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AVALANCHE (NL) -PERSEVERANCE KILLS OUR GAME (1979 prog folk masterpiece)Label:GUERSSEN Originally released in a tiny run of 500 copies (mainly meant for family and friends) in 1979, here's a remastered reissue of a genuine progressive/psychedelic folkrock masterpiece from Holland. The band used acoustic and electric guitars (at timeswith fuzz), bass, drums, flute, piano and sparse vocals (inEnglish), resulting in songs that ranged from delicate to haunting to fierce. Despite being a low-budget project, recorded in a single day, it's a stunning work, sounding like
Fairport Convention jamming with early Ash Ra Tempel. This first ever reissue, done in cooperation with the original band members, comes with a booklet featuring rare photos and liner notes by psych-connoisseur/journalist Richard Allen. CD $19 SKU:25797

BHOPAL'S FLOWERS -JOY OF THE 4TH (psychedelic cosmic pop)Label:SOUND EFFECT Hindu deities dancing in the sky of the American desert, psychedelic cosmic pop hanging by a thread to the star of the shepherd, the music of Bhopal's Flowers seems to point to an unknown but familiar direction: A world where John Wayne and the Virgin Mary drive a convertible Lincoln, John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the backseat, greeting the crowd of angels. This album continues the quest started started in 2016 with 'Lovesongs & Psychedelic Tones' on which the trio sitar - tanpura - 12 strings guitar is digging bridges between modal and tonal musical systems, on an anthroposophic message. Fullfilled with mellotron, harpsichord, leslie effect, this easy listening record is filled with joy and bright melodies on a sunshine pop feel, with the usual Hindustani taste from Bhopal's Flowers. With this ode the 4th degree of the musical scale, 'Joy Of The 4th' expresses the will to spread simple but eternal life rules: each and every evolution is based on 7 steps, according to the following pattern: 3 - 1 - 3. As the most evolved form is not the most complex but the one that have solved the complexity with a pretty simple way of expression, 'Joy Of The 4th' claims simple pop songs with a deep and vintage production. Dedicated to Noel Pezzano (Bhopal's Flowers' leader's son) born in 2021, the 10 tracks are fed by childhood hapiness, shimmering colorful instrumentation, like the sound of a baby toy. A magical tool for young and grown up people, to live and remember the joys and hardships of life on Earth. CD $19 SKU:25894

BOGOS - EMPTY BOTTLES- EMPTY BOTTLES (psycho-western-punkabilly )SAALE!Label:TRASH WAX From Bern Switzerland, here's the old-school no-hit hobo psycho-western-punkabilly sensation Bogos!! Their first album was recorded by Zeno Tornado. Punk vs. Ennio Morricone banjo -Once upon a time in old Bern! CD $15 SKU:25531

EL RELOJ- 2 LPs on ONE CD plus bonus tracks (70s Argentina premiere hard rock ) SAALE!Label:HRC This disc includes the first two albums plus four singles tracks. Cool Argentinian Hard Prog Rock very similar to the Italian bands of the period.Dual and even triple guitar fests with complex themes, supported by pinches of keyboard dominance.Quite attractive and warmly recommended CD $10 SKU:20218

FLAMES - “Ummm! Ummm! Oh Yeah” + “That’s Enough” (DBL CD - Label:FRESH Throughout the '60s The Flames—featuring future Beach Boy Ricky Fataar along with his brothers Steve Fataar, Brother Fataar and Edries Fredericks— were South Africa's biggest selling band. This double disc set highlights the band's many hits from 1964 to 1966 and includes the "Ummm! Ummm! Oh Yeah" and "That's Enough" albums on Disc 1, and 16 non-album A & B sides singles on Disc 2. This release is a companion to the Retro best selling "Soulfire"/"Burning Soul" reissue. The “Ummm” album (1965) has some nice covers includes two Beatles tracks (‘No Reply’ and ‘Eight Days a Week’), a nice version of ‘You Better Move On,’ and ‘Talkin' Bout You,’ and several others. You have to admire a band like The Flames. An exceptionally talented outfit, the fact they were a non-white group (most of the members were of East Indian extraction), trying to make the big time in apartheid-era South Africa makes them even more special. Records by The Flames are highly collectable, not least because two of their members, Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin, joined The Beach Boys from 1971 to 1973, during which time the albums ‘So Tough’, ‘Holland’ and ‘In Concert’ were made and released CD $16 SKU:19983

