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It’s TUESDAY DISCOUNT DAY, you know what to do kiddies! This week I went thru the singles section and put a bunch of stuff on sale, lots of them ONE ONLY, so get em while you can get em.

ALSO be sure to check some of the other things we’re running low on, just type LAST COPIESinto our search to see a list of items that are almost gone for good. These aren’t quite as limited as our ONE ONLY section, but for sure getting low.

Got a nice shipment of the great British magazine FLASHBACK, time to stock up on your summer reading!

Thanks for all!
Suzy Shaw

ALSO JUST BACK, this one that sold out like greased lightning! Managed to get a few more for you.

GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN- Vol.1 CITY DOGFOOD Double 10” (obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks)- Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY. Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'. What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself. Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can COMP LP $24 SKU:19926


FLASHBACK #9 WINTER 2017 GROUP 1850- Label: SORRY ABOUT THE PRICE KIDS, Im paying a fortune for these! Features: Group 1850: Led by the charismatic Peter Sjardin and featuring the brilliant guitarist Dean van Bergen, Group 1850 were one of the most imaginative bands of their era -- but it has taken decades for their legacy to be appreciated. Here their story is told in full for the first time... Jukebox: Reine Fiske of Dungen on 12 tracks that have inspired him... Disc & Music Echo: It may have been less esteemed than some of its rival pop weeklies, but that doesn't mean this paper wasn't packed with priceless information... First Person: The legendary Jeff Dexter takes us on a personal tour of '60s London's counter-culture... Fuchsia: An experimental union between a rock trio and three classical musicians at Exeter University yielded one of the era's most enduring classics... The Love-In Festival: An eyewitness account of this landmark July 1967 event, with the aid of many rare photographs... Blonde On Blonde: This Welsh quartet played many remarkable gigs and made three fine albums, but their story has never been told until now... Nicholas Greenwood: The enigmatic bassist describes life in the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, the making of his fabled Cold Cuts LP from 1972 (KIS 4046CD), and his stint with prog favorites Khan... Ben: Renowned for having made one of the rarest albums on Vertigo, this jazz-rock quartet give their first ever interview... Sweet Slag: This aggressively unique band combined driving rock, free jazz, and nihilistic lyrics, and give their first interview here... Overseas & Underground: 50 intriguing British albums that weren't released at home, spanning pop, freakbeat, psych, jazz, prog, blues and more... Reviews: Thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs, and books, taking in household names (The Beatles, Pink Floyd), cult heroes (The Zombies, Margo Guryan, Grapefruit), and ultra-obscurities (The First International Sex Opera Band, Majic Ship)... Crying To Be Heard: The poignant story of John Phillips and his sole album, released in 1969 and missing in action ever since...BOOKS & MAGS $26 SKU:19424

FLASHBACK MAGAZINE UK - Issue #4Label: Winter 2013 issue. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the world's leading pop music authorities, including Richie Unterberger, David Wells, Patrick Lundborg, and Aaron Milenski. A4 size (with a gloss cover), 212 pages long, and full-color throughout, it's packed with new research, exclusive interviews and rare photos. The cover stars this time 'round are UK folk-rock heroes Trees, and the epic accompanying feature includes interviews with all the band members, as well as numerous associated figures, and is illustrated with much rare and unseen material. Also featured are in-depth articles on Beverley Martyn, U.S. psych rockers Mandrake Memorial, Wilkinson Tri-Cycle, and Fraction, cult UK psych faves July, 50 intriguing albums in the notorious exploito genre, an exploration of proto-punk, and part two of Patrick Lundborg's investigation into mono vs. stereo, as well as a thorough CD, LP, DVD and book reviews section. BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:13917

FLASHBACK MAGAZINE UK - Issue #5 Summer 2014Label: The cover story tells the remarkable saga of THE BLOSSOM TOES, with other contents including: - FAIRPORT CONVENTION: the early years, by close friend Kingsley Abbott. - CULPEPER'S ORCHARD: the full story of these Anglo-Danish rockers. - ARCADIUM: the first ever interview with this enigmatic underground band. - ROOM: The full tale behind this much-loved prog one-off - SKIP BIFFERTY: David Wells on this much-loved UK psychedelic pop band. - OLAV WYPER: an in-depth interview with the founder of the Vertigo label. - WALLY RICHARDSON: a rare audience with the renowned R&B guitarist. - ESOTERICA: Patrick Lundborg introduces a new genre - EUROPEAN ROCK: the best late 60s /early 70s rock LPs from the continent. - REVIEWS thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs and books All these articles will include the meticulous research and rare images that have always underpinned Flashback. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), Flashback is a magazine covering overlooked 60s and 70s music in depth, with outstanding new writing from authorities including Richie Unterberger, Patrick Lundborg, David Wells and Aaron Milenski. 212 pages in length and full-colour throughout, it's packed with original research, new interviews and rare images, making it essential reading for serious music fans. BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:16054

