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SONG HITS MAGAZINE - Set of 6 Issues Label: August 1967 (Elvis), Aug 73 Bread, October 65-Beatles, June 1966 Lovin Spoonful June 73 Gary Glitter, Sept 67 Monkees. Just the ads are worth it, really funny stuff. Condition varies from VG+ to kinda beat up covers, but perfect inside. BOOKS & MAGS $50 SKU:23463




TRASH BOX SET - 5 CD with POSTER 2004 releaseLabel:HIT RECORDS Unsealed but excellent condition. CD $75 SKU:23470

BEYOND THE CALICO WALL - NO JACKET Label:BOMP We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! (SEE PHOTO) Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. Good deal for those of you who just want to listen the the music . LP $5 SKU:23458

DUNWICH STORY - NO JACKET (60s garage) Label:VOXX We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! (SEE PHOTO) Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. Good deal for those of you who just want to listen the the music . LP $10 SKU:23461

HAUNTED PART 1 Return from the grave-Label:VOXX We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! (SEE PHOTO) Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. Good deal for those of you who just want to listen the the music . LP $10 SKU:23459

JOHN THE CONQUEROR The Good Life-NO JACKET Label:ALIVE We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! (SEE PHOTO) Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. Good deal for those of you who just want to listen the the music LP $5 SKU:23457

SKY SAXON -NEW FRUIT FROM OLD SEEDS - NO JACKET AIP 10009 Label:AIP We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! (SEE PHOTO) Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. Good deal for those of you who just want to listen the the music . LP $15 SKU:23460

SUNLIGHT (Sky Saxon) – Lovers Cosmic Voyage - transparent red vinyl 1976 -Label:GOLDEN FLASH This one never had a cover. Released around 1976, Lovers Cosmic Voyage (no apostrophe) was a short vinyl LP credited to Sunlight — that is, Sky Saxon, during his time with the Source Family and Father Yod. VINYL looks black, but turns red when held up to a light. LP $200 SKU:23469


TIMEMAZINE#4 with CD ( Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) -Label: Psychedelic Greek Fanzine, 84 pages (A4) full of psych, all in English, with 17 track FREE CD compilation. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: - HP LOVECRAFT (Dave Michaels) (11 pages!) - THE WILDFLOWER etc, more on site and CD Compilation trac16ks on site. BOOKS & MAGS $17 SKU:11085

TIMEMAZINE-#3 with CD (Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) -Label: Third issue of Psychedelic Greek Fanzine, 80 pages (A4) full of psych, all in English, with 11 track FREE CD compilation (79:51 min). Magazine includes exclusive interviews with: - ULTIMATE SPINACH (Mr. Ian Bruce Douglas) - HUNGER! (Papa John Morton) - IRON BUTTERFLY (Lee Dorman) - ODYSSEY (Vincent Kussy) - SAVAGE RESURRECTION (3 Original Members) - MERRELL FANKHAUSER - VIBRAVOID - ATOMIC WORKERS - OBSKURIA - THE LYSERGICS - THE MISUNDERSTOOD (Rick Brown) - KING ARTHURS COURT (Sky Sunlight Saxon) And has articles on: - The Sixties Mind of Joop Roelofs (Q65) - BAD AFRO RECORDS (interview plus releases) - Ultimate 60s Time Songs - Get Me To The World On Time by ELECTRIC PRUNES. - Destination: NO MANS LAND. The Greek cult heroes are Back! - 16 pages of reviews on LPs, CDS, 7, Zines.. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:23491

TIMEMAZINE-#2 with CD(Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) -Label: 76 pages), contains articles & interviews with The Golden Dawn, Mike Stuart Span, The Music Machine, Kaleidoscope (UK), The Daily Flash, Damon, Peter Sando (Gandalf), Nasoni Records, Sula Bassana, The Sound Explosion etc. Comes with a CD-comp featuring songs from above bands, plus The Larksmen (feat. Sean Bonniwell), Pererin, The Misunderstood, Johnson Noise etc. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:23492

TIMEMAZINE -#5 w CD (Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) - Label: The Psychedelic Fanzine about the 60s and Beyond. 88 pages - A4 size - full of Psych - all in English. Contains exclusive interviews with from and about: - BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Sam Andrew) - QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE (Gary Duncan) - GARY LEE YODER (Oxford Circle/Kak/Blue Cheer) - FIFTY FOOT HOSE (Cork Marcheschi) - RAVEN (the one and only) - THE FINCHLEY BOYS (G.Oostdyk, G.Faber, L.Tabeling) - THE FOURTUNE-TELLERS - THE 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE (Greek Band of the Issue) ALSO: - UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE (by band-member Ray Doern) - FRUITS DE MER RECORDS (Andy Bracken) - The Sixties Mind of Merrell Fankhauser - Ultimate 60s Time Songs -'Time Is' by It's A Beautiful Day Plus tons of LP/CD/EP/7" reviews... BOOKS & MAGS $17 SKU:12358

TIMEMAZINE -#7 w CD Strawberry Alarm Clock and more - Label: Psychedelic Fanzine about the 60s and beyond ‘em (96 pages - A4 size (not photocopied) - full of Psych - all in English)Exclusive Interviews:
- MARK WEITZ & GEORGE BUNNELL (Strawberry Alarm Clock),KEITH LAW (Jardine / Velvett Fogg) - NICK SALOMAN (TheBevis Frond) - MYCHAEL JOHN THOMAS (Felt) - ADAM BUFANO& ELIAS SCHUTZMAN (TheFlying Eyes) - RON MATELIC
(Anonymous / J.Rider) – LORENZO WOODROSE (Spids Nøgenhat) BOOKS & MAGS $17 SKU:14994