FLEUR --BOUQUET CHAMPETRE Ye ye girl)-Label:SOUNDFLAT Following her great double sider 'La Capharnaüm', yéyé-girl Fleur from the Netherlands is back with her second LP 'Bouquet Champêtre'. After her debut album and three 7" singles, the album is a fresh and charming mix of France Gall, Francoise Hady and Sylvie Vartan. 'Bouquet Champêtre' means `field bouquet': a nonchalant bunch with flowers in different colors, shapes and lengths. It's not tight and monochromatic, but wild, uneven and composed of all kinds of flowers. Written, recorded, performed and produced by Arjan Spies (The Kik, Les Robots, The Kryng) and Paul Zoontjens (The Kik, Simon Keats). The lyrics for the album were written by Lou' Szymanowski (The Psychotic Sidewinders) and Fleur. CD $19 SKU:26134

GONZALEZ, WALLY -Tunog Pinoy (heavy acid blues psych Pink Floyd style)Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) Just listening to the soaring solos of the third track, ‘Pinag-isa’, makes us think how much this sounds like Pink Floyd circa “Dark Side of the Moon”—atmospheric, with breathy vocals, yet thick with that mid-70’s heavy energy at the same time; then you get to ‘Rock & Roll Mama’, and it’s stinging guitar leads and crunching rhythm section all the way; Gonzalez clearly was not a one trick (heavy acid blues rock) pony, which explains why this album has always been held in such high regard among those who had a chance to hear it. CD $10 SKU:18971

GREEN PAJAMAS - FOREVER FOR A LITTLE WHILE (neo psych pop) . Former Bomp band!Label:GREEN MONKEY The Green Pajamas follow-up their well-received 2021 album 'Sunlight Might Weigh Even More' with another fine collection of neo-psychedelic pop compositions. CD $17 SKU:26141

HUNT & TURNER- Magic Landscape (1972 West Coast groove)-Label:LION Fabulous grooving folk rock sounds with plenty of atmosphere, first released by the much beloved Village Thing label in 1972. Ian Hunt and John Turner first teamed-up in the late summer of 1970, the inevitable collaboration of two of the West Country's most sought-after session musicians. CD $10 SKU:20171

I DELFINI - ST (1966 Italian beat) -Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Maybe the best beat album to emerge Italy, first issued on Disco CDB in 1966 (?) or 1967; I Delfini (or, "The Dolphins" as it translates) made a pretty good splash in their day, and why not? the lads from Padua wrote tight, punchy songs, had good production values (RCA studios), could sing (always a plus), and threw in a Beatles cover at the end in English, just for kicks; lyrics and band photos in 8-page booklet are great (but where's a band history?). A strong album for beat music lovers CD $10 SKU:20152

KALEVALA - PEOPLE NO NAMES (1972 prog rock) Label:SVART 50th Anniversary reissue! Kalevala and especially their debut album 'People No Names' is a prime example of a record that should have gone big, sold only a handful and only later on was reappraised as the masterful progressive rock epic. Originally released in 1972 on Finnlevy, then one of the largest labels in Finland, and not marketed at all, there were not more than 500 copies of the original album pressed. CD $19 SKU:25787

KENSINGTON MARKET- Avenue Road (60s pop) LAST COPIES! Label:PACEMAKER A staple on the Yorkville Village scene in Toronto during the mid-to-late '60's, Kensington Market were discovered in 1967 by musical entrepreneur Bernie Finkelstein (who would later help The Paupers and Bruce Cockburn, among others). Finkelstein was able to land the band a record deal with Warner Brothers. In 1968 Kensington Market did the soundtrack to the NFB film "The Ernie Game"—a big deal for a Canadian band. That same year they released their debut album, “Avenue Road,” (named after a street that intersects Yorkville Avenue). It was a modest effort, noteworthy for decent pop instincts and solid songwriting. This album tinkles like wind-chimes, refracts light like a sun-catcher in the window, has the charm of a luminous crescent moon candle, glow-in-the dark stars on the bedroom ceiling. Kensington Market were produced by Felix Pappalardi of Mountain fame, who also produced the Cream. Kensington Market were: Gene Martynec (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Keith McKie (rhythm guitar, vocals), Luke Gibson (guitar, vocals), Alex Darou (bass), and Jimmy Watson (drums & percussion). Same personnel both albums. Martynec later showed up as an arranger on Lou Reed's “Berlin” album! A band ripe for rediscovery. CD $10 SKU:19936

