s, The Easy Livin' is a garage punk band in the proud NYC tradition. This 14 track platter brings together the best worlds of '60s garage, '70s punk and '90s manic panic garage punk. LP $3 SKU:18742

KEY, SCOTT -This Forest and the Sea 1976 PRIVATE folk ORIG LP Fahey style -LION TEST PRESSING Label:LION ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING! This title is out of print EXCEPT as a TEST PRESSING

Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $10 SKU:22430

BOMP / VOXX / QUARK- collectors item, rare Promo Folder -Label:Bomp Records WAREHOUSE FIND Excellent Cond. Folded . 8/5 x 11 folded booklet. Bio and descriptions of Bomp, Voxx and Quark Records with Staff listing. Photos of Devo, The Weirdos, The Sonics, The Santees, The Last, Rodney Bingeneimer, Iggy, The Real Kids, Shoes, Crawdaddys, Nikki & The Corvettes, Stiv Bators. POSTERS $5 SKU:10252

BOMP RECORD TOTE BAG- Black with classic BOMP logo in red and yellowLabel: Heavy duty 10 ounce cotton canvas totes, made in USA, 18" wide x 15" wide x 5" gusset. Holds about 15-20 records easily. TOTES $10 SKU:15136