TIMEMAZINE -#9 PLUS CD Peanut Butter COnspiracy, Twink and more -Label: This issue of the Greek psychedelic fanzine contains 96 pages (A4 printed, not photo copied), written in English and for the first time in full-colour. Also included are an 18-track CD compilation BOOKS & MAGS $17 SKU:18137

TIMEMAZINE -#10 PLUS CD AND 7”-Label: Special 10th anniversary issue of the psychedelic fanzine about the '60s and beyond. 100 pages, A4 size (not photocopied) in hard laminated cover. All text in English. Contents: Interviews with Johnny Echols of Love, Aleck Janoulis of The Nightshadows, Astral Son, Big Foot (solo project from Dor Koren, vocalist/bassist of psychedelic band Tree from Israel) and Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Germany), 1967-2017: Thoughts & Memories by the '60s minds, Dennis Loren: 'Dressing The Music With Graphic Designs For 50 Years', 'Summer Of Love' by Nick Kontogouris (everything you wanted to know about Hasbury & Swinging London), 67 garage-psych singles of 1967 (how psychedelia infused into garage), 67 Albums of 1967 that defined, developed and established psychedelic rock), 67 UK psych freak beat singles of 1967 (by Nick Kontogouris), the story behind 'Time Has Come Today' by The Chambers Brothers and LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. The split 7" features Vibravoid's 'TimeMazine Woman' and Echo Train's Portland 69 BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:19467

TIMEMAZINE -#11 PLUS CD AND 7”(Greek psych zine)-Label: The eleventh issue of this Greek psychedelic fanzine contains 100 pages (A4-not photocopied) all in English and comes in full coloured/hard laminated cover and with a 13 track free CD compilation. Contents: Danny Norton (guitarist/songwriter) of EXPEDITION TO EARTH (interview), JR Nichols (lead guitarist) of THE BEAT OF THE EARTH (interview), Mike Lassandro (drummer/vocalist) of THE TEA COMPANY (interview), Roy Blumenfeld (drummer) of THE BLUES PROJECT (interview), remembering Demian Bell (guitarist/singer) of MAYPOLE (interview), Klaus Lemur Esser (guitarist) of early AMON DUUL (interview), Support the "NOW" Underground: 5 bands-5 countries-5 interviews: DIRE WOLVES (USA), DE LORIANS (Japan), AL DOUM & THE FARYDS (Italy), ATOMIC SIMAO (Ukraine), DURY DAVA (Hellas), 68 LPs of 1968 that transformed psychedelia to psych, the influence of psychedelic concert posters on rock album cover design by Dennis Loren. Greek band of the issue: CRYSTAL THOUGHTS (interviewBOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:22608

CYNICS- No Siesta Tonight (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP 15 tracks of wild garage punk recorded live in Madrid during the Cynics 1990 Rock ‘N’ Roll tour. This album catches the Cynics at their high-energy best; in front of a live crowd CD $10 SKU:10901

FLIPPERS, LOS - PRONTO VIVEREMOS UN MUNDO MUCHO.(Columbian 60s/70s Psych)-Label:GUERSSEN One of Colombia's better known 60s & 70s groups is Los Flippers. But few people outside Colombia knows about this wonderful 1973 album they did. Its probably because it was self-released by their leader Arturo Astudillos own label rather than the bigger labels they used before, hence low sales. But in any case, its no doubt a great album that must be heard. The music on this album is quite special, as it blends psychedelia with progressive sound and soul as well. With a very good production, here we find Los Flippers at their peak of inspiration and being now a bunch of very experimented musicians. The result is much more mature than any of their previous works of course, and they really achieved a sound that ranges with any supergroup. With all original compositions except a Buddy Miles cover, they used a good dose of psychedelic effects and some tasty horns as well. As an addition, this first ever reissue comes with a killer bonus track from an earlier 45, with a killer sound reminiscent of Iron Butterfly. Remastered sound from tapes (except the bonus track), and insert with liners by Arturo Astudillo. CD $10 SKU:10036

LOCKSLEY HALL-ST (1969 Spokane psych rarity) Label:GEAR FAB This relatively unknown Spokane, WA. psychedelic band recorded this eerie and haunting LP in the Spring of 1969 at the legendary Audio Recorders in Seattle, WA. Produced by Sonics engineer Kearney Barton and long time Northwest guitarist Ned Neltner (Mark Five, Gas Company, Junior Cadillac), the beautiful vocals of Shannon Svenson are very reminiscent of the sounds being produced at that time by It's A Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother & The Holding Company. CD $10 SKU:21529

LONESOME SHACK - DESERT DREAMS Great boogie blues brought to you by Van of the Black Diamond Heavies ! Label:ALIVE Lonesome Shack was signed to Alive thanks to Van Campbell of the Black Diamond Heavies who brought them to our attention.REVIEWS In the combination of song selection, in the clarity of this recording, and in the lyrics that seem to deal with heartbreak and loss, not deals with the devil, with the deep morass of a depression you learn to live with more than the blues that get put upon you—the reason this album is singularly great is that it is pure expression. That you can also kind of shake your ass to. - AMERICAN STANDARD TIME CD $10 SKU:20896

LOS BRASILIOS-- Brasilian Beat 67-Label:GEAR FAB Released in early 1968 and featuring the beautiful harmonies of The Juan Morales Singers, this Marimba band did a great job of singing the cover songs CD $10 SKU:22024