LENO-Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney (1971 Brazilian Cream/ STeppenwolf style Label:LION Leno’s “Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney” was intended as the next musical step after Tropicália, it’s full-blooded rock and roll approach intended to link the music that had already been made to the music that would be played a few years later. This record just might have been that bold step had CBS released it in 1971. But censors banned most of the tracks, and Leno was fortunate (thanks perhaps to his string of innocent sounding Jovem Guarda number one chart hits in Brazil as half of duo Leno e Lillian) not to experience the exile or imprisonment of other artists of the time. He was also fortunate that the master tapes survived in the CBS vaults, making them available for this reissue. The album has a sound that has more to do with bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, the Beatles (post 1967), Cream, and Steppenwolf, and features contributions from music legends Marcos Valle, Raul Seixas (anarchic surrealistic icon of Brazilian counterculture), hard psych rockers A Bolha, and members of Los Shakers and Renato e Seus Blue Caps. One of the most singular records of the 1970’s rock era in Brazil, speaking in terms both historic and musical, with a significance in Brazil that makes people who know it well wonder how it has taken so long to be known worldwide, in a time when the efforts of the Brazilian rock and psychedelic underground scene are so well-documented. A 24-page booklet (packed with photos and lyrics) details Leno’s career, as well as the story behind this exceptional record. CD $10 SKU:20090

LOS VIDRIOS QUEBRADOS- Los Fictions- (great 1967 S. American psych )
Label:LION Official cd reish of one of the best ever LP s to have emerged from the S. American underground during the 60'. 12 tracks of garage punk psych. Orig released in 67.Chilean import CD $10 SKU:20018

MANDALA - Soul Crusade (1966 heavy soul psych) Label:PACEMAKER “Soul Crusade” LP was released in 1968 and happened to be the first and only album by MANDALA. It presented a bunch of original songs with rich, gorgeous and quite heavy arrangements built around solid beat grooves, blistering guitar riffing, and powerful Hammond-organ chords. The vocal duties were taken over by Ray Kenner who had powerful, soulful, and charismatic voice. Stylistically, Mandala were one of those hard rockin’ bands who performed original Psychedelic Art-Rock with strong influences from Soul, Funk, and Rhythm-N-Blues music. IGOR G ALLMUSIC CD $10 SKU:19937

MODERN ART -Underwater Kites (lost 80s psych gem)-Label:LION Guitar, drum machine and keyboards creating a calm yet dark atmosphere, sometimes psychedelic and no way mellow. Truly a great lost gem!" —Mutant SoundsWelcome to the darkly enchanting minimal synth-pop and psych-tinged world of The Modern Art. As an introduction to the world of Coil and Current 93 collaborator Gary Ramon and his orbiting bandmates, you can't do better.•First time reissue of Modern Art's debut cassette album
•Includes three previously unissued tracks from the album session CD $10 SKU:20099

O BANDO - ST (!969 Brazilian super group) Label:Discos Mariposa “Reissue of the sole album (1969) from this Brazilian rock “super-group” formed in São Paulo in the end of the 1960’s. O Bando’s music blended MPB, regional music and Tropicalistic “psicodelia”—this engaging combination no doubt thanks to Rogério Duprat, who provides arrangements (along with Damiano Cozzela and Júlio Medaglia). It’s a bizarre record, which starts off with a blast of rampaging brass before searing fuzz guitar and disturbing astral keyboard sound effects kick in; the end result sounds like an insane hellfire version of soundtrack/library music of the period. The rest of the album is quirky in the best of all possible ways: some definitive Tropicalia moments, including a cover version of Toquinho e Jorge Ben’s “Que Maravilha,” funky break intros to many of the songs, and nice harmonies too, when required. Although they used single names in O Bando, the singer “Marisa” was Marisa Fossa (she later recorded more material with Rogerio Duprat), Paulino was Paul de Castro who also played in Os Mutantes and other Brazilian rock legends, and “Dudu” was famous Brazilian drummer Dudu Portes, who has backed Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and Gal Costa, among others. Booklet includes a nice essay on (and discography for) Rogério Duprat. CD $10 SKU:20342

