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JUST IN from our friends at HEAVY MEDICATION in Poland, a nice batch of CDS and LPS that I think you guys will like, styles are influenced by the NY Dolls, MC5, Scientists, ands Fuzztones. 

Also just in, another “BOX SET” on ALIVE, this time from the legendary howler/growler JAMES LEG, formerly of the Black Diamond Heavies. Exclusive cover artwork, 4 LPs for just $50!

Lots of SAALE items too, no code required, you’ll see the new price on the listing. And a big batch of heavily discounted ONE ONLY items, clearing out the shelves to make room for more, more, more!

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BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES blues-powered rock 'n' roll Label:ALIVE LP $50 SKU:17878

All on LTD Ed. COLOR vinyl in our own "BOX" with a FREE BONUS LP

Here’s what you get:

Harbours wild fire in his breast. – MOJO (4 star review)

If you’re a fan of gunnite gypsy punk with a rocksteady back beat, James Leg is your eternal ediface. There is nothing like a Leg record and there never will be, no one plays like him, no one growls like him, and certainly no one rocks like him. He’s a world travelled stalwart and will be forever a gem in the Blues crown. – NO DEPRESSION

The Jerry Lee -meets-Lemmy of the keyboards. – VIVE LE ROCK

Part Howlin’ Wolf, part Iggy Pop, he’s the new standard-bearer for the rebels, the new punk in a land of posers. – ELMORE MAGAZINE

Leg steers a beautifully distorted, heavily chorused Rhodes progression backed by a crafty drumbeat with a lyrical delivery reminiscent of the dark lord himself. – NO DEPRESSION

Greasy and groovy as hell, the whole thing's a trip. – R2


BELLA WRECK - ST(New York Dolls swagger with power-pop hooks and a jolt of Detroit high-energy, )Label:HEAVY MEDICATION This album plays like a stack of killer lost Australian garage-punk 45’s from the 80’s. Sydney-to-Berlin transplant Dave Thomas and his German comrades combine Radio Birdman riffs and New York Dolls swagger with power-pop hooks and a jolt of Detroit high-energy, yielding hot, sweaty and fun rock & roll the way the gods meant it to be. The songs are consistently high-quality: catchy adrenalized odes to dimly lit Kreuzberg dives and bad girls who steal your heart then your car. Lead-off track “Can’t You See” could be one of the best tracks Hüsker Dü never recorded. “Untold Fury”, “Fun” and “Vienna” drive like Mad Max, propelled by the Thomas-Freudenberg dual-piston riff machine. And if the Thundersesque “Trash” doesn’t get your ass shakin’, call an ambulance. This album gets our HIGHEST recommendation – get on it! CD $12 SKU:21894

JACK SAINT -ST (Scientists/Gun Club/Fuzztones style) Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Warsaw’s Jack Saint are a howling four-headed swamp-beast with Jim Beam and Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s blood running through its veins. This is noisy, reverb-drenched, mutant blues which will appeal to fans of Beasts of Bourbon, The Scientists, Birthday Party and The Fuzztones. The album contains 8 band originals, plus covers of The Gun Club and Laughing Hyenas. CD $12 SKU:21893

POISON HEART-ST (Polish high octane R&R MC5 style) Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Warsaw’s finest purveyors of high-octane punk’n’roll. Since 2010, Poison Heart have been dishing out their dual-guitar assault, made from a steady diet of diesel fumes, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, MC5 and Motorhead.Heart of Black City” finds them stretching out as musicians and songwriters with a more mature sound heavily rooted in 70’s rock: from side-openers “Big City” and “For Life” with their fist-in-the-air singalong choruses to the killeriffic “Prince of Scums” to introspective album closer “Bagarmossen” (dedicated to the late Hellacopters’ guitarist Robert ‘Strängen’ Dahlqvist). This album is highly recommended for fans of bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, and even Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.CD $12 SKU:21892

BELLA WRECK – ST (New York Dolls swagger with power-pop hooks and a jolt of Detroit high-energy, )Label:HEAVY MEDICATION This album plays like a stack of killer lost Australian garage-punk 45’s from the 80’s. Sydney-to-Berlin transplant Dave Thomas and his German comrades combine Radio Birdman riffs and New York Dolls swagger with power-pop hooks and a jolt of Detroit high-energy, yielding hot, sweaty and fun rock & roll the way the gods meant it to be. The songs are consistently high-quality: catchy adrenalized odes to dimly lit Kreuzberg dives and bad girls who steal your heart then your car. Lead-off track “Can’t You See” could be one of the best tracks Hüsker Dü never recorded. “Untold Fury”, “Fun” and “Vienna” drive like Mad Max, propelled by the Thomas-Freudenberg dual-piston riff machine. And if the Thundersesque “Trash” doesn’t get your ass shakin’, call an ambulance. This album gets our HIGHEST recommendation – get on it!These are the last remaining copies of the original first vinyl pressing on Mirabella Wreckords and comes with the original insert as well as our CD reissue as a bonus. The CD features two previously unreleased bonus tracks that absolutely kill: “Easy” and “Hunter LP $17 SKU:21895

POISON HEART-ST (Polish high octane R&R MC5 style) Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Warsaw’s finest purveyors of high-octane punk’n’roll. Since 2010, Poison Heart have been dishing out their dual-guitar assault, made from a steady diet of diesel fumes, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, MC5 and Motorhead.Heart of Black City” finds them stretching out as musicians and songwriters with a more mature sound heavily rooted in 70’s rock: from side-openers “Big City” and “For Life” with their fist-in-the-air singalong choruses to the killeriffic “Prince of Scums” to introspective album closer “Bagarmossen” (dedicated to the late Hellacopters’ guitarist Robert ‘Strängen’ Dahlqvist). This album is highly recommended for fans of bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, and even Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.
LP $17 SKU:21896



ESTRUCTURA - Más alla de tu mente (FIRST Venezuelan prog rock from 1977 ) Label:NOT ON LABEL Estructura has the unique distinction of being the first Venezuelan prog band. Even more amazing is the fact that they came around when progressive rock was on the decline. They were formed in 1977 by David Maman (keyboards, voice, main composer), Antonio Rassi (lead guitar, composer), Agni Mogollón (bass, voice, composer), Domenico Prioretti (drums, vocals), Walton de Jongh (special percussion, effects), Marisela Perez (lead vocals), and Maria Eugene Ciliberto (rhythmic and acoustic guitar). Their first album, "Más Allá De Tu Mente" (Beyond Your Mind), was very much like Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth." It had two pieces, each taking up an album side. Although like Wakeman’s album it also features a narrator, the structure (no pun intended) of the music is completely different. At 65 minutes, it is one of the longest vinyl recordings to be made in Venezuela. One thing that characterized most bands of the Venezuelan symphonic prog scene is the addition of Latin-American elements to their british prog oriented sound (the best example of this is Vytas Brenner) and Estructura is no exception. CD $14 SKU:20333

