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3 PREORDER ITEMS! Please order these by themselves and not included in another order, unless you have orders leaving regularly of course.

FOREVER AMBER-The Love Cycle (1968 Holy Grail item for psychedelic pop aficionados)Label:GUERSSEN A Holy Grail item for psychedelic pop aficionados, Forever Amber’s The Love Cycle is, along with Dark and the first Complex album, one of a triumvirate of must-have private pressings from the UK.Sounding like a blend of Pet Sounds and Odessey & Oracle but with a charming, homemade, lo-fi vibe, The Love Cycle was a concept album masterminded by talented songwriter / arranger John M. Hudson (a kind of Brian Wilson figure), who found in Cambridge band Forever Amber the perfect vehicle for his songwriting ideas.The Love Cycle was recorded in the summer of 1968 at a makeshift studio, located in the basement of a music shop. Consisting of a song-suite revolving around the meeting, courtship and break-up of a young couple, the result was a stunning album filled with heavenly vocal harmonies, electric harpsichord and memorable hooks, including some intense psychedelic moments (the heavy phasing of “The Dreamer Flies Back” and more).

Released in 1969 as a private edition of 99 copies, The Love Cycle remained buried until its discovery in the late 80s by psychedelic collectors.
Bootlegged several times, the first official reissue came in 2007 thanks to David Wells / Tenth Planet. Out of print for several years, we’re thrilled to offer a new vinyl reissue of this essential psych album.
*Original artwork in backflaps sleeve. *Includes colour insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes by David Wells. RIYL: ZOMBIES, BEATLES, BEACH BOYS, LEFT BANKE, HONEYBUS, BEE GEES…
“One of the dozen best British pop albums of the late Sixties” – Mojo
“Forever Amber’s The Love Cycle, though, resides in a secret garden all of its own, bursting with unfettered melodic glee and the pop experimentation prevalent in the provinces in 1968.”
- Bob Stanley (The Times) “…There are more memorable musical hooks per inch on this album than any other record I've heard…” – Stan Denski LP $30 SKU:23701

MIRAGE, The”-You Can’t Be Serious (1968 psych pop) PREORDER! Label:GUERSSEN With one foot in the harmony beat-pop of the Hollies and other in the early psychedelic pop exaerimentation of Revolver era Beatles and Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, The Mirage left behind a string of 45s and unreleased studio recordings, a selection of which is presented here for the first time on LP.Featuring UK psych classics like “The Wedding Of Ramona Blair”, “Hold On”, “Ebanazeer Beaver”, “Mrs Busby” and many more!
*Includes four-page insert with rare photos / memorabilia and detailed liner notes by Stefan GranadosThe Mirage were a quintet from Hertfordshire, England, formed in 1965.Fuelled by two gifted songwriters (Ray Glynn & David Hynes), they were soon recruited by Dick James(music publisher of the Beatles and the Hollies) as session musicians. Allan Clarke and Graham Nash from the Hollies were so impressed with them, that they took them under their wings, helping them to get a deal with CBS.
Between 1965 and 1968, the Mirage released and self-produced seven singles for different labels (CBS, Phillips, Page One…), including titles like “The Wedding of Ramona Blair” (pure psych-pop perfection, included on Rubble in the 80s), “Hold On” (a mod-psych classic), “Tomorrow Never Knows” (a surprising cover released at the same time as Revolver, thanks to their Dick James connection), “You Can’t Be Serious” and more.But they also recorded lot of stuff that never saw the light of day at the time. These unissued songs run the gamut from magical Hollies inspired harmony pop (“Gone To Your Head”, “What Do I Care”, “I Want Love”…) to pure psychedelic pop, highly influenced by early Pink Floyd and Revolver era Beatles: “Lazy Man”, “Ebaneezer Beaver”, “Mrs Busby”…some of these tracks were included in the 90s on famous bootlegs like “Artifacts From The Psychedelic Dungeon” but now it’s the first time they’re all collected on a legit vinyl compilation, making “You Can’t Be Serious: 1966-1968”, the missing album The Mirage could have released at the time and a must for any UK psych aficionado.It comes with detailed notes by Stefan Granados (author of The Beatles and Apple Records: Those Were The Days 2.0 book, telling the interesting Mirage story, including their connections to Dick James, the Hollies, Spencer Davis Group, Caleb (of “Baby, Your Phrasing Is Bad” fame), Plastic Penny, Portebello Explosion…“The Mirage created some of the most interesting, enjoyable and ultimately enduring records of the era. It’s remarkable to think that the majority of their finest work from that time had remained unheard until recent years.”– Stefan Granados LP $30 SKU:23702

EDEN ROSE -On The Way To Eden- (1969 proto prog) PREORDER! Label:GUERSSEN HEAVY CARDBOARD COVER + OBI + RESEALABLE OUTER SLEEP Proto-progressive, groovy instrumental psychedelia, recorded in France in 1969 by this pre-Sandroseband and released on the tiny Katema label.Swirling Hammond grooves by keyboard virtuoso Henri Garella, top guitar playing by Jean-Pierre Alacen and a tight, funky rhythm section create one of the best early prog/psych French albums ever.First reissued on Guerssen back in 2016 and out of print for many years, here's a repress in hard cardboard sleeve + OBI - resealable outer sleeve. LP $30 SKU:23703