REICHEL, ACHIM- AR5 Autovision (70s Legendary underground freak -Label:GERMANOFON: Legendary underground freak from the '70s German head scene.” (Freak Emporium) the label says: "From 1974. Achim Reichel’s fifth excursion with echo-guitar, a collection of group and solo recordings, would be his last studio album in the mind-blowing style. Available again with improved packaging." and a little bio for good measure: German singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Achim Reichel enjoyed a long and varied career that began during the beat boom of the ’60s, when he founded the Rattles, and carried on well into the next millennium, by which time he was still recording albums and performing large-scale rock concerts. Born on January 28, 1944, in Wentorf bei Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Reichel began his music career in 1960, when he, as a singer/guitarist, formed the Rattles with bassist Herbert Hildebrandt in Hamburg. The band, along with the Lords, proved one of Germany’s leading beat bands of the day, for instance touring England with the Rolling Stones in 1963 and touring Germany with the Beatles in 1966. Reichel left the band in 1966 after several albums, including Twist im Star-Club Hamburg (1964), Liverpool Beat (1965), and Hurra! Die Rattles Kommen (1966), and subsequently entered the Bundeswehr (i.e., the German armed forces). Upon Reichel’s departure from the military, he formed another band, Wonderland, whose debut single, “Mocow” (1968), was a Top 15 hit. Next he formed the experimental solo project A.R. & Machines, which debuted with Die Grüne Reise (1971) and followed with a succession of Krautrock-fashioned albums: Echo (1972), 3 (1972), 4 (1973), and Autovision (1974). CD $10 SKU:19033

REZN- LET IT BURN (neo-stoner psych fuzz )Label:OFF THE RECORD All-caps Chicago-based band REZN's ambitious debut 'Let It Burn' now on CD. A 10-songer checking in at a willfully sprawling 59 minutes that blends psychedelic drift, grunge fuckall and neo-stoner fuzz consumption to welcome effect. For fans of Sons Of Otis, Bongripper, Windhand. 300 copies worldwide! CD $17 SKU:25859

REZN - CHAOTIC DIVINE (gargantuan heaviness and lysergic calm. Label:OFF THE RECORD REZN's 2020 offering 'Chaotic Divine' continues their melding of gargantuan heaviness and lysergic calm. Additionally, it continues the band's penchant for tying the music to a visual landscape. 'Let It Burn' revolved around a cosmic and volcanic terrain inspired by the vastness of space; 'Calm Black Water' conjured the deepest trenches of the ocean; and 'Chaotic Divine' presents an endless desert world inoculated by spores from extra/intra-terrestrial beings. The conceptual element is buoyed by the continued cover art contributions from Allyson Medeiros, whose post-apocalyptic landscape for 'Chaotic Divine' recalls the epic fantasy spirit of Roger Dean's classic '70s album art. The album was engineered by Dylan Piskula (DEN, Bruges) at JAMDEK in Chicago in December 2019, mixed by Matt Russell (Bruges, Moral Void), mastered by Carl Saff. CD $17 SKU:25857

SAN UL LIM - 3 (1977 psych power pop garage) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) The liner notes say, “they wanted to mNake this album as Western top class Hard-Rock music. This time they didn’t use organ and used only guitars, drums and bass as a power rock trio, and also made songs in a Hard rock style (songs which were not ballad style or popular).” But, of course, the result is not a “Hard Rock” record at all. Maybe that’s what we love best about San Ul Lim: they were complete failures—they never managed to create the sound they were trying so hard to make... and this album is no exception. True, the record starts out with throat-shredding vocals and a guitar sound that is suddenly ever-present, fuzzed-out, and ominous sounding; but by track two, we already have dreamy melodies, (supported by that fuzz guitar and ending with some punk wailing); track three is pleasant and lilting—very much not Hard Rock; track four is a nine-minute slow-burn; and then you have the almost 19-minute track that was side two of the original LP—droning fuzz guitar psychedelia at it’s maniacal best for six minutes, before what sounds like a prolonged theremin solo (a keyboard?); then we’re back into a ‘White Light, White Heat’ groove, with imaginative fuzz guitar soloing to take us home. Korean rock specialists called the first three San Ul Lim albums “the demo tape triple collection”. These are regarded as the band’s best recordings “because they made most songs on these albums between 1971 and 1975 (before their debut). Therefore the songs had their early originality and creativity.” CD $10 SKU:19025