LOST SOULS--ST mid 60s unknown U.S. Brit Invasion/ psych) SAALE!Label:LION The Lost Souls never released any records, yet the meager recorded evidence that survives indicates that they were one of the finest unknown American groups of the mid-'60s, able to write both catchy British Invasion-type rockers and, in their latter days, experimental psychedelic pieces with unusual tempo changes and song structures. The band were also unusual in their occasional embellishment of the typical period guitar-bass-drums lineup with flute, sax, and mandolin. Although popular in their Cleveland hometown, they broke up in 1968 to attend college. Rhythm guitarist Denny Carleton, who wrote and sang some of their best material, went on to briefly join The Choir, their chief (and more successful) rivals." —Richie Unterberger The music scene in Cleveland in the mid to late 1960’s was ripe with talent: the James Gang with Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz, The Choir, Eric Carmen (pre-Raspberries), Glass Harp with Phil Keaggy, the Damnation of Adam Blessing… and the Lost Souls. Of all those bands, only the Lost Souls never released a record. Then again, they were in high school, trying to navigate dress codes and bullies—and playing in front of a couple thousand fans when not suspended. Sure, they lost a battle of the bands at Teen Fair 1968, but it was to the James Gang with Joe Walsh. And somehow it is the Lost Souls who emerge from that time and place with the greatest mystique and some of the most adventurous music, music which few have heard. Lost Souls main songwriter Denny Carleton released a cassette of the band’s original recordings in 1984. It received airplay on hundreds of college and public radio stations in the USA (and around the world), and garnered glowing reviews… and that was it, until now.Not only is this the first time the music of the Lost Souls has been available since that cassette, our Lion Productions edition is the first release for many additional Lost Souls cuts, including alternate versions of key tracks like the insightful ‘Things That Are Important’ and ‘I’m Falling’ (the closest to a hit the band ever had), all taken from the original tapes and carefully mastered. Seven bonus tracks highlight the work of Lost Soul's main songwriter Denny Carleton (one-time member of The Choir, and more surprisingly, punk legends the Pagans); selections by The Choir, Moses, Milk and Carleton, many in all possible low-fi glory, recorded on various 4-Track devices, ranging from power-pop to grimy garage.•Whopping 32-page booklet has the full story of the band and info on the recordings by Carlton •Includes a multitude of unseen photos from his personal archive •Carefully remastered from the original tapes (+ the occasional post-Lost Souls 45 single) •”One of the great lost groups of the 60's.” —Option Magazine CD $10 SKU:20365

LOVE MACHINE (USA)/RAJPUT & THE SEPOY MUTINY --ELECTRONIC MUSIC TO BLOW YOUR MIND BY/FLOWER POWER SITAR (1967 exploito psych)...Label:GEAR FAB Here we have two very rare exploito LPs from back in 1967. Very much in the same vein as Psychedellic Guitars, Psychedelic Visions and The Mind Expanders, here is the cheesy record company's attempt at cashing in onThe Peace & Love Movement of the mid 1960s. In mini-LP cardboard sleeve format, this features some wild instrumentation!! CD $10 SKU:21719

LOVETONES - Be What you Want (AUSSIE psychedelic pop) promo- LAST copies Label:Evil 9 (same as regular, in plastic envelope with a drilled bar code, but includes booklet.)Although these guys are from Sydney Australia, if you didn't know any better you'd swear they were from the UK, as Be What You Want is filled with the kind of textural, psychedelic-tinged sounds that the un-informed mainstream press will liken to Radiohead. Lead vocalist Matthew Tow (formerly of Drop City) possesses a powerful instrument indeed, which serves the band well on cool, Brit-pop tunes like 'The Sound And The Fury', 'Give It All I Can', and 'Something Good'. The album has its lighter moments as well; 'Drink The Night (My Love)' will recall Squeeze with its octave-separated vocal harmonies and 'The One And Only', with its soulful bent guitar notes, is as catchy as pop music gets. There's also the standout ballad 'It's Always Been This Way', which has the kind of gut-wrenching impact that Dennis Wilson provided on Pacific Ocean Blue. Good stuff, this! (Shindig review). "Guided by brilliant production, Be What You Want, is a pop-rock classic. Distinguished by golden melodies and a subject matter that is emotionally direct and largely autobiographical, the Lovetones are reviving the true essence of psychedelic pop."[Rolling Stone] "The best Australian band you haven't heard of yet. This punchy debut will be blasting from a radio speaker near you soon. It leaves you hungry for more."[Courier Mail].
Out of print now, BUT we have a few promo copies, packed in heavy plastic sleeves rather than jewel cases and with a hole drilled thru thebar code, otherwise like regular copies CD $5 SKU:10387

LSD ENIGMA-ST (garage-psych-folk-rock)Label:JARGON From Rochester, New York, the gentry-men of kaleidoscopic garage-psych-folk-rock present to you their debut-album! LSD Enigma is a powerful two-man vocal group with electrified acoustic guitar, harmonica and drums. The members are Dave Anderson (of The Projectiles, The Riviera Playboys, Susan & The Surftones and power pop groups 1.4.5. and The Most) and Darren Brennessel (of McFadden's Parachute, The Four Hestons, The Purple Flashes and The Quatloos) CD $16 SKU:22675

LUCIFER -ST(1970 NY wasted garage rockers Iron Butterfly style)- SALE! Label:VOID Only real legit! CD reissue of one and only album by legendary NY wasted garage rockers. Originals of this album go for 4 digits buks, so we very much welcome this reissue. Sounds like an early garagy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD mixed with IRON BUTTERFLY magic. This CD version has 1 extra track, NOT on the AKARMA and a nice group picture aswell, (void) CD $10 SKU:19992