FLASHBACK MAGAZINE UK - #6 w SAM GOPAL - Label: The cover feature tells the story of underground legends SAM GOPAL for the first time, with in-depth-interviews, unseen photos and rare memorabilia. Further features in the mag are: - AARDVARK: an exclusive on these keyboard-heavy UK prog rockers - BILL FAY: a rare first-person insight into the legendary singer-songwriter - ORIENTAL SUNSHINE: detailed coverage of this short-lived, much-loved Norwegian trio - THE DAVID: at last, the full history of the teenage Californian pop-psych maestros - JIMMY PAGE: His fullest ever interview about the Yardbirds, unseen since early 1969 - JAMES WILLIAMSON: an in-depth audience with the legendary Stooges guitarist - MARGO GURYAN: A detailed interview with the singer-songwriter behind 1968s wondrous Take A Picture album - TONY REEVES: a rare interview Colosseum bassist, covering his work as a musician and producer with John Martyn, Sandy Denny, Mike Taylor, Davy Graham and many more - TEENSET: the history of one of America's first serious rock magazines - INTERNATIONAL ROCK: 50 of the best LPs from Japan, India, Peru and elsewhere - JUKEBOX: Cathedrals Lee Dorrian on twelve tracks that have inspired him - REVIEWS: thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs and books BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:16482

FLASHBACK MAGAZINE UK - #7: SUMMER 2015:VASHTI BUNYANLabel: In the summer of 1968, Vashti Bunyan set out for the Western Scottish Islands in a horse-drawn wagon. The album she made en route – and the journey itself – have become the stuff of legend. Here she tells her story in greater depth than ever before BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:16780

FLASHBACK MAGAZINE UK - #8 KOOBAS -Label: Spring 2016. Edited by Richard Morton Jack, Flashback covers overlooked '60s and '70s music in depth, with expert writing, original research, and many rare and previously unseen images. In this issue: The Koobas: This Liverpudlian quartet released numerous 45s; toured with The Beatles; gigged with Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Pink Floyd; made a fine album in 1968; and became stars in Switzerland -- but success at home proved hard to find. Richard Morton Jack tells their story for the first time. Jukebox: Michael Tanner of The A. Lords and United Bible Studies on 12 tracks that have inspired him. Album by Album: David Hitchcock oversaw classic records for Caravan, Genesis, Camel, and many others. Here he talks Flashback through his productions one by one. Time Out: Starting in August 1968, Time Out quickly became the most important source of information about what London had to offer, musically and otherwise. First Person: Robert Calvert recalls the short and intense career of Catapilla, with contributions from his bandmates Hugh Eaglestone, Brian Hanson, and Ralph Rolinson. Paternoster: Swiftly recorded and only released in their native Austria, Paternoster's sole album is one of the most despairing and enigmatic recordings of its time. Stephan Szillus tells its tale for the first time. The Human Beast: Though this Edinburgh trio disowned their weird, hard-rocking LP, it has gone on to become a firm favorite around the world. Richard Morton Jack speaks to them. George Martin: A long-lost and revealing 1968 interview with The Beatles' producer, conducted by the late J. Marks and exhumed from the pages of Eye magazine. The Evolution of Rock Critics: Aaron Milenski explores the changing tastes of rock critics -- and how they shaped his own tastes as a teenager. Mushroom: These Dublin teens had a big hit in 1973, toured Ireland relentlessly, and made one of the best "Celtic rock" albums of all time. Richard Morton Jack gets their story straight. Tamam Shud: Tamam Shud was one of the first Australian bands to embrace late '60s acid culture. Ian McFarlane tells their story. The Parlour Band: This Jersey quintet made one of the most highly regarded progressive pop albums of the early '70s. Austin Matthews gives their full history. British Private Pressings: Fifty of the best privately released albums from the heyday of British underground music. Reviews: Thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs, and books, taking in household names (The Beatles, David Bowie, Van Morrison), cult heroes (Captain Beefheart, Procol Harum, Françoise Hardy), and ultra-obscurities (Robbie The Werewolf, Fuchsia, Lucifer). Crying to Be Heard: The enigmatic Day Breaks by John Wonderling, lost since 1973. BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:17381


ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- EVIL WOMAN/10538 OVERTURE Label:UNITED ARTISTS WAREHOUSE FIND! B side - Recorded 'Live' at The Long Beach Autitorium, May 1974 45 RPM $5 SKU:18266

FADEAWAYS- Kicks and Chicks EP (Tokyo fuzz-a-rific monster! )Label:HIDDEN VOLUME Straight from the heart of Tokyo, it's the fuzz-a-rific sounds of Fadeaways! Hi-Vo drops a three-track monster on your head: the A-side crashes down with howling guitars and crazed vocals while the flip gives you two more killers! Limited to 150. (2017) 45 RPM $7 SKU:19144

FE FI FO FUMS - ELECTROFIZE ME (garage punk ) Label:BOOM BOOM Another nugget of doggone-if-it-ain't-zero-fi garage madness from the Boom Boom gang. The A-side sounds like they're trying to give 'Louie Louie' a run for the inebriated frat rock title, but the B-side picks it up with a full-speed-ahead garage punk scorcher. Celebrity endorsement by MICHAEL LUCAS. 45 RPM $5 SKU:14822

FIREBEATS-ON STAGE('60s garage/beat/mod heroes)-Label:PURE LUST The sound of Norway's '60s garage/beat/mod heroes The Firebeats Inc. revisited by Per Oydir (Euroboys. Peter Berry & The Shake Set, The Indikation) and a handful of highly skilled musicians, for the occasion using the Firebeats Ltd. moniker. 'On Stage' creates that true Firebeats Inc. vibe like it's 1966 all over again. Expect the authentic instrumentation, Accuset PA and the neat beat suits. Put this 7-inch on your turntable and experience the true live feeling of Oslo, 1966! 45 RPM $10 SKU:18682

FRUITS DE MER RECORDS GUIDE TO TH.-HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY-Label: FRUITS DE MER This 7-inch single also includes a bonus CD of remixes of The Eagles' surprise contribution to spacerock, plus a new version by Quantum Surf Rocket Garage Dolls that couldn't be squeezed onto the vinyl, along with new music from Astralasia and Sendelica's Pete Bingham inspired in part by 'Journey Of The Sorcerer' (yes, if you didn't know already, that was the original recording). TRACKS: 1. Astralasia version 2. Icarus Peel version 3. The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies version 45 RPM $8 SKU:17785

FULLER, BOBBY -& THE FANATICS- STRINGER/THE CHASE pic slv-Label:NORTON Pummeling surf instrumental twin spin from Bobbys El Paso home studio! Unbeatable! 45 RPM $6 SKU:13351

FUZZTONES-BAD NEW TRAVELS FAST (GARAGE PUNK) - Label: EASY ACTION The 7-inch that came as a bonus with the album 'Leave Your Mind At Home', now available as a stand-alone release! B/w 'Brand New Man (And A Brand New Car)'. 45 RPM $8 SKU:4738


GREEN QUESTION MARK -PEGASUS(PSYCH covers of Stones, Syd Barrett and Hollies!)Label:MEGA DODO The Green Question Mark is a unique collaboration between four remarkable talents. Marrs Bonfire has been presenting the Smart Set radio show on BayFM since 2010. Besides being an ace presenter he's also a mean tub thumper and vocalist and has played with The Land Registry Office and The Inept. He's ably supported on his debut Extended Play release by the legendary Icarus Peel, who produced the record, the critically acclaimed Mordecai Smyth and the talented Chrystal Jacqueline. Together they are The Green Question Mark. This 7-inch EP offers 15 minutes playing time. Not only does the EP come in a specially commissioned psychedelic sleeve, it's pressed on unique green vinyl and is limited to only 250 numbered copies. As an extra bonus you also get a free download of all four classic psyche tracks in either hi-resolution FLAC format or MP3. The EP opens with a majestic reading of the Rolling Stones classic 'She's A Rainbow' and is followed by a psyched up version of the rare Syd Barrett song 'Lucy Leave'. Side two opens with a galloping version of the Hollies' psychedelic classic 'Pegasus'. We close the EP with a rocking take on Grapefruit's wonderful 'Elevator'. if you're not too psyched out by the end why not flip the disc over for a repeat dose of definite satori full on psychic clairvoyance. 45 RPM $10 SKU:19118


