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Check out this weeks batch of imports, more obscurities from all over the world, including Portuguese prog, 60s rock from Uruguay, British 60s mod, 70s Venezuelan psych and MORE! We’re going all out to bring you a nice selection of hard to find tunes. Limited quantities so dig in! Click the pink button below for the full list.

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"No frills, all hook and no filler." – POWER POP NEWS

"Paul Collins hits it out of the park with latest release." – Marc Michael, THE PULSE


ABUELO , MIGUEL & NADA - ST(70s Argentine psych prog)Label:CONDOR’S CAVE Recorded in 1974 in France, the album that is the bulk of this reissue has long been regarded as one of the finest recorded by any Argentine artist of the era. With a voice sounding like a cross between Tim Buckley and Peter Hammill, Abuelo became a big star in his native land, recording several rare psyched-out singles in the late sixties, with bells, treated vocals, strange edits, lots of phasing etc., included here as bonus tracks. But thanks to his fickle temper, there was no LP from Abuelo during that time—the album would only emerge years later, after a sojourn in Ibiza, and a bit of wandering throughout Europe. For the actual LP, Abuelo received superb support from Nada, who provided excellent musicianship throughout: the tracks are alternately progressive and very psychedelic (described by some as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Van der Graaf Generator), intense and gloomy. Sadly, Abuelo died of AIDS in 1988, which has diminished the importance of his legacyCD $16 SKU:20203

AUCAN-Aucan + Brotes Del Alba- (1974 Brazilian cosmic rock fusion ) Label:SERIE COLLECTORS AUCÁN are a late 70's band from Argentina who blend symphonic rock with folk and classical influences. The original line-up was an all-family affair consisting of the four Perez brothers: Eugenio and Miguel both handling vocals and guitar, assisted by younger brothers Diego on drums and Pablo on bass, keyboards and vocals. They released two albums in 1977 and 1980 and then split up. Both the eponymous first release and the better-known "Brotes Del Alba" are made up of smooth, well-structured melodies with frequent folk incursions, lots of acoustic instrumentation and elegant guitar passages. Perhaps on account of the more prominent keyboards, the second album is slightly more symphonic and features several guest musicians who bring the band's sound up a notch with their use of cello, mini-moog, oboe, English horn, harmonica and baroque flute among other instruments. Lyrics are sung in Spanish. CD $14 SKU:20214

BABYLON - ST- (lost gem of 70s prog Label:SYN-PHONIC (USA According to fans of progressive rock music, Babylon’s only eponymous effort is “one of the most amazing lost gems of American symphonic 1970’s prog.” Recorded in late 1977 and released a year later, this album (like so many before and since) went unnoticed by the mainstream rock world; apparently, the band had a loyal cult following, who have made certain that this album remains in print. The band wear their main influences upon their sleeves: quartet-era Genesis (they had a penchant for costumes reminiscent of that band’s Peter Gabriel-era), Yes, Gentle Giant, and also Van der Graaf Generator (the lead singer’s impetuous vocalizations). A light dynamic to the full instrumentation all the way through the shifts of melody, ambience and tempo. The dialogues between the guitar and synth are the most prominent features of the music, with the rhythm section setting a firm frame, while the keyboard orchestrations and adornments on string synth, piano and Birotron set an orchestral mood that proves effective for the most explicitly dramatic passages of the songs. Babylon was formed in Florida in 1976 by Rick Leonard, Rodney Best, Doroccas, J. David Boyko, and Gary Chambers. Hard Rock driven passages are constant on this unique album of a fabulous band. Babylon is firmly set in the ways of the classic 1970’s bands, with great analog keyboard work and extraordinarily adept musicianship. They released only this one album and broke up. CD $14 SKU:20196

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY -Still Alive- DBL CD PLUS DVD (70s rock)-Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) The Baker Gurvitz Army was formed in late 1974 by drummer Ginger Baker, formerly of Cream, and brothers Adrian (guitar) and Paul Gurvitz (bass), formerly of Gun. The band was filled out by vocalist Snips and keyboard player Peter Lemer. They released three albums between 1974 and 1976, the most successful of which was their self-titled debut, which charted in the U.K. and the U.S. Having dispensed with the history, we can turn our attention to this triple-disc set of recordings. This archival collection, licensed from the band, consists of live material recorded on the Baker Gurvitz Army’s 1975 and 1976 tours. The third disc is a bonus DVD, which features a German TV performance from the same era. Comes in a double CD thick jewel case, with fold open poster. The DVD includes eight tracks (43 minutes) of some great quality footage of the band live-in-the studio, highlighted by Ginger falling off his drum seat; we’re assuming this is an all regions DVD, but as this is sealed with no information on the outside, we can’t verify that DVD CD $16 SKU:20189