LUMBEE- Overdose (60s hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych)Label:GEAR FAB This period piece typifies the habits, moods & practices of the youth during the late 60’s. The music is a hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych experience CD $10 SKU:17728

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S- BEST OF, VOL. 1Label:LAKESIDE MUSIC "This is an oddly fascinating record, as it covers the nearly two-decade career of a band all but unheard of outside of a 25-mile radius of Rochester, NY. These 25 tracks, recorded between 1982 and 1997, include such parochial standbys as a Christmas single, a radio jingle for a local business, and a snippet of live tape recorded at a dance marathon at the University of Rochester. Holtzman's other songs are genial guitar pop along the lines of the Raspberries, Shoes, or other Beatles-fixated power poppers of the '70s." ~Stewart Mason/Allmusic.com CD $17 SKU:22672

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S-BEST OF VOL #2, (NY-based power-pop)Label:JARGON The B.B.B.'s (Bothered By Boredom) is a Rochester, NY-based power-pop band with singer/guitarist Luther Holtzman being the only constant in an ever-shifting line-up. Although the group formed in the early '80s at the University of Rochester and remained an on-and-off presence on the local scene thereafter, it wasn't until 1998 that the B.B.B.'s first proper album was released. This is their second one, containing great tracks that combine the style of Chuck Berry with British Invasion-affected rock'n'roll. CD $17 SKU:22673

MADFISH - 1979 (2CD)Label:PAISLEY ARCHIVE This release includes, to begin with, seven reworked songs, among which the never-before recorded 'Jersey' and the fan fave 'No Girls For Billy' from Gregor and Colin's original 1979 mod/punk unit The Head. The band was infamous for the collectable 7-inch double A-sided single featuring 'Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead' and 'University '79', issued in 1980. The album also includes 31 brand new original songs, featuring a new version of 'London' and the extended mix of 'Do You Want To Be Like Me?' This DOUBLE-CD is smartly packaged in a digipak with an 8-page booklet. CD $17 SKU:22219

MADS -En Concierto 1969 ultra ltd mini-LP sleeve DOUBLE CD-Label:LION Limited to only 200x copies!Glossy 20-page bi-lingual booklet with band history and photos.Two bonus tracks come from their sessions at the Stones' studio in London, and are in the same hard-edged vein.The first (and so far only) live recording of a Peruvian rock band from the 1960's, and therefore of incredible importance to lovers of rock from that exciting scene! Those of you who already have our previous Mads/Molesto release might remember the story of the Mads: early television performances in Peru; the chance sea-side encounter with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards that got the Mads the chance to go to England; Stones' manager Marshall Chess giving the Mads recording time in the Rolling Stones' studio and at Jagger's Stargroves castle. They played the Marquee, the Lyceum, the Roundhouse. They jammed with Steve Winwood and Brian Davison (The Nice). They played with Jeff Beck and Carmine Appice. Molesto's guitar player, Alex Ventura, worked in a clothing boutique alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. But before all the craziness in London, the Mads gave a farewell concert for their fans in Peru, on 18 December 1969, at the Auditorio del Colegio Santa Ursula. The recordings on this disc come from that show. One quick listen makes clear that the Mads demonstrated a lot of Jimi Hendrix Experience influence at this stage of their brief career. Still, it's clear straight away why the Stones were impressed, why Dennis Hopper told them during the intermission of this very concert how great they were (he wanted to hook them up with Phil Spector), and why they are legends of Pervian rock. Heavy, hard, and loud. CD $14 SKU:16782

MAGDALENA -Lanean Sartzen (1981 brilliant blend of prog and folk rock.)Label:S.P.A Sole album by Basque band Magdalena, a brilliant blend of progressive rock and folk rock. It has a good dose of tasty flute, some acoustic guitar and powerful distorted electric guitar as well. 4 discs on Pokora's books. Sung both in Spanish and Basque. 500 copies only papersleeve edition with fantastic remastered sound, and with insert." Originally issued in 1981. CD $5 SKU:21126

MAGIC - Enclosed -RARE GUITAR ACID PSYCH 60s )- Label: GEAR FAB An original sound by an uncommon band. Very rare music by this band from psychedelic era. Guitar acid sound on the trails of sixty California Heroes such us Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dead. CD $10 SKU:20337

MAINLINERS-BRING ON THE SWEETLIFE (Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British R&B and a taste of Kinks pop) Label:GET HIP The Mainliners combine the Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British rhythm and blues and a taste of Kinks pop sensibilities, producing an explosive yet soothing sound. Frontman Robert Billing's voice is reminiscent of a young Van Morrison and will surely give the Hives' Howlin' Pelle a run for his money. Such a visceral voice is accented by furious guitar work, trashcan drum beats, and solid bass lines.The Mainliners are not formula rock. Their musical influences go from '60s Them to '70s Mott the Hoople to '80s Sweden garage cult band The Creeps. They're smooth, confident and original, attacking rock 'n' roll with a fuck-all attitude and the songs to back it up! CD $10 SKU:22179

NEW RACE- The First and the Last-- Label:TOTAL ENERGY w/Deniz Tek, Rob Younger, Ron Asheton, etc - The First And The Last CD (Total Energy CD $25 SKU:11030

BATTLE OF THE GARAGES - Volume 4 Tomorrow the World LAST COPIES!-Label:VOXX This is THE original garage series started by Greg Shaw in the mid-80s.. LAST COPIES COMP LP $20 SKU:21916

BATTLE OF THE GARAGES - VOL 2 - ORIGINAL 1984 PRESSING! Label:VOXX VINYL is mint, a few corner scuffs. This is THE original garage series started by Greg Shaw in the mid-80s. Includes Vipers, Miracle Workers, Fuzztones, Mystic Eyes, etc. COMP LP $30 SKU:22501