ETERNIDAD -Apertura SAALE! (obscure Argentine 1977 one shot wonder) Label:MARDEL X Totally obscure one shot wonder from Argentina named Eternidad with their one and only album released in octobre 1977 named Apertura after that disbanded a year later gone into oblivion. Eternidad offer a kind of prog folk with some fusion elements and some symphonic traces here and there, only sporadicaly but exists, but the main part is a folk band very much similar in places with Los Jaivas or Horizont CD $8 SKU:20416

FENMEN- Sunstroke (60s garage Pretty Things style with new tracks ) - Label:UGLY THINGS THINGS A treasure trove of rare and unreleased Fenmen tracks, including 1965 demo recordings, a 1966 BBC radio session, a raw early 1963 acetate, and seven new tracks by Waller and Povey in the harmony-rich tradition of the Fenmen and the 1967-71 Pretty Things CD $8 SKU:11139

FIKRET KIZILOK - ST (Turkish 1970-1974 protest singer)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Collection of singles by Turkish protest singer much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Tukey, but virtually unknown anywhere else; Fikret started his career playing electric guitar for Cahit Oben Dörtlüsü, which led to appearances in the Golden Microphone song contests that also spotlighted the talents of Erkin Koray, Mogollar and the brothers Hür El; Booklet has notes about the Altin Microphon contests, lyrics, and photos. CD $8 SKU:20153

FINE ARTS SHOWCASE - SINGS ROUGH BUNNIES SAALE digpack -Label:Adrian Recordings The Fine Arts Showcase mainman Gustaf Kjellvander always wanted to cover the Rough Bunnies (aka Anna and Frida Vermina), but he could never decide on just one song. The solution: make it an entire album. Brilliant! Tracklist: 01. Balz came and went 02. Modern love 03. Red wine poet boy 04. World of love 05. My baby has only one eye 06. I say goodbye 07. Dance with your shadow 08. What a world 09. You should be in love with me 10. Poppy eye 11. Rough Bunnies saved my life CD $2 SKU:7128

FISCHER, MORGAN -Seasons + Look At Life (MOTT THE HOOPLE KEYBOARD PLAYER) -Label:VOICEPRINT Morgan Fisher is probably best known as the keyboard player with British rock band Mott The Hoople in the seventies. Prior to that however Morgan had tasted success with British pop band Love Affair and just prior to Mott The Hoople had led his own band simply called Morgan and also briefly been a member of avant-garde rock band the Third Ear Band. Following the departure of Mott The Hoople's front man Ian Hunter the band opted to continue shortening the name to Mott and bringing in a new vocalist and guitarist. When this didn't work out despite recording two excellent albums the band brought in former Medicine Head vocalist John Fiddler and changed their name once again to the British Lions. When this band fell apart after two albums Morgan set out on a solo career and recorded a couple of albums under the name of the Hybrid Kids. Following a short stint playing keyboards for Queen on the road Morgan set off on his travels and amongst the countries he travelled to was India. On his return he lived in a commune and decided to record an album there working with another member of the commune producer John Leckie who had worked with Simple Minds, Public Image and XTC and would go on to work in the future with the Stone Roses. This album was called Seasons and featured John Fiddler on vocals on two of the tracks alongside Morgan. Although the album has its roots in new age the music is decidedly world music although at the time of recording the term was not in popular use. The material on the album is also a homage to Morgan's sixties roots and contains interesting arrangements of such classics like Time of the Season, and Kites. In 1984 Morgan Fisher decided to move to Japan having visited the country and taking an immense liking to it. It was shortly after arriving there that he recorded the album Look At Life subtitled "ten instrumental responses to a beautiful world". While in Japan Morgan also came across two Brazilian musicians who also worked on the album giving some of the songs a pronounced Latin feel. One of the songs Erik is also a personal homage to one of Morgan's musical heroes. Erik Satie The cover of the album also bears the name "Veetdharm" which is the name his spiritual teacher gave him. These two special albums are now collected together on one release and have been remastered specially for this re-issue CD $8 SKU:19192

TURKISH LADIES-FEMALE SINGERS FROM TURKEY 1974-1988--SAALE! Label:EPIC ISTANBUL Created from music archives of old Turkish labels (Elenor, Türküola, Sah Plak) under the licensing umbrella of Sony Music Turkey, this compilation captures the broad diversity of music performed by Turkish women. Sweet melodies and heartbreaking dramas are captured in edgy arrangements and compositions with eccentric synthesizers, mesmerizing arabesque string orchestras, wakawaka funky guitars and narcotizing rhythm sections of darbukas and drum sets. Get surprised by a variety of influences and fusions: from classical Türk Sanat, Argentinian tango, Spanish flamenco, Egyptian classical orchestras, traditional folk songs to worldwide popular disco, psychedelia and funk in unique local setups from late '70s and '80s. COMP LP $19 SKU:20986

VAGOUSH BEDEY -Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation- DBL Label:PHARAWAY Groovy Tehran 70s pop singles swirl like the skirt of a dancing dervish!! With five volumes, this series is now the most complete investigation into Iranian singles ever issued. By now, you’ve probably developed an ear for the way that 70s Tehran pop stitches phrases together. And you know generations raised during the Pahlavi dynasty’s warmth for the West were excited to apply arranging tricks they gleefully swiped from disco & funk hits. Hear the microtonal grace notes as powerhouse singers like Soli & Sattar hit devotional ecstasy. Or just groove to the glamorous party when magazine stars like Neli & Nooshafarin knock-off bass lines they heard in English language movies. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with pictures and detailed liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records COMP LP $18 SKU:20758

ZONTANOI STO KYTTARO - VA (legendary Greek rock comp 70-71 - 7” plus Label:MLK/LYRA (Greece) Exact reissue with the 7" included of this legendary compilation, including some of the best Greek rock bands of the era (1970-71), live at the Kyttaron Club. It was originally released on the Zodiac (Lyra) label in 1971. Tracks by Socrates Drank The Conium, Stella Gadedi, Déspina Glézou, Exádaktylos, Damon & Fintías. Besides the obvious draw of live Socrates material, this compilation has become famous as the main if not only place to hear all the other acts included. COMP LP $22 SKU:21052