ATHANOR - Flashback (Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psych) Label:GUERSSEN Chicago, early 70s. Greg Herriges is obsessed with Lennon, 12-string guitars and far-out psychedelic sounds. Rick Vittenson is a Beach Boys-Hollies-Who fanatic who writes for Crawdaddy! magazine. Both had previously played in several garage-college bands during the 60s. Combining their mutual love for Sixties music, Athanor was born. With the help of top studio musicians, they recorded and self-released three 45s between 1973 and 1975 (the first one produced by Mark Breyer, with whom Rick had played in pre-Skooshny band Brevity) which are now highly sought-after by fans of obscure psychedelic pop. All of them are featured here in stellar sound taken from the master tapes along with previously unreleased studio tracks and superb sounding home demos (1973-1981), plus a new song recorded in 2006 in the same vein as their vintage recordings. Athanors music features impressive songwriting & musicianship, a collision of Beatlesque harmony vocals, Rickenbacker & Guild 12-string guitars, occasional fuzz-wah leads, Fender Rhodes, studio effects.Psychedelic proto-power pop highly recommended to anyone into Lazy Smoke, Badfinger, Only Ones, Emitt Rhodes, Rockin Horse, Creme Soda.. Remastered sound from the original master tapes, booklet with rare pictures and liner notes by Mark Breyer from cult psych-power pop band Skooshny.CD $21 SKU:23552

BAD ACID- Revelations Of The Third Eye (Heavy Psych/Occult Rock)-Label:OZIUM Bad Acid (two former members of MAMONT) delivers a flawless debut album that totally shows just what this bandis capable of. This is the kind of album that both commands and demands your attention. BAD ACID has joined the ranks of bands such as SPIDERS, KATLA and BLUES PILLS. Just put those headphones on, take a load off, and let BAD ACID transport you to wherever it is they're taking you. And when the trip has ended, you'll definitely want another ride! CD $19 SKU:23586

ELECTRIC STARS- Sunshine (ultra-catchy pop masterpiece)Label:WILD PUNK Hailing from Japan, "Platinum Bundle" is a masterpiece of ultra-catchy pop with a punky edge, with arrangements close to melodic HC and emo, synthetises perfectly whats good about so different bands like THE RENTALS, REDD KROSS, WEEZER or FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE. CD $10 SKU:23306

DARIUS - ST (1969 Psychedic king!)Label:WORLD IN SOUND This is the re-release of World In Sound's limited collectors edition from the year 2001, the legendary Darius album, originally released on Chartmaker Records in 1969; those original albums sell nowadays for at least $500. Darius, the psychedelic "King", is an extraordinary songwriter, poet and singer with a remarkably sensitive voice. His backing band are the fantastic musicians of Goldenrod, Jerry Scheff, Ben Benay and Toxey French, well known in the LA studio-scene (Doors, Elvis...). The ten original cuts catch the spirit of mystic-loner folk music and distorted garage-psych rock'n'roll on Sunset Strip Hollywood by the late '60s. Limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl. LP $28 SKU:23213

VICTIMS OF SOCIETY- The Act Becomes Real (CBGB's from April and May of 1983, 16 page booklet ) -Label:GTA Powerful early 80s New York h’ardcore, combining quick tempos with anthemic '77 hooks. Besides that instantly memorable 3 song 7", this disc also includes tracks from two blazing setsrecorded through the soundboard at CBGB's from April and May of 1983, along with a non hardcore more '77 inspired rehearsal demo from June of 1984. 16 page booklet features a band history, photos, flyers, and lyrics. CD $10 SKU:16901


BARNABUS-BEGINNING TO UNWIND(1970-73 heavy 70s monster) Label:RISE ABOVE RELICS Truly a cult album for fans of obscure, heavy '70s progressive hard rock! The CD edition comes with a 44-page booklet detailing the history of the band, including many photos and flyers from their personal archives.Barnabus were a band from the West Midlands/Warwickshire region of the UK, who were active between the years 1970-1973. During that they built up a local reputation and recorded an album of heavy-duty material in late 1971, which has never seen the light of day until now! Apart from a handful of acetates being made up and distributed to family and friends, 'Beginning To Unwind' has remained an unreleased album for all this. After several years of extensive research, Rise Above Relics is delighted to bring you this underground heavy '70s monster, painstakingly remastered from the original analogue tapes, which have been carefully baked for optimal reproduction. In their day, Barnabus were actually given the seal of approval by none other than the dark princes of Doom themselves: Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, when they judged them winners in the regional heat of a national competition for legendary British Music paper, Melody Maker, in 1972! CD $19 SKU:23141