ESTRUCTURA - ST (1980 Venezuelan prog rock) Label:NOT ON LABEL A heavy duty symphonic progressive recording from 1980. This is the second and last album from the first Venezuelan progressive rock band, made with the same group of musicians as appeared on their 1978 debut (“Mas Alta de tu Mente”); this time, the tracks are of more manageable length (eight of them in all), and include Moog in the mix. CD $15 SKU:20219

GERARDO MANUEL & EL HUMO-Apocalypsis(70s Peruvian psych covers of Hendrix )-Label:RE-PSYCHLED The album includes five original songs, plus versions of tracks by Grand Funk, Liquid Smoke, Jimi Hendrix, and Question Mark and the Mysterians. ..includes a booklet with some terrific photos and memorabilia + liner notes and lyrics. CD $15 SKU:13816

GURVITZ ,PAUL -Sweetheart Land Americana roots rock and driving power pop -Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) The name may not instantly ring a bell, but you'll find Paul Gurvitz just about everywhere in the course of rock ‘n’ roll music history. He first found success in the British outfit the Londoners, backing band for rock ‘n’ roller Gene Vincent. He rose through the ranks playing in the Knack, and then Gun in 1967. Gun had a massive hit song ‘Race With the Devil’ and two cult albums. Paul then formed a hard rocking super-group called Three Man Army and released a string of influential albums. From there he found international success when he joined forces with former Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, one of the biggest rock super-groups of the 70's. Now he's back again and fully re-loaded with his new album. "Sweetheart Land" was a long time in the making. Gurvitz spent most of the 1980's and 90's writing and producing hit songs for such artists as Jody Watley, Five Star, Staci Q, Kim Wilde, Melba Moore, Jermaine Jackson, The Fat Boys, JellyBean, and Stacy Lattisaw, among others. While many artists from Paul Gurvitz's generation tread the same ground, he has consistently kept things new. And in fact, Gurvitz's new album will surprise many fans. Not as loud and overproduced as his work from the past, Gurvitz has found a place somewhere between Americana roots rock and driving power pop with a mellow flavor, perfectly tailored for his soulful vocals and guitar playing. Paul Gurvitz is a one man army, a one man band, playing almost all of the instruments on every track—albeit with a little help from a few friends who include drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio); Jeff Silbar (writer of ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’) on guitar; Brooke Lizotte, Stafford Floyd (Force MD's & Sister Sledge) both on piano; Adrian Lee (Mike + the Mechanics) programming and tech support. The production is punchy and showcases Gurvitz's multi-instrumental skills as a player against a cohesive wall of sound CD $16 SKU:20191

JERUSALEM- ST (Deep Purple related heavy metal) Label:ROCKADROME The first official reissue of this infamous metallic heavy rock album from 1972 produced by Deep Purple's legendary frontman, Ian Gillan. The music is a menacing combination of over-the-top vocals and screaming lead guitars that could easily pass for something from the early 80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, it's that far ahead of it's time. Originally released on the UK Deram/Decca label, and now a favorite among vinyl collectors, the album is presented here from the original master tapes and also features pre-album demos, alternate mixes and a non-lp single track. The 20-page color booklet contains liner notes written by bassist Paul Dean, lyrics, press clippings and rare photos! A musthave for fans of 70s hard rock and also the early 80s NWOBHM sound.." Has 5 bonus tracks. Total playing time 70 minutes CD $15 SKU:9734

KILLERS -Good-Bye (1967 Uruguyan rock) Label:RECORD RUNNER First reissue of one of the main albums from the Uruguyan music scene of the 1960’s/1970’s; within the rock movement in Uruguay in the late sixties, the Killers (Los Killers) were proudly the most professional band in the rock music scene; they started out in 1967, playing cover songs of bands like Bloodrock (or “Bloody Rock” as it says here) on their ultra hi-tech gear; they recorded the Jesus Christ Superstar theme as a single, as well as ‘Woodstock’ for the Discodromo TV show, both included here among the five excellent bonus tracks; then came “Good-Bye”, the band’s one and only LP (Sondor, 1972), on which the Killers sung in English their own compositions, aside from Stephen Stills’ ‘Love the One You’re With’ and ‘Born to Wonder’ by Rare Earth; the Killers were headed for exile in Spain—thus the album’s title—pushed out of Uruguay by the repressive military regime that would take full control of the tiny nation in 1973 and end the careers of most of the bands which stayed behind CD $15 SKU:20222