SEOMPI-Guns in the Skies(the Black Sabbath of Texas, psych rock) Label:CICADELIC RECORDS (USA) “While releasing only three singles in the early 1970's, Seompi's mystique has continued to grow through the ensuing decades. Three posthumous releases issued in the late 1990's only added to Seompi's aura—even though two were off speed and the third has been long out of print. This was the status quo for the past couple of decades until now with the release of "Guns In The Skies". Starting off with the hard rocker "AWOL" and then spacing out with the fourteen minute unreleased opus titled "Synergy Squares", Seompi takes you on a trip back to 1971 when Austin, Texas was the stomping ground for their brand of Psychedelic Space Rock. CD $10 SKU:20309

ZEUP- MAMMALS(stoner rock with a touch of punk, fuzz and grunge)Label:OZIUM Zeup is a stoner rock trio from Copenhagen, Denmark. They make heavy desert-style rock songs with a touch of punk, fuzz and grunge. CD $17 SKU:26135

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 26(mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the late(r) '60s and early '70s, featuring bands from all around the globe. COMP CD $17 SKU:25601

EMBER POP 69-74- VA Rainy Day Mind ( 60s ) -Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE Rainy Day Mind” is the first of two volumes surveying Ember’s pop repertoire from 1969 until the label’s demise at the end of the seventies. It comprises 21 tracks by artists ranging from obscure American singer Polly Niles to the internationally famous P J Proby, as well as ill-fated actor Alan Lake, Irish vocalist Lee Lynch, French pop star Black Swan and fuzz guitar-toting soul band Milt Matthews Inc. A clutch of projects including The Good Vibrations, The Good Ship Lollipop and Rusty Harness came to Ember courtesy of producer Mike Berry. The founding of US outlet Paramount-Ember in 1974, headed by music business veteran John Madara, brought albums by Denny Doherty (formerly of The Mamas And The Papas) and British all-girl glam rockers Mother Trucker into the fold. What these disparate sources all offer are fine performances of strong songs. Nor is there any shortage of collectables, topped by Davey Payne & The Medium Wave’s ‘A Walk In The Sunshine,’ which commands £50, and Blue Beard’s eponymous album, which only reached test pressing stage (£200), from which we have salvaged ‘Baby I Need You.’ Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging COMP CD $10 SKU:16376

ONE OF THE GUYS-1960S TEEN IDOLS IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE-Label:TEENSVILLE This release is a love letter to the pop artists who should have hit the charts, but didn't. The package features 35 tracks, a 9.000+ word essay and a full-colour 28-page booklet offering over 60 artist pictures and full annotations. COMP CD $17 SKU:25603

LAZY DILLY! Vol 1 -100% DOLCE VITA: SPACE AGE * COCKTAIL * MOD JAZZ * POP CORN * TIKI' Label:LOVE CHARMS First volume in this cool lounge/exotica series. All tracks transferred from the original vinyl! COMP LP $30 SKU:25788

WILDSVILLE-VA 16 tracks of weird and wonderfully wacky tracks from the 50s and 60s saale Label:Monsieur Records We already have 'Weirdsville' and 'Wowsville' and now the collection is complete with 'Wildsville'... Oh yeah, 16 tracks of weird and wonderfully whacky tracks including the Gamma Goochee himself, The Creep, The Lifeguards and sooo much more.
If you don't already have the other couple of volumes in this series, you really should. These were compiled by the same folk that originally did the 'Born Bad' series. Good enough pedigree for you? COMP LP $18 SKU:25534

CLAMPS- BLEND, SHAKE, SWALLOW (stoner/rock'n'roll)GREEN vinyl Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS This album by the three-piece stoner/rock'n'roll band from Italy contains 11 speed-rock'n'roll tracks in a hi-quality production. The perfect soundtrack for a fast and furious car ride on the highway to hell! Fans of Motörhead, Hellacopters and Nashville Pussy will be delighted! Cover artwork by famous comics designer Maurizio Rosenzweig. LP $22 SKU:26148

DESERT COLOSSUS - EYES AND TONGUES (2LP)(high energy fuzzy heavy stoner rock )Label:SELF RELEASE From the lowlands of Holland hails Desert Colossus. A fourpiece high energy fuzzy heavy stoner rock band that will blow
you off your socks. RIYL: Fu Manchu, Red Fang andTruckfighters. Limited to 300 copies. LP $30 SKU:25802