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk)Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP LP $16 SKU:22044

INTO THE OUTRO: 14 L.A. Hit Makers! -SWINGIN' L.A. SOUNDS-Unreleased tracks from seedy garages and Hollywood back alleys. Label:OUTRO Underground & Over Sexed Rawk! - Unreleased tracks from seedy garages and Hollywood back alleys. On Vinyl Only!!! Into The Outro is a documentation of what is going on in L.A.'s dirty (and packed) underground Rock'n'Roll clubs right now. Each one of the 14 bands on this compilation serves up a previously unreleased song... and every tune is a proper banger! Everything that Outro Records was created to share is represented on this vinyl-only release. Garage, Rock'n'Roll, Punk, Powerpop, and "Astrosurf" are all displayed in the most honest and unpretentiously primitive way! It's been a very, very long time since L.A. has sounded this cool!! COMP LP $21 SKU:22157

MOTOR CITY’S BURNING #2-1970-98 LAST COPIES (W Detroit, Iggy, Mitch Ryder, ? and the Mysterians and more - Label:TOTAL ENERGY/ ALIVE SEALED ORIGINAL PRESSING More of the best jams, kickin R&R, '77 punk rock, trash, garage, and 50's influenced R&B from the Motor City, all newly remastered.
You'll find previously unreleased tracks by Detroit w Mitch Ryder, The Gories with an unheard version of Queenies, The Hentchmen, Ten High, Ron Asheton's Destroy All Monsters, and SCR.Also a new studio track by ? and the Mysterians. COMP LP $15 SKU:23490

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HALLUCINATIONS - special LTD. ed with BLACK KEYS< RADIO MOSCOW recorded just for this release.Label:ALIVE BLACK KEYS SONG RECORDED JUST FOR THIS RELEASE! Vinyl only compilation featuring 12 songs, 6 of them rare and/or unreleased, plus psychedelic/punk artwork. COMP LP $20 SKU:10620

OLD SKARS AND UPSTARTS -VA1999 w. Rancid, Stitches, US BOMBS LAST 4 copies! -Label:DISASTER Records LAST COPIES Features rare and unreleased tracks ! COMP LP $10 SKU:23493

PLANET MOD - From the Shel Talmy Vaults- RED VINYL GATEFOLD DBL LP-Label:BIG BEAT 2xLP pressed on 180-gram Red vinyl w/ gatefold sleeve Imported from the UKShel Talmy is revered as the producer responsible for distilling the cathartic, kinetic sound of mod rock to disc. Planet Mod gathers two dozen examples of his work, with tracks by John Lee Hooker, Jay Hawkins, The Untamed, The New Breed and more! (2018 COMP LP $35 SKU:19703

ROMANTICS AND FRIENDS- MIDWEST POP EXPLOSION (CATCH 3) ORIGINAL 1980 RAINBO TEST PRESSING Label:QUARK /BOMP WITH JACKET. Rare release on Quark, a side label of BOMP Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing COMP LP $75 SKU:22461

SECRET TEAM - VA 1- BOMP 4031- 1988 orig TEST PRESSING pressing (POWER POP/ GARAGE/ PUNK ) Label:BOMP Long out of print title! These are ORIGINAL TEST PRESSINGS.. Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. When they’re gone they’re gone, last chance!

A1 –The Lazy Cowgirls* Can't You Do Anything Right 3:10
A2 –The Stomachmouths* Speed Freak 2:30
A3 –The Dwarves* Fuckhead 0:46
A4 –The Raunchettes What? Scuze Me?! 1:10
A5 –The Holy Sisters Of The Gaga Dada Mister Mister 2:09
A6 –H-Bomb White Noise H-Bomb White Noise 4:45
A7 –N.Y. Wolfpack* Wolfpack 2:02
A8 –Necropolis (6) Killing Kranium 2:44
A9 –The Leopards (2) It Can Happen To You 2:55
B1 –The Steppes Voices Of Several Tourists 1:10
B2 –The Steppes Tourists From Timenotyet 4:20
B3 –The Last Drive I Love Cindy 3:28
B4 –The Inn What's It Like 3:40
B5 –The Laughing Soup Dish No One Home 4:25
B6 –World Of Distortion Burning Of The Midnight Oil 4:00
COMP LP $30 SKU:21994

SHIELDED BY DEATH - vol. 3 RARE PUNK TRACKS 78-81 -Label:DIONYSUS 19 more rare punk and new wave tracks, concentrating on CT and MA punk . Tracks culled from rare singles and unreleased tapes, a virtual treasure trove of tracks, Liner notes, photos and even contacts for former members of the groups are included for your enjoyment! COMP LP $10 SKU:19836

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 3 (Scandalous 50s and 60s strip morsels!) Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Perhaps the densest (and most scandalous) compilation yet by the ever daring El Vidocq. Already a third folding album that opens to teasingly reveal more sumptuous "strip music" morsels. Indeed, the 1950s and '60s represent an inexhaustible source of delicious tunes, most of which just never hit it off with the media or masses. Once again, our indefatigable connoisseur raises the curtain on an arousing series of smooth tunes, with their languid rhythms, well-rounded melodies and cheeky grooves. An exciting mix of styles struts its stuff in various states of undress: rockabilly (Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Clyde Stacy), pop (Betty Reilly, Ella Johnson), crooner (Louis Jordan), rock (Chuck Miller), swing jazz (Joanie Sommers), burlesque (The Ramcocks), r'n'b (Gino Parks)... An eminently naughty selection of musical gems to peel off one by one. COMP LP $19 SKU:20715