LONDONERS/ THE KNACK - 14 MOD BEAT NUGGETS 65-67-Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Paul Gurvitz and vocalist/guitarist Brian Morris formed a band in 1963, immediately heading across the English Channel to play US Army bases.Upon their return, they christened themselves The Londoners, backed up Gene Vincent for a while, and released a 7" (‘That's My Desire’ b/w ‘Bring It On Home To Me’) on the German Star Club label. They soon met up with famed producer/manager Larry Page and with another name change (this time inspired by Richard Lester's big comedy hit The Knack... And How To Get It) released a half-dozen singles for the Decca and Piccadilly labels between 1965 and 1967. Paul of course eventually ditched his shears and formed Gun with his brother Adrian and Peter Dunton of the Flies, Please, Neon Pearl, and T2 fame, and after that Three Man Army but that's another story. Presented here are The Londoners and The Knack's complete discography—fourteen mod/beat nuggets plus an unreleased take of ‘Back In The USA,’ plus unreleased pics and liner notes spanning their haberdashery roots to the present day. CD $14 SKU:20192

METAMORFOSIE Fu Il Sesto Giorno (70s ITALIAN PROG)Label:VINYL MAGIC Well known Italian prog band Metamorfosi were based in Rome, and they released their debut via the Vedette label in 1972, just one year prior to their highly acclaimed masterpiece 'Inferno'. 'E Fu Il Sesto Giorno' has most of the elements of 'Inferno' already there, with the peculiar voice of Jimmy Spitaleri, the strong rhythm section and the classical influenced keys, but you can also note some slight late 60s influences here. Very rare in original format. CD $15 SKU:20199

PENTWATER -Out of the Abyss (70s weirdness prog style)Label:SYN-PHONIC (USA) Combining heavy helpings of Yes, Genesis and ELP with the some of the weirdness of Frank Zappa, Out of the Abyss, and Pentwater in general had some of the quirkiest and most unusual progressive rock ever created. This album is most likely one of those albums that you will not be all that sure of on the first few listenings, but will probably grow to be one of the most prized CD`s in your collection. The vocals are quite unique, and until one gets used to them, even a bit annoying at times, but actually they are very good. Having an almost psychotic sound occasionally, these songs contain some of the most creative arrangements that I have ever heard. The musicians (Ron Fox, Phil Goldman, Ken Kappel, Mike Konopka, Ron LeSaar, and Tom Orsi) play a wide variety of instruments, augmenting the typical guitar, bass, keyboards and drums with (among other things) anvil, oboe, tubular bells and theremin. Honestly, the theremin itself earns them some points in my book. Pentwater was a Chicago area band that were performing for about nine years in the 1970`s and this album is a compilation of material that they recorded from 1973 to 1976. All of the material here is previously unreleased with the exception of ‘Gwen’s Madrigal,’ and even that is an unreleased version.” - Gary Hill of Music Street Journal CD $15 SKU:20197

ROBBS Before, Then & After - (3xCD + DVD-four discs total)-Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) This four-disc set contains 55 tracks and five video appearances by the Robbs, covering the bands entire recording career. With so much music on offer, a hearty helping of band history seems to be in order. Musically, the Robbs were noted for their use of harmony vocals, and instrumentation-clearly inspired by folk-rock, bubblegum music, and jangle pop. Great stuff-and a real labor of love for the label.Spotted by Dick Clark, the band was signed to Mercury Records in 1966, and moved to California to appear as regular performers on Where The Action Is during late 1966 and early 1967, replacing Paul Revere and the Raiders. The Robbs had some regional success between 1966 and 1970, at first for Mercury and subsequently for a variety of record labels. The Robbs have the distinction of placing the most singles on Billboard magazine's "Bubbling Under" chart (five as The Robbs, plus a final single as Cherokee) without ever once crossing over into the Billboard Hot 100 (ouch!).
The Robbs were never able to garner a true nation-wide hit. Their lone album, from 1967, was compiled from the A-side and B-sides of their 1966 and 1967 singles, along with two new tracks. This self-titled LP made the Billboard 200 chart for one week in January 1968, peaking at #200, and the band was shortly thereafter dropped by Mercury Records. Upon signing to Atlantic in 1968, The Robbs pursued a more country rock orientation. After their two Atlantic singles missed even the "bubbling under" charts, Atlantic let the band go, and they were picked up by ABC/Dunhill in 1969. The Robbs continued to release singles for this label, with the usual regional success and some "bubbling under" appearances, but no national breakthrough. In 1971, the group changed their name to Cherokee, and re-emphazised their country rock influenced sound. They released one self-titled album as Cherokee, as well as the 1971 non-LP single "Girl, I've Got News For You". Both the album and the single featured the participation of Chris Hillman of The Byrds. CD $24 SKU:20194