SAVAGE,ROBERT-THE ADVENTURES OF- VOL 1(OBSCURE HENDRIX STYLE Calif guitar psych)SAALE!Label:BLUE BUTTERFLY The Adventures Of Robert Savage' is a very obscure psychedelic rock band from the '70s that hailed from California. There is a lot of heavy fuzz guitar here, excellent riffs and far-out solos, this guy was obviously heavily influenced by the great Jimi Hendrix. LP $22 SKU:21334

SEBASTIAN -Head Roach (1970 stoner -RAREST CANADIAN LP OF ALL TIME!)Label:VOID Collectors have whispered about owning an original in dark corners 3/28/2019around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no originals turn up. Along came Void with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1970, the album came with a coloring book to color in the roaches. Soon the cover was banned for it's drug implications making the original hideously rare. Void Records with Sebastian has released a 500 vinyl pressing. The cover, reproduced from the original is glossy and brilliant. A lyric sleeve has been added as a bonus. Songs include 'Let's Go To The Drug Store,' 'Toking Alone,' 'They Call Her Pig' and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch Of Zappaesque humor tossed in. LP $14 SKU:19259

SHIVA'S HEADBAND -The Singles Collection- (1966 TEXAS psych )PIC DISC -Label:BLUETHROAT RECORDS "Flash back (literally) to 1966 when Austin was first feeling its oats as musical hotbed. The 13th Floor Elevators were the headliners and Conqueroo the in-crowd favorites; the third member of the Unholy Three was Shiva's HeadBand. Spencer Perskin was their flamboyant frontman, wailing away on electric violin and leading all God's children to the promised land of psychotropic drug-induced bliss. He had a wonderful partner in pianist Shawn Siegel, and a rhythm section second to none. They may have never gotten the absolute adulation of the Elevators, but in many ways Shiva's was the true hometown hero." "Shiva’s Headband are routinely ranked alongside Texan contemporaries 13th Floor Elevators and The Moving Sidewalks. Their raw-boned, sinuous and superb 1968 debut single, 'Kaleidoscoptic/Song For Peace,' fair reeks of head shop joss sticks, but the following year’s 'Take Me To The Mountains' is rather more representative: a country-rock scuffle, topped with Perskin’s scratchy fiddle, in which one can almost discern the approving clang of spittoons." —Record Collector magazine " To this day, the extravagantly-bearded Shiva’s Headband violinist/vocalist Spencer Perskin resides in Austin, Texas and still fronts a version of the band he formed in 1967. The Singles Collection compiles the four 45s they released between 1968 and 1975, appending three live tracks, and comes to you in the form of an agreeably lurid vinyl picture disc in a limited run of 1,000 copies. (limited edition Picture Disc LP, with sticker signed by the band) LP $24 SKU:20961

SHIVER- LAST COPIES! Walpurgis ( Renowned 60s Swedish Psych ) PIC DISC - Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS The Shiver are for sure the most renowned psychedelic band of Switzerland. Their one and only LP "Walpurgis" is legendary and hardly affordable. So, evidently, a lot of bootleg versions appeared on the market over the years, but all of them very poorly done.The limited LP on Garden of Delights in gatefold cover is sold out since years.So here is the picture disc edition, without bonus tracks, but with an LP-sized insert of eight pageThe cover artwork designed by H.R. Giger was taken over unchanged. The picture disc is limited to 1000 numbered copies. LP $24 SKU:12362

SIDEWINDERS-Cuacha (First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic)- SAALE! Label:LION By the time they recorded Cuacha!, the Sidewinders had almost figured out what kind of band they wanted to be. On some cuts here the Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect. 'I Guess It Doesn't Matter' and 'Blood on Our Hands' are punk-pop masterpieces driven by Rich Hopkins' snarling guitars and Dave Slutes' country-inflected but brash singing... The album is worth having for the first released version of 'What She Said,' a song that the band released on three different albums, each time rocking a bit harder and at greater length. The version here is a dark, mournful folk-rock piece." —AllMusic" •First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic•Insert includes band memories•"The Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect.” —AllMusic LP $17 SKU:21229

SIGLO CERO- ST SAALE! (Obscure Columbian trippy psych 1970!) GATEFOLD Label:GOLDEN PAVILION Fierce, fluid and free collective improvisation with spacey feels and a rich texture of Hammond organ, guitar, bass, tenor sax, percussion and drums that takes the listener on a trippy psychedelic Krautrock-sounding “out there” voyage. Comes in heavy deluxe gatefold cover with liner notes and unseen pictures LP $19 SKU:21073

SILOAH -Sukram Gurk SAALE!(60s style psych-Kraut 1972 )Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Second album (1972) finds the commune dwellers moving out of their farmhouse away from pastoral settings, buying an organ, and going for an Atomic Rooster sort of sound; different musicians equals different style, as the new music was dominated by frantic organ sounds; the result was another underground classic—primitive and rambling, and resembling US sixties punk more than anything; ‘Magic Carpet Ride to the Alps’ and ‘Feast of the Pickpockets’ stand out, but the whole album is pretty hard to ignore if you like psychedelia. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. LP $22 SKU:20928