SURFBEAT BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN -Planetary Pebbles 1 (Primitive, rare Eastern European 60s garage) ONE ONLY! Label:AIP Featuring underground garage and surf rock musical artists east of the Iron Curtain that were recorded between 1963 and 1966. It is the first installment of the Planetary Pebbles series, which was a sub-series to the Pebbles series, and was released on AIP Records, on August 12, 1997 .Considering the Eastern European bands represented had little opportunity to record, the tracks are primitive in comparison to their Western contemporaries. Nonetheless, the album includes arguably among the rarest material available in the Pebbles series extensive catalog. COMP LP $25 SKU:22300

TONITE LET’S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON- Summer of love 1967 soundtrack with Pink Floyd, Small Faces,Jagger, and moreLabel:INSTANT This newly restored and remastered edition of the soundtrack to Peter Whitehead's first commercial film made during the Summer of Love 1967, has not been available in its complete form since the original LP was released by Immediate Records' Instant imprint in 1968. A unique commentary of London during a time when the world said it was the first city, the soundtrack features The Pink Floyd, Small Faces, Chris Farlowe, Vashti and more, with spoken-word contributions from Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Andrew Loog Oldham, David Hockney, Allen Ginsberg and more. As Andrew Loog says in the sleeve notes: "The people in the film created the different image for everyone, their contributions are reflected in the attitudes and music contained in this album.” Charly’s excellent reissue of 'Tonite Let's All Make Love In London’ comes on 180-gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl. Top notch COMP LP $18 SKU:22505

FOX- For Fox Sake (1970 UK PSYCH ZOMBIES STYLE)- Label:SOMMER Originally released in 1970 but sounding more akin to ‘67-68, “For Fox Sake” is a superb example of UK psych, highly recommended if you’re into APPLE, KOOBAS, ZOMBIES, OCTOPUS, SKIP BIFFERTY, SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, RUBBLES. First ever vinyl reissue with original UK artwork. Remastered sound and insert with photos / memorabilia plus liner notes by band member Steve Brayne. Formed in Brighton in 1968 with roots to the mod-soul scene, The Fox consisted of Steve (Stephen) Brayne on lead guitar & vocals, Winston Weatherill (ex-Gary Farr & The T-Bones) on lead guitar & sitar, Alex Lane on keyboards & vocals, Tim Reeves on drums and Dave Windross on bass. During their brief existence they supported The Herd and opened for David Bowie. Their sound was loud and righteous with great vocal harmonies, tight rhythm section and wonderful keyboard /guitar solos. After getting signed to a London management, they recorded their only LP in one session and they had it released in the UK on the Fontana label and on the USA on Crewe, featuring a different cover. Sadly, the band broke up following year and since the inclusion of “Butterfly” in one of the Rubbles comps several decades later, they've become a cult group among psych collectors LP $25 SKU:22891

KILLING FLOOR -Out of Uranus (1970 British acid rock) Label:SOMMER he second and best of the albums released by this British group, originally on Larry Page’s Penny Farthing label in 1970. The impressive opening track ‘Out of Uranus’ kicks off this great album, filled with acid-rock and blues-rock with an aggressive production and in-your-face guitar riffs all over. Also features a couple tracks more into psych-pop, all pretty well executed. Fully licensed, 180g vinyl with mastertape sound quality, original gatefold cover artwork. 500 copies only pressing. LP $24 SKU:20753

TELLTALE HEARTS - Now Sound- ORig pressing 1985 Label:VOXX LAST COPIES of OUT OF PRINT title. (Voxx 036). Awesome mini-LP debut by this mid-80’s garage band. Back in the days of the mid-80s "garage revival" scene that revolved around the Cavern Club, there was no doubt that the Tell-Tale Hearts led the pack of "paisley underground" bands that were popping up everywhere. They combined primitive and snotty mid-60s garage punk with R&B and blues influences, and had in Ray Brandes a great vocalist. Bill Calhoun played the keys, Eric Bacher was the guitarist, Dave Klowden the powerhouse drummer, and Mike Stax (publisher of the great Ugly Things fanzine) the "bass that ate San Diego." These guys had it all: the "look," the sound, and the carefree attitude.LP $15 SKU:23462


LONDONERS/ THE KNACK - 14 MOD BEAT NUGGETS 65-67- SAALE Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Presented here are The Londoners and The Knack's complete discography—fourteen mod/beat nuggets plus an unreleased take of ‘Back In The USA,’ plus unreleased pics and liner notes spanning their haberdashery roots to the present day. CD $10 SKU:20192

LONE CROWS-DARK CLOUDS(blues psych jams)Label:WORLD IN SOUND With their s/t debut album from 2013, The Lone Crows, a young and promising quartet from Minneapolis, garnered a lot of praise for their mix of blues and psychedelic jams. Now they present their second LP 'Dark Clouds'. With no frills, analogue production, the captivating dynamics and spirited compositions take you on a trip back to 1970 and even further beyond. The group takes their dominant blend of Heavy Blues and Hard Rock elements and mixes it with influences such as West Coast Psychedelia, bits of funk and soul, grunge and alternative, and their progressive thrash metal roots. You can hear parallels to bands like Led Zeppelin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Canned Heat, Santana, The Beatles, Robin Trower, Spooky Tooth, Spirit, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Each song showcases strong and melodic vocals, intense and soaring guitar work, and a multi-faceted, driving rhythm section. 'Dark Clouds' is the perfect album for a long road trip, and it's highly addictive! CD $10 SKU:21750