SHAINS, LOS - Singles 1966-1968 (60s Peruvian garage) Label:REPSYCHLED Deluxe digipak, master tape sourced CD, all the singles by "The New Shains" finds them in heavier, psychier Jefferson Airplane and Cream spiraled waters. Their version of "White Room" is pretty remarkable, with its Spanish guitar figure adding a texture to the song that just breathes smoke 'n' sweat from a Peruvian night club some lost date 36 years ago. Really, really nice job on this. Booklet includes photos of the master reels, plus detailed notes. Great fuzz, raw sound, a must for any garage or psych head! CD $14 SKU:20200

SHAKERS, LOS- CONFERENCIA/OTRA VEZ 68/71 Uruguayan Rock/-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Two lp's on 1 CD. In 1967, "Los Shakers" begin to write what would be considered the "Sergeant Pepper's" by "Los Shakers", "La conferencia secreta del Toto's bar" (Toto's bar secret conference) and in 1968 they finish the arrangements and decide the album concept. The name of the LP is a satire of the American presidents conference that was held in Punta del Este in april 1967, and Toto was the owner of a bar where the Uruguayan musicians met. "La Conferencia" is a complex LP and "Los Shakers" anticipated the fusion of rock with candombe, bossa nova and tango. Subsequently, Hugo and Osvaldo recorded a bossa-jazz LP called "La bossa nova de Hugo y Osvaldo" (Hugo and Osvaldo's bossa-nova), where all of them play the instruments and put an end to the pending contract with the record company, also considered a "must" by bossa-jazz lovers. In 1971, Caio and Peln attempt to take once again the rock style and record an LP called "Otra vez en estudio" (Once again at the studio), inviting for this project three Uruguayan musicians from the "old times" of the 60s, three members of "Los Inocentes" (The Innocents), the twins Hctor and Carlos Capobianco (brothers of Peln) and Rubm Viera (Lorenzo). This LP intends to continue the Shakers' melodic line but without the Fattoruso brothers, and it is a different thing, although it presents some compositions with good harmonies and the album is very well considered by collectors CD $15 SKU:8884

WALKERS, LOS - LOS WALKERS/ NOSOTROS (67 garage psych from ARGENTINA) Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Garage & psychedelic legend from Argentina. First LP 1967 + second lp 1968 plus 8 bonus tracks. Never before on cd, all bonus tracks are non LP singles. In fact, Los Walkers were the Argentine response to "Los Shakers" and "Los Mockers" (that were from Uruguay). The first Lp is like a sort of garage classics and included 3 tracks written by themselves. We have covers of Them - Small faces - Lemmom Pipers - Doors - Kinks - Stones, all of them in a very special and peculiar versions. The booklet brings extensive lines and photos. 32 songs - 77 minutes !! CD $15 SKU:6646

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 3 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85)Label:LION Includes 36-page booklet reprint of the second issue of the Purple Twilight fanzine from 1985. Blinding 3rd volume of wave obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid ‘80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between.We’re spoilt for highlights, taking in Duke Of Disrespect’s taut, jabbing electro stunner You Tell Lies (Banging Away) alongside the Hypnobeat-style drive of Disintegrators’ Oscillations and the cold, emotional pull of Silicon Valley’s abstract instrumental Holborn Station 3 am 3rd January 1982 on the front, whilst the other sparks up killer dancefloor material in the razor sharp 808s and synth voices of Club Paris by Beserk In A Hayfield (big stars of the first 2 volumes), and the roiling analogue psychedelia of Stereo Machines & Kinesis.No mistake; this is bona fide essential business for fans of early wave music COMP CD $14 SKU:20206

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 4(rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) Label:LION Color Tapes unearth another prime, hugely diverse haul of post-punk and minimal wave peaches from their precious archive, including the return of stars from previous volumes such as Beserk In A Hayfield and WeR7. Up there with V-O-D selections, the Color Tapes series so far has provided invaluable insight to hidden or much lesser-known currents of the ‘80s cassette subculture which gave birth to myriad artists, styles and industry conventions whose influence can still be felt over 30 years later. Thanks to Denis Blackham’s exquisite re-mastering, Volume 4 revitalises all 11 songs to sound as good as they’ve ever done, meaning, unlike many inferior compilations, the dancefloor potential of these cuts is really allowed to shine thru, especially in the likes of Beatmixer’s super taut, unreleased electro stingers, Danse Electronique (1986) and The Beatmixer (1986) or the breathtaking electro-pop of Berserk In A Hayfield’s Start Of Something (seriously, this one’s going right to the front of the DJ box), whilst the likes of Silicon Valley and WeR7 tend to more abstract concerns. Highly recommended! COMP CD $14 SKU:20207