SMITH, CRAIG - Love is our Existence (1969 psych weirdness) SAALE! -Label:Maitreya Apache Music Tip-on gatefold sleeve; Includes liner notes; Edition of 500. Craig Smith was an extraordinarily gifted songwriter and musician who seemed poised for a successful career in the 1960s music business until his life was derailed by drugs and schizophrenia. In 1969 clean-cut, charismatic Craig Smith became Maitreya Kali, a dark, disturbed psychedelic Messiah figure with a black widow spider tattooed on his third eye. He laid out his strange vision on a self-released double-album Apache/Inca (1972), which would become a sought-after artifact of the psychedelic era. Success came easily for Craig Smith. In 1963, right out of high school he became a cast member of the popular Andy Williams TV show as one of the Good Time Singers, a wholesome folk ensemble that recorded for Capitol Records. Next he landed one of the lead parts in a new TV show, The Happeners, about a Greenwich Village folk group. But when the TV pilot was not picked up, he set out on his own musical path with the folk-rock duo Chris & Craig and then the more psychedelic Penny Arkade, produced and managed by Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. Throughout this period Smith was constantly writing songs, some of which were recorded by other artists, including the Monkees ("SAALEsman"), Andy Williams ("Holly", "Christmas Holiday"), the Robbs ("Rapid Transit"), and Glen Campbell ("Country Girl"). But soon afterwards, his life took a dark, terrifying turn. Turning to LSD and Eastern mysticism he journeyed through Asia along the hippie trail where he was brutally attacked, raped, and left for dead. He was never the same again. As Maitreya Kali, he self-released the now legendary Apache and Inca albums in 1972 before disappearing into the shadows. He spent much of the 1970s in prison or in mental institutions before eventually drifting into homelessness on the streets of Hollywood. He died in his sleeping bag in North Hollywood Park in March 2012. Craig's older brother Gary contacted Stax with a trove of unreleased music. The best of those songs are presented on Love Is Our Existence. Professionally recorded in Los Angeles studios between 1966 and 1971, these previously unheard songs reveal a singer and songwriter of breathtaking depth and talent. Remastered from acetate discs and master tapes. LP $24 SKU:10280

SOFT SHOE - For Those Alone- SAALE- RARE 1978 PRIVATE PRESS with psych traces)Label:GDR For Those Alone" originally released in 1978, this incredibly rare privately pressed UK progressive folk album was the product of Ron Fellows and Paul Toplis, and features strong vocals and intriguing arrangements LP $10 SKU:19366

SPIES -ST (60’s Greek beat-garage) W INSERT Label:ANAZITISI The Spies was a late 60’s Greek beat-garage band. During their lifetime they managed to release just one single in 1968, which is very rare nowadays. This album contains this rare single as well as four recently unearthed unreleased studio recordings from 1969. Two more songs from the “rockier” The Spies mkII are also included. These last tracks are live recordings from a club where the band was playing in 1972 and are of mediocre sound quality—but we had to include them in order to be able to present to you the complete works of this significant and overlooked band. Includes: *Fully laminated cover. *4-page, LP-sized, insert with bio and photos. *Limited to 350, hand-numbered, black copies. *180gr vinyl as usual. *Resealable nylon outersleeve. Sample: LP $22 SKU:20839

STEVE LINNEGAR’S SNAKESHED -Classic Epics (Terrific westcoasty 70s rock ACID ARCHIVES FAVE!)Label:GUERSSEN ACID ARCHIVES FAVE! Steve Linnegar was an accomplished songwriter, musician, painter and martial arts disciple. A legendary figure from the South African 60s-70s underground music scene, the “hippie king of Cape Town” formed the Snakeshed band in the 70s along with top guitar player Martin Kopelowitz and keyboardist / producer Peter Hubner. Refusing offers from some record labels who insisted they should go “commercial”, they decided to record and release their first album, “Classic Epics”, all by themselves. Released in 1982 on their own private label, this is one of South African Prog/Psych crown jewels. Layers of acoustic / electric guitars, Gilmour-alike guitar solos, ultra-melodic vocals, effects, cool Oriental-Tao inspired lyrics…Culminating on the haunting 14-minutes long “Desert”. For the first time remastered from the original tapes. Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives). “Mysterious psych prog monster LP which gets better & better...Dreamy organ & soaring fuzz leads, at times like a cross between Marcus & Pink Floyd with folk elements & melodics all over the rhythmic grooves. Eastern tinged lyrics & samurai charging vocals which float amidst the pools of organ & catch late Beatle harmonicembers” —Paul Major “Terrific flowing westcoasty 70s rock with deep psych atmospheres on the 14-minute "Desert" - Patrick Lundborg LP $17 SKU:20754

STONEWALL - ST (The ultimate hard rock holy grail!) SAALE! Label:PERMANENT So you're addicted to hard rock from 1972 and getting tired of LPs that don't take you for the full ride. You check out tons of 'em. Stonewall? Hmmm... only the most potent and rare stuff can get you off nowadays. Kicks intense enough to remind you why you got into it in the first place. Jams you can't wait to lay on your friends so uncontrollably alive you know it's gonna wipe 'em out. Yeah... you really need Stonewall. It's ritual time.I hear people all over the world saying Stonewall is a 'Holy Grail'. I agree. 'Holy Grail' status for an LP requires the most extreme and exciting combination of quality and rarity. That's not all. It has to have mystery. It has to reek of humanity. There can be no other LP that beats it at its game. Top dog. It has to be a mindfuck capable of destroying anybody who hears it, including those who have previously only experienced the usual killer classics. Finding a copy must come as close to impossible as possible and remain that way even after everybody knows about it. As an original pressing, Stonewall fulfills all of the 'Holy Grail' requirements and I am jacked that a legitimate reissue finally happens some 30 odd years after it first blew me away!" - Paul Major LP $20 SKU:21265


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ELLIE POP- St (70s psych pop)Label:World Psychedelia Definitely a pop/psychedelic classic-in-waiting, whose time has perhaps finally come; great songs right from the start, all oozing Beatles harmonics, with tracks such as 'Some Time Ago' and 'Caught In the Rain' especially thick with Beatles influence (thus explaining their appearance on the "Pepperisms" compilation CD $10 SKU:4132

ELLISON-St(amazing 70s heavy psych)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of one of all time's best HEAVY-PSYCH albums. One and only lp recorded in 1971. From the original mastertapes. Soundquality is beyond belief! CD $10 SKU:18835

EMBROOKS - Our New Day (UK freakbeat ) LAST COPIES -Label:VOXX The Embrooks were one of the hottest Freakbeat trio the UK had to offer, formed from the ashes of The Lyds. This, their second album recorded in exclusive for Bomp is a masterpiece of modern mod sound. CD $10 SKU:2121

ENGLAND - ST (mid '70s classic hard rock )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A re-mastered edition of this rare, mid '70s hard rock outfit's sole album, originally issued in a small quantity courtesy of the Deroy customs label, that spawned a number of collectable releases (most notably by Complex). This edition, that comes with interesting memorabilia, will appeal to those who like a hard edge to their classic rock! CD $10 SKU:20600

ERGO SUM - Mexico(70s French prog psych rarity)Label:LION Official reissue of 70s French progressive psychedelic rock rarity. Features thick booklet containting extensive liner notes, photos, etc. and 4 bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:6923