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS BORED (FR) 1979 TRACKS PROTO PUNK-Detroit-based cult band Destroy All Monsters played an anti-conformist style of music that, in the core, was a noisy and arty mixture of psychedelic rock and proto punk. The band is also legendary due to the involvement of members of MC5 and The Stooges. This vinyl release compiles seven tracks involving Stooges-guitarist Ron Asheton. Dating back to 1978 and 1979, these are among the catchiest, rockiest tunes the band ever did! LP $34 SKU:25963

DOCTOR CYCLOPS-LOCAL DOGS (70s heavy rock style)black Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The third album by Doctor Cyclops offers an explosive mixture of '70s heavy rock, NWOBHM and doomier Sabbath-style riffage, ready to take you back to a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods feel like the epic saga of the '70s is truly likely to continue its course. LP $19 SKU:26151

FLIED EGG - DR. SIEGEL'S FRIED EGG SHOOTING MACHINE (1972 psych prog) -Label:COSMIC ROCK 1972 debut album by cultish Japanese combo! This unbelievable psychedelic/progressive rock band came together the same year after Shigeru Narumo and Hiro Tsunoda shelved their project Strawberry Path (they had a sole album release in 1971 and eventually a 7 inch). Their sound is pure adrenaline, a stormy hard blues kinda thing, with heavy Hammond organ riffs and more than a freakbeat influence. Partially informed by contemporaries, British bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, they opened to more gentle and sophisticated arrangements in the soulful ballad 'I Love You' with an epic string section. The hypothetical single 'Plastic Fantasy' could have been an alternative dancefloor classic with that Traffic/Brian Auger feel in the end. LP $30 SKU:25791

FREEKS - SHATTERED (L.A. desert rock'n'roll) BLACKLabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The third full-length by the LA-based quintet featuring former members of Fu Manchu and Nebula. 'Shattered' blends heavy fuzz riffs of desert rock'n'roll with a fresh breath of new wave, adding synthesizers, keyboards and more special arrangments. LP $19 SKU:26152

Label:CAMELEON Garage Psychiatrique Suburbain, abbreviated as G.P.S. was formed in 1977 in Sèvres by Thomas Darnal and Pierre Caquard dit Leloup. They recorded several demos, followed by their debut single in 1982 on Underdog. The band released two albums: 'Bien Dans La Ville' (1983) and 'Waiting For The Next War' (1985), before the band split in 1987 due to musical differences. This album compiles the band's demos from the period 1980-1982. LP $30 SKU:25967

JONESES -JONESIN'VOL 3:COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY-80s glam punk rock & rollLabel:PROJECTILE PLATTERS During the early '80s, LA's The Joneses were the epitome of trashy rock'n'roll. These guys' mixture of influences from the New York Dolls, Ramones and Eddie Cochran was commonly referred to as "too glam for punk and too punk for rock". Their music was pure punk fueled rock'n'roll aggression, loaded with '50s style melodies, but brandishing a hard and aggressive '80s edge. The third volume in the Joneses reissue series compiles the
tracks from the band's 1989 'Tits And Champagne' EP, 1999's self-released 'Anita Fix' EP plus previously unissued rarities. LP $30 SKU:25532

KRISTIAN -ST (rare west coast psych inspired album from 1972)Label:SVART Reissue of this rare west coast psych inspired album from 1972. With all lyrics and liner notes by Jaakko Riihimaa. Bengt Huhta, known by his nom de plume Kristian, made this unusual album in 1972, after enjoying a pop star career in the late sixties. Limited to 300 copie LP $32 SKU:26138