HOLLYWOOD KILLERS - GOODBYE SUICIDE (78 glam punk power pop)Label:MIGHTY MOUTH MUSIC / THE TRAMP- Limited to 500 copies
Reissue of the 1978 single from Jim Penfold & Co. A perfect mix of glam, punk, and power pop. Features a brand new, full-color picture sleeve. 45 RPM $7 SKU:18142

HOLLYWOOD STARS- KING OF THE NIGHTTIME WORLD New York Dolls style 1974 glam p-Label:BLANK King Of The Nighttime World' was the song that should have been a blockbuster hit for THE HOLLYWOOD STARS in 1974, but the record was shelved by CBS and covered by KISS when pitched to them by co-writer Kim Fowley two years later. The original Hollywood Stars recording is now available on 7-inch. 45 RPM $10 SKU:18587

DEAD MAN - EUPHORIA (Swedish heavy psych) -Label:CRUSHER digipack The remarkable and excellent new album from these Swedish psych-heads. 11 notably well written tracks in which progressive folk and darker, heavy psych-rock (with exciting guitar eruptions) go hand in hand. A superb follow up to their promising, self titled debut from 2006. CD $12 SKU:7850

DUEL - Witchbanger (TEXAS TRIPPED OUT HEAVIES)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The second album by Austin, Texas tripped out heavies Duel contains eight hard hitting tracks of deep grooves and blistering riffs, paying tribute to the darker breed of early '70s proto-metal and classic old school early '80s heavy metal pioneers. Growling desperate vocals and angry fuzzed out guitars tell tales of horror and hallucination. This is hard
rock as it should be, totally pure and unpretentious. CD $15 SKU:18790

DUNGEN- TIO BITAR ( Swedish psych ) Label: SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Over the past two years, the profile of Swedish psychedelic rockers Dungen has grown at an alarming rate, from a cult studio project into a worldwide musical phenomenon. And on Tio Bitar, we're hearing the end results of an outpouring of success and support - one which has, for once, inspired the creative processes at hand to make something wholly new and original, yet remaining within the same sphere of emotions that fostered Dungen's three previous albums. Gustav Ejstes, Dungen's founder and principal member, made Tio Bitar (translated, "Ten Pieces") - a bracing display of psychedelic rock, presented with a bright, avid confidence largely by himself, with the assistance of guitarist Reine Fiske. Gustav wrote the songs, and played all of the instruments on his own, with Reine on many lead guitar and bass parts; his style of play puts him well within the top ranks of modern guitar heroes past and present. First pressing is a limited edition in a silver foil slipcase of 8,000 copies CD $10 SKU:6027

MIGHTY CAESARS, THEE -WISEBLOOD ( 80s GARAGE) Label:DAMAGED GOODS Thee Mighty Caesars were formed by Billy Childish in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes. They influenced many American bands, especially The Mummies, and Sub Pop groups. They were arguably the group that brought about the resurgence of garage rock LP $14 SKU:17847

MIGUEL Y EL COMITÉ ( Para Hacer Música (1970s hard acid distorted fuzz)Label:LION El Syndikato made Miguel Livichich a rock star in South America; but it was his sole effort as “Miguel y el Comité” that made him a groove-loving crate-digger’s dream!. Percussion plays a key role in the band’s sound, although the guitar playing is most distinctive: sometimes melodic, at other times carving a path through the mix, with a hard and acid distorted fuzz guitar sound, as on the title track and the fabulous cover of El Kinto's ‘Qué me importa. LP $12 SKU:19262

MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxie’s Revenge ((unrel garage masterpieces)) gatefold Color vinyl - Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers' earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! Double folder gatefold and color vinyl! LP $16 SKU:2473

MOCKERS, LOS - Orginal Recordings 65- 67 150 gram Includes detailed information and stories narrated by Los Mockers' harmonica and keyboard player Esteban Hirschfield. ( Stones style S. American 60s garageLabel:GET HIP 150 Gr. vinyl. If Los Shakers were the Beatles of the South American 60s garage beat scene, LOS MOCKERS were the Rolling Stones of that time and place. Formed in 1964 like Los Encandenados (the Chained Ones), they emigrated from Uruguya to Buenos Aires and got signed to Odeon, EMI's subsidiary, where they cut a couple of non-LP singles and their fantastic debut album. Later they did 2 singles, at least one of them for CBS. This collection is their definitive, including all their cool material mastered from the original sources. Includes detailed information and stories narrated by Los Mockers' harmonica and keyboard player Esteban Hirschfield. LP $14 SKU:5813