AYAHUASCA- Psychedelic Cumbias Vol.1 LP + insert Label:LION What have we here? At first glance it seems like the missing volume from our Groove Club series, which it so easily could have been! This is stunning collection—which took more than fifteen years to put together—of hot, rare tracks that combine cumbia with psychedelic rock. Starting in the late 1960's, there was a boom of tropical music in Peru, both in Lima and the provinces. Cumbia Peruana merged this tropical sound with that of psychedelic rock. Aspects of cumbia were mixed with electric (often fuzz) guitar, played over Andean and jungle rhythms—this combination provoked an explosion of original music. An instrument to lead the way, usually from the introduction of the song; over this, hypnotic layers of keyboards and guitar with fuzz and wah wah; add simple bass-lines; and to top it off, syncopated rhythms from bongos, congas, huiros, cymbals, timbales, often played at breakneck speed. In the end, it's like a sonic cousin to Nigerian music: these musicians liked guitar, they had a fondness for echo, and they loved a murky high-octane jam. Fierce, funky and full of flavor!
•Snazzy bi-lingual insert w/photos + info on the development of the Cumbias Psicodélicas sound •All tracks newly remastered for this vinyl release COMP LP $21 SKU:20212

A BOLHA -Um Passo a Frente (60s Brazilian Psych GATEFOLD COVER)Label:GROOVIE HAND NUMBERED Brazilian band the Bubbles became the toast of the underground Rio de Janeiro scene, backing Tropicalist singer Gal Costas residence at the Sucata night club in 1970. They won the "Best Band of the Festival" award at the VII FIC of 1971 (International Festival of Songs), the same year they appeared on Lenos "Vida y obra de Johnny McCartney" album. After venturing to England to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, they decided to experiment with a heavier sound, more akin to UK bands of that era (Deep Purple, Cream, King Crimson, Humble Pie, with a little Beatles "White Album" in for good measure) than that of their Brazilian cohorts. A name change to A Bolha later, still loaded with verve and swagger, fueled by drugs, they recorded their first album, which has secured a permanent place as one of the best hard psych rock albums to ever emerge from South America. The LP, "Um Passo a frente" (A step forward), was released in 1973 by the Continental label, in a gatefold cover which was quite luxurious for the era. This masterpiece, now impossibly hard to find as an original, certainly made a name for A Bolha in the pantheon of 1970s Brazilian rock. But success in the early 1970s was not like it had once been in the old Jovem Guarda or Tropicalist days, when bands had weekly TV shows to help them become well- known nationwide-and eventually, worldwide. In other words, the meager abilities of Continental to promote the album made it a collectors item, not the fate a band would actively seek for their recordings. The lp is a replica in a gatefold cover, and includes the infamous hard- rocking 1971 single as bonus tracks. LP $22 SKU:12031


BANDA DO CASACO - 1977 Portuguese Prog-Folk ) Label:MUSICBAZZ (Greece) Acclaimed in 1977 as best record of the year in its own country, ''Hoje Há Conquilhas Amanhã Sabemos'' has long been unavailable in any format. In more recent years, worldwide acclaim has been given to this masterpiece, which has resulted in the original vinyl version changing hands for high values. Banda do Casaco was originally formed in 1973 by musicians from various musical areas, but the group always maintained a changing line-up. However, four names have played an essential role in their history: Nuno Rodrigues (ex-member of Música Novarum and Family Fair, composer and today a label manager), António Avelar Pinho (lyricist, who had previously written for Portuguese psychedelic group Filarmónica Fraude and is nowadays an author of children's books), Celso de Carvalho (classically trained cellist, also a member of avant-garde group Plexus, who died in 1998) and José Fortes (sound engineer, one of the best in Portugal in those times and still today). CD $14 SKU:20168

FIKRET KIZILOK - ST (Turkish 1970-1974 protest singer) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Collection of singles by Turkish protest singer much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Turkey, but virtually unknown anywhere else; Fikret started his career playing electric guitar for Cahit Oben Dörtlüsü, which led to appearances in the Golden Microphone song contests that also spotlighted the talents of Erkin Koray, Mogollar and the brothers Hür El; Booklet has notes about the Altin Microphon contests, lyrics, and photos. CD $12 SKU:20153