KROKODIL -GETTING UP FOR THE MORNING(1969 prog psych) w insert Label:LONGHAIR Founded in 1969 Krokodil was a Swiss band that emerged in the late '60s as a blues rock band that played and recorded progressive psychedelic underground music in the style of bands like Amon Düül II. From their second album 'Swamp' they started to introduce a psychedelic sound to their music, a sound which is very much dominant on 'Invisible World Revealed.' On that album they used Mellotron, organ, harmonica and flute all backed up by an acoustic guitar which give the album an exotic and stoned feeling to it. The blues here gives way to the psychedelic, ethnic sound and vocal harmonies, but it is still there. 'Getting Up For The Morning' continues the same style (on famous German label Bacillus) but they became more succinct in their approach to composition and it was more of a song oriented album than its predecessor. As expected of the band, there's a ton of bluesy jams, fragile ballads and acid-rock fire, but the second side of the LP brings some subtle krautrock elements mixed in, and over all there's a very upbeat quality to the music that is truly infectious and a joy to listen to. Drummer Düde says: "After our label Liberty went bankrupt soon we were back in the studio with Dieter Dierks for our fourth album 'Getting Up For The Morning' and the single 'Krock'n Roll'/'A Mighty Long Way To Go.' Both titles of the 7" are bonustracks on this edition! The album opener 'Marzipan' is an energetic harmonica-fuelled and acid-rock burning electric guitar powered gutsy swamp-rocker. Full of lengthy solos, one or two moments even briefly reminding of Jimi Hendrix, it makes for a kick-ass opener, but the best is yet to come. 'And I Know' is a blissful acid ballad with a drowsy melody, it's full of delicate and dreamy David Gilmour-inspired guitar licks, and the piece could have easily appeared on any of those early acid/psych albums from Pink Floyd. Electric piano ripples, warm group harmonies in the chorus, while wafting harmonica brings a dusty old western sound, and when the soaring Mellotron arrives in the second half, it takes on a restrained near-orchestral grandiosity to get swept up in. 'Rabatz' is a short funky southern rocker with dirty lead guitar slinging and 'Was There A Time' is a brief psychedelic interlude to close the first side, a sitar drone with mind-bending narration over the top! The second side brings some light but welcome krautrock flavours to the album, instantly noticeable on 'Schooldays,' just listen for the fuzzy distorted guitar riffing in the background, stoned phasing electronics and the rattling maddening drumming. Drifting flute darts around, funky wah-wah guitar powers through and treated harmonica hovers in the air. Next up, being the sixth track, of course it makes sense to title it 'Song No. 2.' It's an acid-folk vocal ballad bookended with wasted floating acoustic guitar and sleepy hazy harmonica, Mellotron trickles, the warmest bass playing (that even takes flight with tasty soloing in the second half, almost like it's actually singing), before the middle gently moves up in tempo into a joyful sprightly electric guitar chill-out just like the first two Agitation Free albums. The rambunctious drumming and more urgent guitar strums just before the end even briefly remind of Amon Düül 2. 'The 12th Of March' is a frantic bluesy rocker to close on, full of heavy guitar grooves, a joyful and catchy vocal, more leaping harmonica, and the purring bass playing especially rumbles with purpose here, but it's a shame about the uninspired fade-out during a scorching electric guitar solo. The album was newly remastered and comes with insert sheet with story and photos. LP $28 SKU:25766

LOS PALMS -- SKELETON RANCH (1960s garage and 13th-floor psychedelia)Label:FUZZ CLUB This 2023 edition of 300 copies on 180-GRAM BLACK VINYL includes a printed inner sleeve and a download card. Hailing from Australia, garage-psych merchants Los Palms deliver nine tracks that combine jangly surf-rock, 1960s garage and 13th-floor psychedelia. Influences include legendary Peruvian '60s bands s.a. Los Saicos, Los Destellos and Los Holys as well as modern Californian sweethearts Allah-Las and LA's dirt shredders Night Beats. LP $34 SKU:26142

POODLE - TRIVIAL PURSUIT!(fluffy garage rock)-Label:SVART This quintet from Rotterdam/Utrecht plays fluffy garage rock that makes you want to dance. With songs about young adult life: the world opens up to you and the opportunities seem to be there for the taking, and yet the uncertainty is greater than ever. But mostly, Poodle is about having fun and writing about whatever they want; pets, dentists and printer frustration for example. The music might remind you of Hinds, Wet leg, FIDLAR, FEET and Iguana Death Cult. LP $27 SKU:26139

POOR LITTLE THINGS- DEAL BREAKER (RIYL Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, T.Rex, Blondie)Label:SELF RELEASE Poor Little Things is the collaboration of Tina Jackson and Rollerball guitarist Dave Talon. On their second full length album they pay tribute to the sounds of early '80s Australian radio, when rock and pop were one and the same. Think Divinyls and Angels with a punk twist. Raw, in your face rock'n'roll. RIYL Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, T.Rex, Blondie, Patti Smith, The Donnas and old AC/DC. Cover art made by Claudio Bergamin (Judas Priest's 'Firepower' cove LP $30 SKU:26140