ETERNITY’S CHILDREN- The Lost Sessions (60s Mississippi sunshine pop) -Label:GEAR FAB Toured alongside the Seeds, the Blues Magooes and headliners the Strawberry Alarm Clock. CD $10 SKU:1091

EXPLODING *UCK DOLLS - Crack The Safe- OC PUNK Label:DISASTER -12 page booklet with photos, liners notes and 2 bonus Quicktime videos. One of the great OC punk bands, and "Crack The Safe" is its story. This CD features previously unreleased material, spawning 13 years of punk rock CD $5 SKU:2347

FALCO TAV LORE AND TESTAMENT Vol 11 Sugar Ditch Revisited/The Shake Rag DBL CDLabel:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The Tav Falco & Panther Burns reissue/remaster series, part two. This one contains the Sugar Ditch Revisited EP (1985) and The Shake Rag EP (1986). Plus a previously-unreleased 11-song/45 minute live show from the Messepalast Vienna from 1989. Pristine recording by the ORF! Sugar Ditch Revisited -- a modest album with a huge cast of the crème of Memphis musicians joining Panther Burns. Jim Dickinson produced the record alongside Roland James, pioneer guitarist on the early Jerry Lee Lewis sides, twirling the knobs at the control board. This record featured two songs Dickinson had found on tapes discarded by Stax during the last days of the studio's existence. Sir Mac Rice an ex-Falcon penned "Tina, The Go Go Queen" and "Money Talks." For these numbers Andrew Love and Ben Cauley were brought in from the Memphis Horns to add that lush and signature lilt of the laid-back "Memphis sound." Alex Chilton played his new guitar -- a rusty Mosrite, the bassist Rene Coman came up from New Orleans for the sessions, Ross Johnson whipped the skins, and a bevy of girlfriends sang backing vocals. Shake Rag -- Panther Burns recorded this dark and lugubrious mini-album at the Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis in 1986. While this was the boom period for lavish alternative, new wave, and no wave music productions, there were only three stalwarts responsible for this record: Jim Dickinson producer, keyboardist, guitarist, Ross Johnson on percussion, and Tav Falco on guitar and voice. There is a raw primitivism howling from these tracks and an unbridled intensity not heard from the band in recorded form since their first record Behind the Magnolia Curtain. Live at Messepalast is a collection of songs cut from a wild and wooly two-hour show on Panther Burns' second tour of Europe in 1989. ORF (Austrian National Radio) was there recording the whole mess in ultra high-fidelity, and the result is what you will hear on this record. Two CDs in 12" replica sleeves, the live show is added to the Shake Rag EP. Includes a 32-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes by Tav Falco himself. Packaged in a special deluxe wraparound wallet sleeve. CD $19 SKU:17747

FALCO'S, TAV - Wild & Exotic World of Musical Obscurities-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Tav Falco, the Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favorite tunes from '50s rockabilly to tangos, waltzes & other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him, thus shedding much light upon the music that incessantly ignites Falco's muse. This is a wild and wonderful ride. A Back to Mine-style compilation that will open your ears. Double vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes by the maestro himself. CD comes with a 20-page booklet. Artists include: The Johnny Burnette Trio, Don Willis, Bobby Lee, Allen Page, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Jimmy Lloyd, Benny Joy, Alexander Princes, Bachicha Bianco, Anton Karas, Los Indios Tacunau, Carlos Di Sarli, Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Elmore James, Bobby Blue Bland, Chet Baker, Fred Buscaglione, Martin Denny, Dion & The Belmonts, Shorty Rogers, Charlie Feathers, and Alex Chilton. CD $15 SKU:16277

FAPARDOKLY- ST (60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Fapardokly is probably regarded as the most important release in Merrell Fankhausers long career, and an absolute collectors item. The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from 1965 to 1967, when the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of these tracks. With such different recording dates, you find here different sounds..organ-ized 60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psychedelia. CD $10 SKU:18663

FEVER TREE - San Francisco Girls (TEXAS 1968)-Label:GEAR FAB The great Houston, Texas band that had a slew of 45's, EP's and LP"s out between 1967-1970. Collection contains all the original 10 tracks from their first self-titled 1968 LP on UNI + 5 previously unre. tracks. From the original mastertapes.17 tracks CD $10 SKU:18658

FIENDS- Gravedigger ( Canadian '60s garage) - Label:DIONYSUS A 14 song fuzz-fest with a smokin' set of originals and some classic Canadian '60s garage band covers. The CD booklet has OUTRAGEOUS color photos. Celebrate Halloween all year round. CD $3 SKU:17506

FIREBIRDS/HAIR - Light My Fire/ 31 FLAVORS (Hendrix, Blue Cheer style) Label:GEAR FAB Two of the greatest & rarest Exploito lps ever released. The Firebird & 31 Flavors. Sounding much like the style of Jimi Hendrix & Blue Cheer, these 2 albums will Psych you out!! CD $10 SKU:18838

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 2 (Torrid and groovy 60s down-tempos. Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Includes bonus CD copy, Dutch import.Strip-O-Rama Vol. 2' once again presents a languorous, striptease-inducing succession of torrid and groovy down-tempos. Savor the smooth rockabilly of Ray Smith, the easy-listening cha-cha of X-Ray, the delicate jazz of Mose Allison, the classy crooning of Dick Melary and the irresistible Yiddish version of 'Sixteen Tons' by the ineffable Mickey Katz. As the songs flow by, space-time is rocked and rolled, pulled and torn asunder, until finally the tempo and voices take you on a melodious journey from the clubs of Las Vegas to your favorite cocktail bar. A velvety, retro and yet oh-so-modern journey, guaranteed turbulence-free! COMP LP $22 SKU:18965

TRASH CAN RECORDS -1 WILD SAFARI(obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10” Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. For 'Wild Safari' Fedor has selected 12 first-rate exotic rarities that have never been comped before. COMP LP $21 SKU:20949

TWELVE STRING HIGH #2 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $25 SKU:19145

WEIRD A GO-GO- VA SAALE! Early obscure desperate Rock'n Roll-Label:DOGHOUSE & BONE 14 thundering tracks from the vault! Here's a great new compilation from Doghouse and Bone, 14 Stonkers to get you moving...Sleeve is very cool too ! All of these tracks have been re-mastered so you get a Tip Top sound Daddio ! Yeah, there's a couple of repeats in there but they're good repeats so can be forgiven ! COMP LP $18 SKU:20944