HUNT & TURNER- Magic Landscape (1972 West Coast groove)Label:LION Fabulous grooving folk rock sounds with plenty of atmosphere, first released by the much beloved Village Thing label in 1972. Ian Hunt and John Turner first teamed-up in the late summer of 1970, the inevitable collaboration of two of the West Country's most sought-after session musicians. CD $14 SKU:20171

I DELFINI - ST (1966 Italian beat) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Maybe the best beat album to emerge Italy, first issued on Disco CDB in 1966 (?) or 1967; I Delfini (or, "The Dolphins" as it translates) made a pretty good splash in their day, and why not? the lads from Padua wrote tight, punchy songs, had good production values (RCA studios), could sing (always a plus), and threw in a Beatles cover at the end in English, just for kicks; lyrics and band photos in 8-page booklet are great (but where's a band history?). A strong album for beat music lovers CD $10 SKU:20152

IRON CLAW- ST (70s Scottish underground heavy rock) Label:ROCKADROME "First official release of early 70s Scottish underground heavy rock recordings from this group who were stomping around the UK with the likes of Black Sabbath, Hackensack, Pink Fairies, Juicy Lucy and others from the time, but never released a proper album. Their name, Iron Claw, was taken from the first line in King Crimson's song "21st Century Schizoid Man". In the beginning, Iron Claw probably became the world's first Black Sabbath tribute band, as they incorporated the entire first Black Sabbath LP and single into their set! This collection of sixteen original studio tracks documents their existence from 1970 thru 1974 and features a wonderful 16-page booklet with extensive liner notes, lyrics and photos!" CD $15 SKU:9827

JEREMY DORMOUSE - The Toad Recordings (Legendary Canadian hippie psych rarity from 1967-68 w liners & original cover art )-Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS (USA) Legendary Canadian hippie psych rarity from 1967-68. One of the hardest to find album collectibles there is. This recording also features a very young Lynda Squires (Reign Ghost) and many other Canadian notables of the day. Original cover art is here as well as liner notes. The master came from the band and sounds great, with male/female interplay throughout. Standout cut is 'Believe Me', a folk gem. There’s also a haunting cover of Leonard Cohen’s 'Suzanne' that is right there as well. This project is also related to the 'Rejects' LP, another lost Canadian rarity. CD $10 SKU:15699

LENO – ST (1971 Brazilian Cream/ STeppenwolf style Label:LION Leno’s “Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney” was intended as the next musical step after Tropicália, it’s full-blooded rock and roll approach intended to link the music that had already been made to the music that would be played a few years later. This record just might have been that bold step had CBS released it in 1971. But censors banned most of the tracks, and Leno was fortunate (thanks perhaps to his string of innocent sounding Jovem Guarda number one chart hits in Brazil as half of duo Leno e Lillian) not to experience the exile or imprisonment of other artists of the time. He was also fortunate that the master tapes survived in the CBS vaults, making them available for this reissue. The album has a sound that has more to do with bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, the Beatles (post 1967), Cream, and Steppenwolf, and features contributions from music legends Marcos Valle, Raul Seixas (anarchic surrealistic icon of Brazilian counterculture), hard psych rockers A Bolha, and members of Los Shakers and Renato e Seus Blue Caps. One of the most singular records of the 1970’s rock era in Brazil, speaking in terms both historic and musical, with a significance in Brazil that makes people who know it well wonder how it has taken so long to be known worldwide, in a time when the efforts of the Brazilian rock and psychedelic underground scene are so well-documented. A 24-page booklet (packed with photos and lyrics) details Leno’s career, as well as the story behind this exceptional record.CD $12 SKU:20090

MODERN ART-All Aboard the Mind Train (PRE SUNDIAL PROJECT) -Label:GALLIUM ARSENIDE (USA) Pre-Sundial project by group leader and chiming guitar wizard Gary Ramon for the first time on CD—(it was released on LP twice—in 1989 by the German Out of Depression label, and in an improved version in 1994 on Acme UK); more straight-forward and song-oriented than the later Sundial material, which means less guitar pyrotechnics, but a terrific album all the same; this CD brings you the improved sound quality of the Acme version of the album, and includes two bonus tracks to make it even better. CD $8 SKU:19038