MONOLORD-VAENIR(SWEDISH DOOM PSYCH) DOUBLE LP (BLACK VINYL. Label:RIDING EASY The Swedish doom band's second album, features the brand skull-crushing single "Cursing The One". Six-song double LP. On tour now with Salem's Pot! LP $18 SKU:18819

MONOLORDEMPRESS RISING (SWEDISH DOOM PSYCH) DOUBLE GATEFOLD GREEN MARBLE Label:RIDING EASY Sweden's psychedelic doom band, Monolord, here releases their first full length LP Empress Rising via Easy Rider Records. The five song album comes in at almost 50 minutes of skull crushing heavy grooves and heavy guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at loud volumes. Monolord is for more than just doom-metal fanatics - this is an epic record for all fans of guitar driven rock and roll, stoner rock, and heavy riffs. Check out the title song Empress Rising. The song is a 12 minute long opus that will leave you wanting more. Empress Rising has all of the flavors of an iconic doom record and follows in the footsteps of Sleep Holy Mountain, Pallbearer Sorrow and Extinction, Electric Wizard Witchcult Today with melodic vocals and harmonies that are super psychedelic and easy to sing along with. LP $18 SKU:18826

MOVE- Shazam (1970s kaleidoscopic pop) 180 GRAM- Label:MUSIC ON VINYL Reissue on 180-gram vinyl. 'Shazam' is the second album by The Move, originally released in the UK in February 1970. The album functioned as a bridge between the band's quirky late '60s pop singles and the progressive, long-form style of Roy Wood's next project, the Electric Light Orchestra. It was the last Move album to feature the group's original lead vocalist, Carl Wayne. LP $22 SKU:17948

MUFFS - ST GREEN VINYL(ex Pandoras members Ramones-style powerchords ) -Label:DRASTIC PLASTIC Issued in 1993, The Muffs' self-titled debut blends bombastic Ramones-style powerchords with the punk-powerpop of Blondie. The LP includes radio hit "Lucky Guy" and a cover of Angry Samoans' "Stupid Jerk." Reissued on Green vinyl. Limited to 500. ( LP $22 SKU:19489

NAPOLEONS, LES -, A Go Go (60s s garage rockers and Mersybeat pop) Label:MOMS One of the best mid-1960s French-Canadian garage bands. Montreal's Les Napoleons is a great mix of snarling garage rockers and Mersybeat pop, entirely sang in French. LP $15 SKU:111

NERVEBREAKERS - Hijack the Radio 180 gram(70s Texas punk) Label:RAVE UP An anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings, some of which ended up on the Nervebreakers' late-70's 7" vinyl releases on Wild Child Records, some on the 1979 Texas punk LP compilation Are We Too Late For The Trend? (ESR Records), some on a volume of Italian label Rave Up Records series of American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets, and others that have up-to-now never been publicly released. LP $14 SKU:10760

NERVEBREAKERS - We Want Everything 180 gram (Texas 70s punk ) -Label:GET HIP Hailing from Dallas, the Nervebreakers first got together in 1973, but didn’t take off until the mid-’70s punk movement started to affect most larger urban areas of the US. Nervebreakers quickly rose to the top of the pack in Dallas releasing three singles which are now hard to find. This album was recorded in 1980 and was to have been their debut LP. The reissue on Get Hip has been remastered and is finally out on vinyl again on 180-gram wax! LP $14 SKU:11535

NITE JEWEL- It Goes Through Your Head LTD ED ( 80s pop Cyndi Lauper style )Label:MEXICAN SUMMER With a melody like the one found on It Goes Through Your Head, you're going to find that it'll stay there as well, bridging a pop sensibility beginning with Cyndi Lauper, continuing on through '80s pop R&B like Expose and The Jets, and ending with Ms. Gonzalez's winning charm and tremendous voice. Remixes by DaM-Funk and the Samps on the flip side reinforce the inherent danceability in these exclusive tunes. Play this record, then get out, get organized and do something awesome today!" Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000 copies. LP $6 SKU:12890


GERMS - Forming (2) /Round & 'Round THEIR FIRST SINGLE! 1977 -Label:BOMP Records 7" The Germs 1st single. A reissue of the '77 classic What Records? release on black vinyl with the original artwork. 45 RPM $5 SKU:2210

GREEN PAJAMAS- Very rare early flexi disc ( Brit -style paisley underground psych former VOXX BAND! ) LAST COPIES - Label:GREEN MONKEY Warehouse find of "British-style psychedelia” paisley underground band from Seattle , 1980. 45 RPM $4 SKU:1869