WORKING CLASS DEVILS - Vol. 2: Fuzz, Vodka & Flowers – Polish Psychobeat 1965-1972" Label:BEAT ROAD "A 16-track collection of Polish 1960's rarities. Just when you think you know all about the late 60's/early70's scenes on the planet, along comes the second volume of the mind-broadening Working-Class Devils series to deliver unbelievable cuts and bands. The favorite bands from volume 1 are all there including Krzysztof Klenczon & Trzy Korony's prime freakbeat/psych fuzz rocker, Zdrój Jana's trademark proto no-wave skronky-guitar weirdness or Niebiesko-Czarni horsing around again with a distortion pedal. The newcomers Wi lanie and Lancety take no prisoners with their crude US-style garage punk while Piotr Pastor & S o ce and Wi lanie 69 reveal more folk/hippie leanings thrown in for good measure; there's even a Nederbeat gem that… turns out to be Polish and many, many more. These sides no doubt make for the ultimate in what could be tolerated in an Eastern Bloc country during the Cold War. Most of the tracks are excruciatingly obscure recorded during the cold war and then were shelved before excavated here in their juvenile glory. Non of these is re-issued on vinyl to date, which would spare you years of crate-digging. Couple all that with great band pictures and well-researched and exciting English-written liner notes and you have one hell of a disc including songs that could stand proud alongside anything released in the Free World at the time. 500 copies only." COMP LP $18 SKU:20963

REAL KIDS- WE DON'T MIND IF YOU DANCE 1977-1978 (BOSTON ROCK AND ROLL LEGENDS!)Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts - 23 live cuts from 1977-1978 chosen as best from a stack of 44 cuts, plus 1 crude rehearsal from April/May 1976. 19 originals and 5 cover songs housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes. Extra liner notes by longtime Boston music scribe Bill Tupper and Worcester radio's LB Worm LP $22 SKU:20435

REAL KIDS-SEE YOU ON THE STREET TONITE 1977-1978 (BOSTON ROCK AND ROLL LEGENDS!)Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts -kicks off with 10 crude rehearsals from April/May 1976, of which 6 were never re-recorded in a studio setting- plus 14 live cuts from 1976-1977 chosen as best from a stack of 31 cuts. 21 originals and 3 cover songs all housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes LP $22 SKU:20436

REDONDO BEAT - Meet Redondo Beat ( 60s infl. Raspberries/ Bay City Rollers style ) - Label:DIONYSUS With download coupon .Influences run the gamut from early 60s Brill Building songwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early 70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock n roll music with all the drive of late 70s punk powered 80s power pop. Dionysus commissioned Southern California Surf artist Damian Fulton to paint the cover and the disc was mastered by The Tikiyaki Orchestras Jim Bacchi. Its a marvelous listening experience that will have you traveling time and bobbing your head to some of the sweetest retro-pop-rock music youve EVER heard! LP $5 SKU:-16949

ROCK SHOP- ST (rare 1969 garage psych rarity) LAST COPIES!Label:BACCHUS/DIONYSUS Limited reissue of ultra rare 1969 Southern Californian folk-garage-psych "real person" LP. Don't pay $200 for an original, just get this one! LP $10 SKU:20462

ROMANOS,GEORGE- Two Small Blue Horses (1970 Greek heavy psych fuzz guitar SAALE!~ Label:MLK/LYRA (Greece) If you like the thought of songs overrun by heavy fuzz guitars and immersed in studio effects, then this is an album for you! It’s a record (released by Zodiac in 1970) that bears comparison to the first three Erkin Koray albums, in part due to it’s Middle-Eastern psychedelic intensity; really great stuff—exotic melodies coupled with a full-force fuzz assault; a slight nod to the Byrds (‘Eight Miles High’ riff makes a dramatic appearance), but with baroque pop/psych tracks of a Left Banke type (‘Maria’ springs to mind) thrown in for added spice. Infused throughout with Greek-tinged raga fuzz guitar freakouts that float in and out of orchestrated psychy pop, "Two Small Blue Horses" is a gem of an album that should be in any serious European psych collection. To top it all, this is one of the rarest psychedelic records ever pressed, with original copies changing hands from time to time for more than $1,000. Great sounding reissue of a weird and wonderful record. 180g vinyl deluxe official reissue. 500 pcs limited LP $18 SKU:21050

ROTOMAGUS - The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology 1971 DOUBLE LP proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, & extras -Label:LION Proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, which has the entirety of the Seth Man’s article on the band, plus the band’s history in both English and French. On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting Cock’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardc*re LP $22 SKU:14510

ROTTERS - What We Do is Stupid -Live At Cotati, 1979 (Old School CLASSIC PUNK!) LAST COPIES Label:DIONYSUS n early 1978 The Rotters were formed by four malcontents and had only one thing in mind, to make a lot of noise and inspire as much fear and hate as possible! Their first single, "Sit On My Face Stevie Nix" became a KROQ hit in LA, till it was banned. The original Rotters singles are worth a small fortune and aside from appearances of these tracks on the Killed By Death series, LP $10 SKU:19838

RUNAWAYS, THE-Born to be Bad 10- WAREHOUSE FIND OF OUT OF PRINT TITLE Label:MARILYN (Marilyn) Out of print - Historical document of first demos Aug ‘75 prod by Kim Fowley. Only a few left! Great cover LP $15 SKU:5407

SALT LICK - S (70s rock and roll style Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.) -Label:PERMANENT Salt Lick is the very new L.A. trio with heavy connections to Permanent Records, Mock Records, Jesus Sons and that particularly collector-y Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.-style blunt-object 70s rock ‘n’ roll...Enthusiastically working the same grinding vibes of that recently rediscovered wave of old-school weirdos who got lost somewhere between prog rock they couldn’t play and punk rock they didn’t get, and who’s we-just-wanna-rock! 45s ended up creating a whole micro-genre of longhair off-the-grid proto-proto-punk. (Salt Lick also claims as an influence “the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s,” which is also very accurate—and Permanent/RidingEasy’s own Brown Acid comps also make a nice sampler of this sound.)" - LA Record

"Coming on like an MC5 fever dream... Salt Lick’s debut ..shakes the window panes until they beg for mercy. See-sawing on a monster riff, the track is muddied and murky but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t knock the wind out of you. Salt Lick rounds up members from the Permanent staff, but its more than just a bit of nepotism here – it seems that those curating the power of pummel can also deliver it just as well. This is scuzzy, crusted, exhaust huffing garage rock with no spit shine in sight." LP $18 SKU:21532