NOSFERATU- ST (1970 osbscure Krautrock)) Label:OHRWASCHL Amongst the most obscure of Krautrock bands, due to being so early and on an unlikely label. In their early days they were fronted by guitarist/vocalist Michael Winzkowski (who went on to Epsilon), but apart from that, nothing is known of their history, except that winds player Christian Felke also guested later with Epsilon. Nosferatu's sole eponymous album was housed in a sinister bizarre cover, that perfectly captured the dark edge of their music, being an atypical Krautrock fusion betwixt Xhol Caravan, Message and Out Of Focus, hinting at British bands like Gravy Train or Jade Warrior. For 1970, they were pioneers, unusual in how Michael Thierfelder's vocals are often sung across the music, which so often tends to surge out into space, fronted by the dual solo instruments of guitar and sax. “This is the big aggressive sound of today, performed by Nosferatu. The first time, I heard them, they were auditioning together with several other new groups, all managed by the young and ambitious German promoter Peter Hauke. I was so enthusiastic about Nosferatu’s splendid musical ideas and their irresistible drive that I signed them immediately for "Deutsche Vogue" and cut this album a few weeks later. Don't let me describe their music—all self-penned—just listen and enjoy it as much, as Conny (the engineer) and me did, when we recorded this first step into the recording business of the unusually gifted, young German group Nosferatu!”—Tony Henrik CD $14 SKU:20165

PLEASURE SEEKERS- What a Way To Die w the Quatro Sisters (60s)Label:CRADLE ROCKS Digitally remastered with many never before released recordings! the original 60’s all girl rock and rollers who started a revolution. The Pleasure Seekers lived, played, partied, and rocked the music scene in the Renaissance era of the 60’s, when female musicians were looked upon as “novelty acts”. The Pleasure Seekers and the music they played gained the attention and respect of Detroit “male rockers”, as well as the legends of the era. In just under five years, the Pleasure Seekers toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Far East, as a headliner, as well as being support for acts like the Yardbirds, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, Procol Harem, Badfinger, MC5, Bob Seger, Iggy Stooge, and many others. CD $16 SKU:16258

TAKIS BARBAGALAS -MANTICORE'S BREATH Phosphorus Hesperus-Label:WOW RECORDS Takis Barbagalas, guitarist and composer, is the driving force behind MANTICORE'S BREATH and WILL-O-THE WISP. This is his first solo album, which may also be considered as the third Manticore's Breath LP, given that all Manticore's Breath musicians participated. Based on the ancient Greek myths behind Esperus and Phosphorus, Takis created an instrumental, atmospheric, psychedelic-progressive concept-album featuring a powerful blend of guitars, farfisa organ and flutes. Dreamy, mystical, sentimental poetic CD is 300 pieces limited and numbered, deluxe, a miniature replica of the LP cover. CD $14 SKU:20155

TRAFFIC SOUND - A Bailar Go-Go(70s S American psych) digipack- Label:Repsychled This deluxe mini-LP sleeve, limited-edition CD reissue of the mini-album “A Bailar GoGo” is taken from the master tapes, as originally released. As bonus tracks, we’ve added seven remixes from the original four-channel tapes: instrumentals, acoustic versions, and remix/edits; these remixes were approved by Willy Thorne. Comes with a 20-page booklet with unseen pictures and detailed history of the beginning of the band in Spanish and English; also has a silk-screen printed replica of an original Traffic Sound concert poster. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300 copies CD $15 SKU:19982

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 2(rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) Label:LION Following on from the superb first volume, here is the second volume of electronics, synth pop, cold wave and minimal tracks culled from the archives of the legendary COLOR TAPES UK cassette label from the 1980's. These tracks originally came out as micro editions on cassette back then some of which are also unreleased too. COMP CD $14 SKU:20170

GOOD TO THE LAST DROP- VA Killer Rare Sixties & Seventies Soul - Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE (England) Killer collection of obscure soul tracks! Ember Records founder Jeffrey Kruger sought out the best soul sounds, and the label maintained a steady stream of classy soul releases throughout the sixties and seventies. The CD begins with five well-known Northern Soul tracks: Mr. Floods Party come in with a propulsive version of the Gene McDaniels song ‘Compared To What’; dance-floor favourite ‘Looky Looky’ by The Brothers Grimm is included here too. R&B flavoured items such as Jewel Akens ‘Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin’ have been getting more exposure in the clubs in recent years. The Casinos were known for their ballads, but ‘That’s The Way’ proves they could deliver a commanding performance on uptempo tracks too. Milt Matthews gives impassioned performances on four of his compositions, ‘Oh Lord (You Gotta Help Me),’ ‘That’s What I Feel For You,’ ‘Disaster Area’ and ‘Can’t See Myself Doing You Wrong.’ The Pac-Keys hip instrumental ‘Dig In’ was recorded at Hi Studios in Memphis. Dee Edwards has two tracks: the sprightly dancer ‘Why Can’t There Be Love’ and the yearning ballad ‘Hurt A Little Everyday.’ Tony & Tyrone whip up a storm on their pounding dance tracks ‘Everyday Fun’ and ‘Whip Your Loving On Me.’ Fork In The Road have the most sought-after Ember soul 45—both sides, ‘Can’t Turn Around Now’ and ‘Skeletons In The Closet’ are included. Ed Robinson’s ‘Hey Blackman’ is fine deep soul, a heartfelt call to black Americans to assert themselves. Mary Frazier Jones was best known as a professional gospel singer and offers a sanctified performance on Jackie DeShannon’s rousing message song ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart.’ The catchy disco track ‘Good To The Last Drop,’ that also provides the title of this compilation, was produced by music business veteran Johnny Otis together with his son, guitar-star and incredibly underated solo artist Shuggie Otis. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $8 SKU:16375