DAVID - ST (1969 psych pop Airplane style)- Label:GEAR FAB Canadian band David released this self-titled psychedelic pop album in 1969. It features the dreamy, spacey, Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane style female vocals of Deborah Kelly, who sings of the ideals of the youth of the time & features some fine fuzz CD $10 SKU:5846

DEAD BOYS - Younger, Louder & Snottier LAST COPIES!(The rough mixes of their 1977 classic album)-Label:BOMP Records The rough mixes of their 1977 classic album "Young, Loud & Snotty" done by Stiv Bators, Cheetah Chrome and Bob Clearmountain. CD $15 SKU:1937

DEAD VIBRATIONS ST (SPACEMEN 3 STYLE) OVERSTOCK SALE -Label:FUZZ CLUB Dark and gloomy noise pop from Sweden, channelling a mix of visceral Mary Chain-esque guitars, droning psychedelia in the vein of Spacemen 3, and even Seattle grunge at times. CD $12 SKU:19710

DETONATIONS- Static Vision LAST COPIES (Stooges style ) -Label:ALIVE A three piece rock-n-roll time bomb from New Orleans with a unique freaked-out sound. CD $5 SKU:2205

DOLLHOUSE- ROYAL RENDEZVOUS (MC5 STYLE) Label:OFF THE HIP High energy r'n'r produced by Nicke Hellacopter.Armed with vintage instrumentation and a love for the MC5, Dollhouse (vocalist/guitarist Chris Winter, bassist Yoda Hassinen, guitarist Andreas Heed, and drummer Marcus S. Davis) formed in Sweden in 1998. In 2001 they released a 7", and after a few lineup changes released the full-length The Rock and Soul Circus on Dim Mak in fall 2004. The record, produced by Michael Davis of the MC5, features guest appearances by the BellRays' Lisa Kekaula and Lars Strömberg of the International Noise Conspiracy. ~ Kenyon Hopkin CD $8 SKU:19253

DOMNICKS- Hey Rock and Roller EPCD (garage power pop ) Label:OFF THE HIP The DomNicks combine the Perth Garage Rock/Power Pop legend Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3, Someloves), with the British punk attack of Nick Shepherd (The Clash, The Cortinas). CD $10 SKU:11254

DOMOVOYD - ST (STONER PSYCH)Label:SVART Mini- gatefold jacket. Masters of dark, hypnotic, sprawling hazed-out doom, their music is a flaming celebration of the psychedelic arts from the temples of Hawkwind to Matt Pike's altar of the riff. Capturing the live-energy that has electrified audiences with their unique, heavy dose of rhythmic sludge. CD $10 SKU:18936

DOUGLAS FIR -HARD HEART SINGIN (Classic 70s rock)Label:GEAR FAB Their classic 1970 LP, recorded in the great Pacific Northwest State of Portland, Oregon. Great heavy and haunting organ, driving guitars, and outstanding "Guess Who" style vocals make this reissue the favorite choice to look forward to for the summer of 2000!! CD $10 SKU:18724

DRAGONFLY (USA) - ST (60s Calif heavy psych for fans of Iron Butterfly, The Who and Stack)Label:GEAR FAB Their self-titled hard psychedelic rock LP from 1970!!At last a CD reissue of this killer cusp of the 60's heavy psych album from California.Plenty of wailing psychedelic guitars, and a heavy garage psych edge give the album an awesome power. CD $10 SKU:11171

DUG DUGS - Smog (70s Mexican psych! ) mini-LP replica jacket - Label:LION CD version is a mini-LP replica jacket, enclosed inside a re-sealable PVC outer sleeve. CD $14 SKU:12826

DUNHILL BLUES - ST- RAW POWER Sonics, /MC5, / Dictators/ New York Dolls style -Label:OFF THE HIP "The Dunhill Blues play a pummelling, primitive and pulsing style of rock 'n' roll that's best viewedbeer in hand" - JEREMY SHEAFFE Beat Magazine CD $8 SKU:18916

MC5 - AMERICAN RUSE 10”- WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:ALIVE NOTE: SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP LP $10 SKU:16968

MC5 LIVE 1968-1970 12" POT LEAF PICTURE DISC- with tracks first time on vinyl ltd ed LAST COPIES LPLabel:TOTAL ENERGY With tracks that are 1st time on vinyl - original art for "Kick Out The Jams" by Grimshaw; ltd. ed LP $15 SKU:3159