SATURNALIA- MAGICAL LOVE (PICTURE DISC and 2 BOOKLETS- 70s British psych prog underground gem! )SAALE! Label:BLACK WIDOW Produced by Keith Relf (Yardbirds, Renaissance, Steamhammer), Saturnalia made their 1973 debut with a beautiful 3D picture disc, which has since become a collector's item among fans of the genre. For this release Black Widow Records attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original packaging (picture disc format with booklet, ticket and above all the 3D labels and a second 24 pages booklet) and the result is this fantastic reissue. Featuring the beautiful Aletta and Adrian Hawking on vocals and Rod Roach on guitar. Hawking and Roach were previously together in Horse. A '70s British psych prog underground gem! LP $32 SKU:21342

SECOND SIGN - ST (Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psych) SAALE!Label:SOMMER Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psychedelic band in the vein of Narnia, Saturnalia or Fruupp with connections to doom outfit Warlord. Featuring female vocalist Irene Menasche. This is the first ever vinyl release of their 1975 studio recordings. Music ranges from ultra-raw hard-rock to fol-rock, culminating in the 9-minute epic psych-prog masterpiece “Golden Age”. LP $22 SKU:21484

SERGUEI - Psicodélico 1966-1975 (Rare Brazilian psych) SAALE!Label:GROOVIE

SERGUEI is quite possibly the best kept musical secret from Brazil's glorious 60's/70's scene. Sérgio Augusto Bustamante was a flight attendant. In the sky, above the clouds, he used to daydream about Elvis. One day, he came down from the heights, added a "u" to the Russian name Sergei, which he took out from a friend. With his colorful clothes, long hair, red contact lenses, and hippie flags of peace & love, the anti-commercial Serguei had a public image much bigger than the number of records he was able to produce. Serguei tried psychedelia, tropicalism, and even Brazilian folk music without settling down into any musical style. His short adventure with singer Janis Joplin (in the summer of 1970 in Rio) has always been the most prominent reason for Serguei's mention in music history; but it's the records he released between 1966 and 1970 that have caught the attention of collectors. "I've never been recognized, few people give me value," he told Pop magazine in April 1978. This is no longer true, thanks to this collection of rare singles. Serguei self-proclaimed himself as “psychedelic” long before anyone else. He sang his hallucinations, found someone from alpha centaur and went in search of peace, from sunrise to sunset. His music ranges from psychedelic to garage psych, fueled by fuzz guitar (a track on "Guitar Fuzz Bananas" bears witness to this), with arrangements that are typical of genius.” LP $14 SKU:16099

SHADRACK CHAMELEON - ST (basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973 ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) SAALE!Label:OUT SIDER Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs and some cool Neil Young / Crazy Horse influences. File next to Rayne! *Insert with liner notes. “A personal fave of mine that seems to sound better with each passing year” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $16 SKU:17399

SHOES - Primal Vinyl -LTD ED of 150 COBALT BLUE VINYL- POWERPOP LEGENDS! - LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE EPRESS ON BLUE ViNYL of our Record Store Day release! Limited edition on gorgeous blue vinyl.POWERPOP gods. The disc features 12 songs culled from past albums, demoes and even includes a NEW live version of I Don't Wanna Hear It, from the 2013 tour! LP $18 SKU:17112

SHYLOCK- Ile de Fievre (1978 King Crimson style rprog ock) SAALE!Label:REPLICA (France) With its complexity and instrumental richness, its ability to develop anguishing themes and electric rises and its overgrowing tension, SHYLOCK has often been compared to KING CRIMSON. Actually, this instrumental combo also belongs to wild and intricate Progressive rock with tormenting atmospheres, but has its own personality. The latter is expressed through overwhelming lyricism and refined romanticism, a bit like PULSAR. With its schizoido-electronic dimension, SHYLOCK can also make you think of HELDON. What s more, each musician is a real virtuoso, especially guitarist Frédéric L EPEE and outstanding drummer André FISICHELLA. As "Gialorgues" (1975) can be considered as a very good debut album, "Ile de Fièvre" (1979) is widely known as an absolute masterpiece. Definite talent ! LP $17 SKU:21349

SIGN OFFS - s/t kick-ass punk rock ) SAALE -Label:DISASTER COLOR VINYL with one non-CD bonus track. What the hell is it about young kids from culturally dead suburban wastelands that makes for such goddamn good rock? Case in point: Cleveland's The SIGN OFFS. Whereas most punk kids are happy just to dress the part and play in useless, shitty bands until banking or insurance SAALEs brings dreary normality to their doors, this bunch of high-schoolers from way-the-hell out on the far-west side of town, knocking out quickie rock'n'roll burners inspired by the usual suspects, (D-Generation, Turbonegro, G'nR, US Bombs, AC/DC, Dead Boys) quickly matured into a powerhouse live band. The the singer and both guitarists just turned 18 when they recorded this album, and one of the members was still in high-school. Some high-energy kick-ass punk rock rooted in their hometown's tradition. LP $5 SKU:4835

SMOGTOWN - Domesticviolenceland (West Coast catchy SKATEPUNK CLASSIC) COLOR VINYL-Label:DISASTER Records Domesticviolenceland continues Smogtown’s tradition of catchy hooks and a unique songwriting perspective. “Dance Asshole” and “Neutron Blonde” are some of the tracks that stand out. Continuing their bizarre obsession with fascism is the amusing “Straigth Off Adolf”. A tune like “Sneaking Out” is an enigmatic gem that reminds me that I can’t seem to reconcile the average age of the band with some of the content. Whether or not they are intentionally pandering to a younger audience becomes a moot point since older punks can crank these songs without feeling self-conscious. Chalk that up to an honest sounding delivery and the overall burliness of the band’s sound and appearance. Smogtown’s lyrics and vocal delivery is what sets it apart from the hoards of Johnny Rotten-come-latelys and Decendents-lite bands that pass for contemporary punk rock these days. If you can relate to or laugh at Repo Man, than Smogtown is for you. LP $10 SKU:13800

SOCIAL DEVIANTS - Garbage ( legendary 60s psych ) -Label:ALIVE 4 song of Mick Farren's legendary 60's psych group. Stunning artwork by Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw. Ltd. edition. LP $5 SKU:2230