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- OHIO In The 60’s VOL 3-Label:GEAR FAB 27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio!! COMP CD $10 SKU:18613

WINTERHAWK - REVIVAL(classic 70s private press hard rock) -Label:LION/VINTAGE Highly anticipated—and first ever—official vinyl reissue of all-time classic private press hard rock guitar album featuring Jordan Macarus. It overflows with a powerful Rush meets Blackfoot hard rock sound featuring the unmatched soaring vocals of bassist Doug Brown, tight, powerful hard hitting drumming from Scott Benes and the incomparable guitar wizardry of Jordan Macarus, who will leave you wondering why he isn't featured in every guitar magazine around. If you love hard rock lead guitar action then do yourself a huge favor and grab this album immediately!As a classic hard progressive rock band. Winterhawk, thrived in Chicago’s late 1970s rock scene that included groups like The Hounds, Cheap Trick, Pentwater, M&R Rush, Sorcery, Medusa and many more. You could find them opening shows for acts like Budgie, Black Oak Arkansas, Steppenwolf and others. The band went through a few incarnations with different second guitarists, but was pared down to a three-piece for the "Revival" album, which finally came to fruition in 1982. The album was originally released in a limited edition on the band's own Lambda records and is now very collectable. The reissue on CD of "Revival" nearly 20 years ago has helped garner the band a large worldwide following, which has led to reunion concerts at festivals here in the USA and Europe, including an upcoming show in Germany at Keep It True Festival XXI. Comes with full size insert with lyrics, liner notes, interview and vintage photos + an 11" x 17" poster featuring Doug Brown and Jordan Macarus.

• "You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere at the opposite end of the Time Tunnel, Winterhawk's seven-minute piece de resistance 'Period of Change' is more revered than Kansas's 'Dust in The Wind,' and Macarus is playing in Deep Purple instead of Steve Morse. Seriously, Winterhawk are that good."- Geoff Barton (Classic Rock)

• "In my past twenty years as an addict of heavy guitar music, I have never heard anyone who played the electric guitar like Jordan Macarus. The three songs that Macarus wrote on his own in 1979 ('Period of change', 'Revival' and 'Free to Live') I shall take with me into my grave, because I don't think I will ever hear anything like that again even in the afterlife." - Sacred Metal

• "It's unquestionably the regularly dazzling fretwork of guitarist Jordan Macarus that provides the foundation of Winterhawk's every move. Whether harmonizing with himself, Thin Lizzy-like, on most every number, alternating gently picked classical guitar figures with crunchy power chords à la Randy Rhoads on the title track, or peeling off a jazzy, fleet-fingered display while proving quite the capable singer himself on 'Ace in the Hole,' Macarus is in fine form, and even without any of the above, one would only need to hear his beautifully fluid soloing on the stunning album centerpiece 'Period of Change' ... to realize that here was a particularly innate and versatile six-string talent. " - AllMusic (Eduardo Rivadavia)

• "Simply one of the greatest guitar oriented hard rock albums of all time.... Jordan Macarus can be really proud of his stunning abilities in guitar playing (and composing as well). " - Just Real Diamonds blog

• "If I could take any single record with me to a desert island, this would be it." - Enlightened Chaos

• "...midwest hardrock band whose melodic hardrock is some of the best we've heard; great guitar leads and songs in a Jeronimo-Jericho-Masters zone..." - Subliminal Sounds

• "...recommended to all hard rockers.." - Metal Invader

• "...brilliant guitar playing, great singing.." - Snakepit

• "A music torrent bursts out full of imposing, extra terrestial, destructive solos that will lead you to the greatest orgasm you ever had.." - Steel Conjuring LP $24 SKU:19130