LONE CROWS - LIVE AT THE FREAK VALLEY(heavy guitar driven west-coast style blues and hard rock ) SAALELabel:WORLD IN SOUND The Lone Crows recorded live at Freak Valley 2014! This CD, manufactured in an edition of 500 copies, showcases the band's heavy guitar driven west-coast style blues and hard rock jams, as experienced live, with the musicians in top form! The set consisted of material from the first two albums. CD $10 SKU:21751

LORD SUTCH & HEAVY FRIENDS-HANDS OFJACK THE RIPPER-SAALE!Label:WOUNDED BIRD David Edward Sutch, or simply Screaming Lord Sutch, was and English musician and serial parliamentary candidate. During the 1960's he was known for his horror-themed stage show, dressing as Jack the Ripper, pre-dating the shock rock antics of Alice Cooper. Featuring guest appearances by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham, Nicky Hopkins, Noel Redding, Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Moon, Matthew Fisher and Victor Brox. CD $14 SKU:21460

LOS ACIDOS -ST (Argentine 60s style acid drenched psych) Label:NECIO RECORDS Hailing from Argentina, this band named Los Acidos combines the sounds of the acid-drenched '60s with traces of contemporary psychedelia. Los Acidos' self-titled debut-album is now issued on CD in digipack in an edition of 300 copies. CD $12 SKU:21260

LOS GATOS SALVAJES-Complete recordings Argentine 60s psych garage Label:NO FUN Special liner notes by Litto Nebbia y Ciro Fogliatta, and a total of 27 tracks, which make up the entire album, all of the band’s singles, TV performances, live recordings, and home demos. Absolutely everything the band ever recorded. This record got the history of beat, garage, and even psych music started in Argentina and other parts of Latin America. CD $10 SKU:15455

LOS JAIVAS -Alturas de Macchu Picchu en conciert (Live 1998 Chilean Prog) Label:AROMA Complete original album live,recorded at Teatro Providencia november 1998, plus 5 live bonus tracks (Teatro Monumental, May 2000). Direct from the master tapes. Complete 16-page booklet with lyrics, discography, history of the band, photos. 80 minutes! Bonus tracks : Tarka y Ocarina (instrumental master progressive song from 1976) + Takirari del puerto + Cancion del sur + Mamalluca (with orchestra) + Presentacion. A masterpiece, never before on CD!" Seeing Los Jaivas playing live is an experience not to be missed, especially for those who are natives of Chile. In case you have not had the opportunity to do so, this live album captures to the full extent possible, the energy and mysticism that is a hallmark of the band, probably the most important in the history of Chilean music. CD $10 SKU:20339

LOS PACIFICOS - Havana 1967(Beatles/Kinks style) SAALE!-Label:DAPP Only known recording of late 60s Cuban rock music inspired by The Beatles and the Kinks, of course. The tapes were stashed in a closet and smuggled out decades later. Digipak.An old tape missing for more than 30 years in warm and humid Cuba. Nine rock songs recorded in 1967 in two hurried hours, with borrowed instruments and without previous rehearsal. Four students, each about 17 years old, who filled the Havana student underground with the peace logo and forbidden music for two years: music that sent people to jail, or provoked strong discrimination just by listening to it. An incredible performance with professional standards, recorded in a completely censored environment. A musical program with covers of the Kinks, Beatles, and more, as well as original Cuban rock songs written by Los Pacificos. A unique session stolen from a system that locked doors to rock and peace. The only known recording of a Cuban rock band from the sixties. CD $10 SKU:21639

LOS SONADORES- La Vida (dreamy 1972 psych)SAALE!-Label:Discos Mariposa First reissue of this dreamy psychedelic rarity from 1972, beloved of many crate-digging dj’s; it’s said to have been made by Spanish and Chilean musicians in the USA; don't know about that, but it was issued in the USA on Caytronics, and has been much sought after since then (see the "Collector's Dreams" books); there are some great beat ballads, as well as nicely trippy melodic psychedelic dreamscapes on what corresponds more or less to side two of the original LP; the instrumentation includes some nice light guitar, which flits in and out and over the tracks in a way that's unusual, ringing out over the organ that’s there at the bottom of the sound spectrum; there's some nice drumming on the record: not exactly funky, but with a nice little kick that really keeps things interesting! a band that were rightly named "the Dreamers" CD $8 SKU:19016

LOS TABANOS EXPERIENCE -ATLANTIS MIRAGE(Chilean Psych/Space rock) SAALE!Label:NECIO RECORDS DIGIPAK Chile is already known as a hot-bed of amazing modern psychedlic music (think Follakzoid, Holydrug Couple, Chicos De Nazca), and 'Atlantis Mirage' by Los Tabanos Experience only enhances that reputation. In the words of the band themselves "the music of Los Tabanos Experience walks between space rock, heavy psychedelia and improvised jams." This is South American stoner-rock at its finest. CD $15 SKU:21459

LOVELY EGGS - COB DOMINOS( SALE! kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG Now on their own label! The second album by this eggstraordinary duo from Lancashire. Underground grunge-pop that's bizarre, ironic, surreal and full of twists. CD $10 SKU:19667