SOLEDAD BROTHERS - The Hardest Walk PURPLE (60s bluesy Stones style) LAST COPIES! -Label:ALIVE PURPLE VINYL, Ltd. edition. At their best, Soledad Brothers recall the Rolling Stones when Mick and Keith were fresh-faced bluesheads in the mid-Sixties: The prolific Detroit foursome kicks out solid, harmonica-laced blues riffs without sounding derivative or cheesily nostalgic. Meet the Motor City's newest hitmakers." - Rolling Stone LP $15 SKU:4635

SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND- Live, Masonic Auditorium, Detroit 1978 (proto punk legends )- BLACK 180 gramLabel:ALIVE Alternative cover, different from the CD version. Easily one of the high points of Easy Action's SRB box set, and if you're hesitant about forking over for a collection that large to find out what Sonic's Rendezvous Band were all about, Masonic Temple: Detroit 1978 is an excellent place to discover one of the greatest 'unknown' bands of all time - though don't be shocked if you want to hear more after checking this out. - All Music Guide LP $16 SKU:8489

SORROWS - Bad Times Good Times (1977 power pop gems) LP RED VINYL Label:BOMP "Bad Times Good Times" marks the first time ever SORROWS music appears on CD as well as a LIMITED EDITION VINYL. Filled with never released recordings of their power pop gems, demos and live performances, the album is a feast for post-punk new vave fans and collectors who have been asking for years to be able to get their hands on SORROWS music.
Formed in 1977 in NYC by Arthur Alexander (ex-Poppees), Joey Cola, Ricky Street and Jett Harris (ex-Poppees), SORROWS were all about the songs. Their tunes are filled with strong melodies, irresistible hooks and creative harmonies supported by their powerful backbeat and hard driving guitars. SORROWS two critically acclaimed albums and several singles on CBS Pavillion have become highly praised and are sought after collector items. LP $16 SKU:12069

SPLASH 4- SHAME SHAME SHAME -10” (GARAGE ROCK)Label:DIONYSUS The Splash Four make the kind of records you play at those 'blow-out' parties: the kind of parties someone else throws, where the plaster has just about all fallen and the cops are due to arrive any minute" - Mick Collins. Engineered by Liam Watson, this '70s punk inspired disc will add that needed boost of mayhem to any collection LP $5 SKU:18041

SS-20 -Dream Life.(rare Voxx 60s style psych) LAST COPIES Label:VOXX rare early BOMP release nearly out out print,Put together Bruce Wagner, an amazingly nuanced guitarist terminally influenced by '60s psychedelic rock, with Madeline Ridley, a goth queen who prayed to Jim Morrison and Syd Barrett almost as often as she slit her own wrists, throw in ace drummer David Winogrond (Skooshny, Davie Allen, Sylvia Juncosa) and ace producer Gary Stern, add astonishing cover versions of "My Eyes Have Seen You" (Doors), "Penetration" (Stooges) and a brach of vampiric originals, and you have this sleeping gem of an album. Fantastic instrumental improvisation nailed to a mesmerizingly gloomy vocal presence makes for an album that, if you haven't heard it, you really should be asking yourself why... [6/86] Greg Shaw Voxx caught the rebounding Sky on a four-song 1986 7-inch shared with soothing/scathing psych punks SS-20, whom the aging guru had first augmented/sabotaged (according to one's point of view) onstage during his unexpected resurgence in Hollywood in the early '80s, when he would climb up unannounced to join every single band of the then-popular garage contingent spearheaded by Greg Shaw's Voxx label and Cavern Club. Originally a kick, it quickly became a drag to the young Beatle-booted hipsters, and a band called Purple Electricity was cooked up as a stake through Sky's hollow heart. Featuring the McDonald brothers from Redd Kross and Primate Brian Corrigan on drums, the intent was to daze and confuse Mr. Saxon, as well as any sycophants still blindly following. Drawing heavily from familiar '70s metal tunes, the blatantly unrehearsed music of the March '86 show documented on Private Party is matched with a disconnected and distracted Sky, recorded in glorious walkmanorama. Just to cap off this travesty, all of the songs — including indisputable covers — are credited to SS Saxon. LP $15 SKU:2299

SSM (Szymanski, Shettler, Morris)(Great DETROIT rock and roll w. Dan of the Black Keys on Guitar!) LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Debut album by this Detroit rock'n'roll trio formed by ex-members of the Hentchmen, Sights and Cyril Lords. "Awash with bursts of energy and moves into industrial punk territory with krautrock influences." - The Guardian LP $16 SKU:17196

STEPPES - Harps & Hammers WAREHOUSE FIND 60s style garage folk ) - Label:Voxx If you are an alternative/sixties rock fan than this album should be a blessing. The songs range from dark ,haunting melodies to upbeat and heavy sixties style garage rock without ever resorting to tacky lyrics or boring sound-alike melodies.The songs are diverse and well crafted,each one sounding unlike the other.This was the Steppes final album and also their best,although there wasn't a bad album in their entire cataloge.Definatly a band worth tracking down. LP $10 SKU:2139

STRAIGHT OUTTA MADRID -(Flamin Groovies) Live at the Revolver CLub 1995 - 10” -Label:MARILYN 1995- Here are 3 former members of The Flamin’ Groovies getting together for some live fun in Spain. A 10 vinyl EP recorded in mono direct to DAT May 19, 1994 at The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain. Produced by James Ferrell, Chris Wilson & Danny Mihm LP $5 SKU:13108

SULFUR CITY- Talking Loud (gritty blues Grace Slick, Patti Smith style!) STARBURST Label:ALIVE Gritty blues Grace Slick, Patti Smith style! - Get it ! “The band’s raging but luminescent dynamic, vividly captured by producer Dale Morningstar, gains extra depth through Keith Breit’s keyboards. In the words of an old jazz correspondent, this band “slices so much ass the room is waist-deep in ass”. We say a new star has come among us. – Kris Needs / CLASSIC ROCK LP $10 SKU:17613

SUN DIAL- REFLECTER (1992 PSYCH first time reissue w poster insert)Label:TANGERINE First time vinyl reissue from the masters of this classic 1992 psych album, now long out of print. This was the band's 2nd album release but in fact, was their third album after "Return Journey" (which wasn't issued until 1994) that went top 5 in the UK Indie charts at the time. Comes complete with a poster insert. Sealed. "So high it hurts, So high it works." - NME Track list: Reflecter, Easy For You, I Don't Mind, Slow Motion, Tremelo, Never Fade, Sunstroke, Mind Train LP $17 SKU:15106