MERKIN -Music from Merkin Manor (70s rare West Coast psych) insert with liner-notes IMPORT- Label:OUT-SIDER Fabulous and ultra-rare U.S. West Coast psychedelic album from Merkin. Newly remastered sound Released in 1973 on Windy Records (same label as Creation Of Sunlight) but sounding more 1967-1968 with fuzzed-out/jangly guitars and melodic, floating harmony vocals. LP $17 SKU:19526

MILAN -HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (60s LEGEND FROM PEBBLES SERIES) LAST COPIES -Label:LICORICE SCHTIK A stunning, absolute must-have vinyl only release for any decent '60s music fan!!! From his earliest incarnation in the record industry as a Xmas twister, the enigmatic Milan has changed his name and re-invented himself several times: a teen idol with a cute hairdo and a preppy look, a garage gonzo savage, an all dressed-in-black biker stud, a psychedelic screamer in love with satellite sounds and other characters known or waiting to be discovered. One thing is for sure, few people can claim so many identities in less than a decade. Composer, interpreter, producer & arranger, Milan is also all of these throughout the '60s. This anthology would like to pay homage to the man. The A side is dedicated to the singer and performer, and the B side to the producer and arranger. Unfortunately, Milan's fame was due to be short and by the end of the '60s he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and disappeared from the music business. LP $12 SKU:18505

MONDO DRAG - New Rituals - GREEN VINYL! Ltd. to 200 copies (psych / stoner PSYCH discovered by Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow ) - Label:ALIVE Trip out with Mondo Drag! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. "New Rituals," their debut for Alive, is an incursion into extended psychedelic blues guitar jams and haunting vocals over heavy, steady bass lines and thumping percussion. Mondo Drag has shared the stage with bands such as Witchcraft, Dead Meadow, Pentagram, and Radio Moscow, to name just a few. "They rock. Most songs clock in at over 6 minutes, yet you don't notice the time go by because they seem to take that long just to rev up. Each song stretches, cries, screams, and tears itself apart." - Berkeley Place LP $18 SKU:14388

MORGAN, SCOTT-s/t BLUE VINYL Ltd Ed LAST COPIES!Label:ALIVE The legendary Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The Solution) has teamed up with some of Detroit's most highly regarded underground luminaries to make his definitive solo SCOTT MORGANalbum. Scott Morgan is a first rate rock singer, admired by everyone from Mitch Ryder to Nathaniel Mayer, from Rob Tyner to Iggy. Since his 70's stint in Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Scott has made a lot of great music with a variety of bands, a lot of loud motor city style stuff, and some straight up soul music as well, but this is his first proper solo outing. Scott Morgan, the album, is a point where Detroit soul tradition meets Ann Arbor music history in a blast of Downtown Detroit contemporary rockn'roll culture. It is brought to you by the producers responsible for records by Nathaniel Mayer, The Go, The White Stripes, The Sights, Outrageous Cherry, and a whole lot of other good stuff!LP $20 SKU:11467

MORNING DEW - Early Years ( 60s psych ) W INSERT AND PHOTOS - Label:Break- A-way The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 – 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band‘s 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band’s local years from 1966 – 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years.LP comes with an in-depth insert with a cache of photos and trivia tracing the genesis of a band that started as an instrumental group in 1963 and ended after their garage days as a now much respected psychedelic band. LP $16 SKU:10857

MOUNT CARMEL -Get Pure LTD EDITION of 150 ON PURPLE(for Radio Moscow fans! ) -Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!
Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 LP $18 SKU:16039

NERVES - One Way Ticket - LTD ED of GRAY AND BLACK HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL - Label:ALIVE Incredible STARBURST vinyl ltd to 100, you have to see this vinyl to believe it, it’s so great you’ll want one just to put on your wall. Even the images dont do it justice. You wont be disappointed! -
NOTE - LP does not contain download card, add the cd for a lo price!

Formed in 1975 by guitarist JACK LEE, bassist PETER CASE, and drummer PAUL COLLINS, the Nerves are one of the most influential garage/punk pop outfits to come out of the mid-70's LA scene, and certainly one of the least documented... until now. Mostly remembered for their classic "Hanging On The Telephone," a Jack Lee composition which has been covered over the years by a myriad of artists from BLONDIE to L7 to CAT POWER, the Nerves were above all a high energy rock'n'roll band with all three members composing and singing. Playing fast, ear-catching garage pop songs, sometimes wearing matching suits, the trio had more than a bit of the stripped down street energy of the Los Angeles's early punk movement. They shared the stage with the Ramones and Mink Deville during their infamous US "Magical Blistering Tour," played the Punk Palace and the legendary Masque in Hollywood, and headlined shows with the Avengers, the Zeros, The Dils, The Screamers and Shock, to name just a few. After the band's break-up in 1978, Peter Case and Paul Collins formed The BREAKAWAYS, and later went on to front the legendary PLIMSOULS and The BEAT, respectively. Following the success of "Hanging On the Telephone," JACK LEE has mostly focused on his songwriting career, releasing an album in 1981. Both Peter and Paul are still recording and touring. PETER CASE's latest album "Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John" (Yeproc 2007) was nominated for a Grammy. This collection, authorized for the first time ever by the three band members, features their 1976 EP (now regarded as a power pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, REMASTERED and complete with notes and photos. LP $20 SKU:17632

NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE-Powerglide (ultimate psych country rock w JERRY GARCIA )-Label:LION In the days before genre obsession, a rock and roll fervour drew on a rediscovery of blue grass, folk, blues and ‘country music’. Add to the mix consciousness-expansion afforded by the proliferation of psychedelic drugs, and the music scene of the West Coast of America percolated, powered by this heady brew. At the heart of this experiment in new music and consciousness the New Riders of The Purple Sage were born. •Features Jerry Garcia and Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead, Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane, and famed British pianist Nicky Hopkins (Beatles, Kinks, Stones) LP $16 SKU:18630

NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES - ST (60s style powerpop goddesses w Peter James of the ROMANTICS ) LTD ED OF 150 on RED VINYL! -Label:BOMP Records Repress on Groovy clear red vinyl! Garage pop goddesses. The band was always in top form, led by ex-Romantic Peter James. This LP, from 1980, is their testament. LP $16 SKU:16217

NOLAN, JERRY & THE PROFILERS - The Final Recordings LTD ED EP PINK VINYL (NEW YORK DOLLS) Label:STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 12 " EP recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! “"This final recording from New York Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan is an inspired marriage of Nolan’s NYC circa ’76 punchdrunk proto punk panache and stalwart guitarist/vocalist Greg Allen’s switchblade swagger. A last hurrah worthy to the L.A.M.F. legacy." — Alan di Perna (Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado)."These recordings were made in September of ’91, half way between Johnny [Thunders’] death, and Jerry’s own demise. In addition to Greg Allen on guitar and vocals, and bassist Chicago Vin Earnshaw, there are guest appearances by old pals Buddy Bowser on sax, and Walter Lure on guitar. The music is straight ahead Stones/Dolls/Heartbreakers style rock’n’roll. It’s what Jerry loved most and did best." James Marshall - April 2012, NYCQuotes about Greg Allen’s music in general"Greg Allen happens to be quite a musician and he writes good songs...He's good. He's really, really good."- Jerry Nolan, Tee Vee Tunes Records interview, 1991"Greg Allen played with ex-New York Doll Jerry Nolan and his band features some other folks with good bloodlines. They play rock music or, more specifically, "the kind they don’t make anymore..."- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix, 2004 (Jun 18, 2004) LP $25 SKU:19308

OLIVERS - Lost Dove Sessions(ltd ed 60s U.S. psych) - LAST COPIES Label:BREAK The Olivers from Fort Wayne, Indiana are best known for their highly sought after 1967 Picture Cover 45 on Phalanx Records. 'I Saw What You Did' b/w 'Beeker Street'. The single got picked up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is today rated as one of the best and most exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s. A planned second single and LP release for RCA never happened. Long standing rumours of a "Lost LP" however, were confirmed when a one-of-a-kind reference acetate of an unreleased GRT album by The Olivers was found recently. The album, recorded after several line-up changes in early 1969 at Dove Studios in Minneapolis turned out to be a psychedelic jewel. An amazing album featuring the amazing rich and significant voice of leadsinger Billy Franze and on a par with the legendary psych albums of the era. “Dove Sessions“ features the nine minute long 'Jessica Ryder', the spooky 'Mushroom', the brooding organ driven 'The End', plus psychers such as 'Ball Of Fire', heavy rockers such as 'Free' and the trippy never ending 11-minute slashing guitar freakout of 'Social Slavery'. Unjustifiably shelved 40 years ago, this amazing organ drenched fuzzfest proves that the band does not only deserve the plaudit "Indiana Sixties Rock Heroes", but also had the potential for the national breakthrough that never happened. The LP captures the incredible talent and versatility of the Olivers and adds an essential piece of vinyl to their discography. A four-page LP sized insert documents the band's career as told by its original members and a cache of unseen photos completes the band's 1963 – 71 history." Only 500 copies. LP $17 SKU:14566