M.O.T.O.- NO SLEEP 'TIL TURKU (New Orleans based garage punk / power pop legends ) SAALE!-Label:BIPBIP Hard-On Rockïn Roll! New Orleans based garage punk / power pop legends M.O.T.O. are back with their tenth full length album. The Record is co-released by Airiston punk-levyt, Blast of Silence records and Svart records - all hailing from Turku, Finland. The songs on this album were recorded in studio "Dwyers" earlier this year while the primus motor of the band, Paul Caporino, visited Finland (early January 2012). The album was later mixed and mastered by Caporinos trusted man, Garret Hammond (Kill MOTO, Raw Power, etc), in Downers Grove, USA. This time Paul Caporino brings you wore down catchy up-tempo tunes with a lo-fi, under produced sound guaranteed to rock your socks off! Visitors in this album consist from the cream of the alternative scene in Finland: Niila Kunnari (Boredom Boys, God Give Ass, The Heartburns) on drums, Kerttu Vauras (Khatarina, Kovaa Rasvaa) on guest vocals in "Big Emotional Life" and Mikko Luukko (Sweatmaster) on guitar - just to name a few. After 30 years Caporino still delivers and M.O.T.O. is very much alive and kicking CD $5 SKU:21507

MACKAY,DUNCAN- Chimera (70s prog w bonus track)Label:FRESH first time reissue of this 1974 debut album by ex Cockney Rebell/10CC keyboard player (he also played with Kate Bush and Camel), Duncan Mackay. It’s an epic prog rock album in the vein of Rick Wakeman, ELP and Patrick Moraz and is highly recommended for keyboard driven prog rock fans. Remember those heady days of the early 70’s, when a trio of keyboard wizards—Keith Emerson (ELP), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Jon Lord (Deep Purple)—were winning all the polls and dominating the album sales? Duncan Mackay's “Chimera,” recorded in 1973/4 and forever forgotten by all but the most devout, is a brilliant slice of 70s progressive keyboard-based rock. All three of the wizards mentioned above are obvious influences, but McKay clearly stamps his own sound onto this three-track album. (only three tracks? well this was 1974, the era of 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' by Yes). This reissue includes a bonus track, to make it an even four. CD $10 SKU:20405

MACKAY,DUNCAN-- Score (70s prog w bonus track)Label:FRESH Rock keyboard genius Duncan Mackay hooks up with heavyweight players like John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) and the London Symphony Orchestra on his second album "Score". Released in 1977, it marks a departure from the all-instrumental direction of his debut "Chimera" to a more traditionally structured rock album without losing his prog rock virtuosity. Highlighted by soaring vocals, stellar playing and sweeping epic songs, "Score" is a welcome addition to Duncan's musical legacy." CD $10 SKU:20411

PACIFIC NORTHWEST STASH BOX (GARLAND RECORDS- VA -From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW- SAALE Label:BEATROCKET From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW and Salem's orphic Garland Records comes this potent cache of rare and previously unreleased recordings. Chiefly composed of moody and mellow folk rockers and ethereal groovers, there are also a few far-out, heady reconstructions of familiar faves. Be warned, these hooks are very sticky! With Sundazed Music's acquisition of the Garland Records catalog you're in for a tidal wave of great garage rock, psych, soul, and even some country. Here with 'Pacific Northwest Stash Box', you're treated to hook laden cuts that sound laced with a little something, and not just "Life Laced Leaf COMP LP $20 SKU:21833

REVOLUTION POP!-14 FUZZY & GROOVY FRENCH CUTS FROM THE 60s (Garage punk monsters, dance ravers, organ driven soul and psyche pop) -Label:LES DISQUES ROBESPIERRE Never before reissued and compiled on vinyl! Incredible covers and fantastic originals! Songs about Mao, catwomen, drugs, sex, the devil and elevators! Garage punk monsters, dance ravers, organ driven soul and psyche pop! It's May 68 again, a French revolution on the dancefloor, a record guaranteed to fire up any sixties party! COMP LP $24 SKU:20717

ROCKINITIS, VOL. 3-Electric Blues From The Rock'N'Roll Era-SALE! Label:STAG O LEE The 'Rockinitis' series showcases electric guitar blues from the mid-fifties to the early sixties. Unfettered pleasure in the form of black dance music. Third time's the charm as
two heavy-hitters join the fray. Wexford, Ireland's Bill Kealy has been packing dancefloors for 30 years. He was sucked deep into the rhythm & blues vortex after following the trail back from the music of his youth: The Kinks, The Animals and thelike. A truly international DJ, hear his sets at The Federal Rhythm & Blues Club in Crewe, For Dancers Only in Dublin, or as a regular guest DJ at top R&B clubs almost everywhere. Steve Longworth spent his teenage years dancing to soul at Wigan Casino. He was then drawn towards the R&B and popcorn sound. Since the early 2000s he's been running nights all across England's North - Soulful Shack, Down In The Basement and
The Ad-Lib, to name a few. He's played gritty blues 45s at clubs from Barcelona to Melbourne and now regularly spins at Sheffield's mighty Room At The Top. COMP LP $19 SKU:22684

SCHNITZELBEAT Vol 2 -You Are The Only One (Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970) sAALE! Label:DIGATON Raw Teenage Beat And Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970'. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock made in Austria, 1964-1970. Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), 'Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2' is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity. You'll find instro rock smashers, beat ballads, straight-up rhythm'n'blues pieces, jangling, folksy harmonies, savage proto-punk blowouts, and, of course, the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. COMP LP $15 SKU:16877

SHAKE O RAMA PLUS CD -VA (16 gems recorded between 1956 and 1968)Label:BOMP Includes bonus CD copy Imported from the NetherlandsThis selection of 16 gems recorded between 1956 and 1968 is amazingly modern. Irresistibly smooth yet radical, sharply biting, yet affable, these songs from another era have the power to make even the saddest squares laugh and wriggle, dance and jump about COMP LP $19 SKU:18391

SONGS FROM SATAN'S JUKEBOX- Vol 2 COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Second selection of satanic songs and maleficient melodies from Satan's infernal jukebox. Compiled by Emmerich Thürmer. COMP LP $19 SKU:21136