CHEEPSKATES-Remember (power pop)-Label:MUSIC MANIAC Long overdue CD version of this early 90's album by singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert finally released Shaun with his CHEEPSKATES at his best and at his melodic. Cheepskates music belong to the best sixties influenced pop the nineties. CD $5 SKU:18773

EX NORWEGIAN-Hue SPotting(POWER POP PSYCH)Label:BEYOND BEFORE On their 10th studio album, Ex Norwegian take a psychedelic trip driving thru progressive pop territories under multi-coloured skies with 10 original tracks sending a love letter to classic British psychedelia. CD $16 SKU:23530

GLORIAS- HIP SHAKING BOOGIE (60s style garage)Label:ATLANTIS The Glorias are already an institution on the Basel rockscene. Since 1987 the band has consistenly delivered undiluted 60's Rock with a stimulating nerve and intensive energy not often seen in Switzerland. Unaffected by modern trends and fashions they remain faithful to their deeply original "way of rocking"! Whether they revive old sixties hits or present their own rocking creations, all this is presented live in a grand cocktail with the power of a pure TNT ! CD $12 SKU:23304

HUMULUS - The Deep(Psych-stoner power trio)- Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Psych-stoner power trio from Bergamo in Northern Italy. They have been active in the international stoner rock scene since 2009. The likable trio has a very versatile range of expressions, from fuzzy-rocking to doom-heavy and psychedelic-spacEy CD $16 SKU:22709

MANTIS - sT( Obscure 70s prog rock) Label:PROGAOR Obscure '70s prog rock band from Canada with influences also from hard rock and glam. Their lone album is a cult rarity from the '70s Canadian rock scene. In 2018 a limited Canadian CD issue came out with the album remastered and with an unreleased bonus track and in 2020 UK label ProgAOR licensed the album and released it on CD remastered with the bonus track for the European market. CD $19 SKU:23287

MARK & THE CLOUDSCUMULUS (UK power pop) Label:MEGA DODO British band Mark And The Clouds follows up its debut-album 'Blue Skies Opening' with 'Cumulus', another fine collection of '60s-tinged powerpop, leaning towards psychpop. This release once again reveals traces of a.o. Beatles, Small Faces and Kinks. Nice! Very nice! CD $18 SKU:22540

NEW CHRISTS-DISTEMPER(members of Radio Birdman, The Beasts Of Bourbon,Barracudas and Celibate Rifles) Label:CITADEL Recorded in Sydney, Australia in 1988, The New Christs, led by Rob Younger, created this genuine, unique and extremely personal sound which afterwards has become a major influence to so many bands and artists all over the world. Featuring members of Radio Birdman, The Beasts Of Bourbon, Barracudas and Celibate Rifles CD $17 SKU:23318

ONYX (UK) - KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS -DEMOS (1967 psych pop).Label:WOODEN HILL After relocating to the outskirts of London in the summer of 1967, Cornwall band The Onyx went on to record a clutch of late Sixties singles that are now highly regarded by psychedelic pop fans. A collection of studio demos recorded in late 1967 as they prepared to sign to a major label, Kaleidoscope of Colours features early versions of subsequent single tracks (including So Sad Inside and Youve Gotta Be With Me, the latter with songwriter Guy Fletcher on lead vocals), the bands original recording of subsequent She Trinity B-side Climb That Tree and a host of previously unissued day-glo psychedelic pop offerings, including the extraordinary, heavily phased title song. CD comes with 12 page booklet including previously unpublished photos as well as the first-ever telling of the Onyx story. All tracks previously unissued CD $17 SKU:23043

SEVENTH RING OF SATURN- ORMYTHOLOGY (60s psych Nuggets style)Label:NUSRAT LAST COPIES!!! CD edition housed in a hand-stamped miniature gatefold cardboard sleeve. On Ormythology, Selke and bandmates spin a weird spell combining a deeply groovy brand of '60s psychedelia with, at least sometimes, a 70s songwriting sensibility. There are beautiful tangles of buzzing guitar solo, drums that sounds as if they're being played with sticks the size of tree branches, bubblegum -y vocals. There's even a sitar effect, winding along above a rumbling bass groove. This is space rock at its finest - unapologetically retro freakouts with swirling , fuzz-drowned guitars. The Seventh Ring Of Saturn crafts deep psych rock and pop grooves that could have easily been culled from a long-forgotten cache of outtakes from Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets' compilation, swimming in tripped-out improvasations and a total freak-out sound. Album includes cover versions of 'Faces"(T.C. Atlantic), 'Spaceman' (HURDY GURDY) and 'Karli Daglar' (ERKIN KORAY) CD $17 SKU:23280

TRIP TO THE MOON -11 OBSCURE R&B, GARAGE ROCK AND DEEPFUNK SONGS ABOUT THE MOON -Label:TRAMP A hilarious story was the basis for the 'Trip To The Moon' compilation. The goal to raise three million dollars to cover the cost of a return flight for a lost astronaut has never be achieved. Nevertheless, the compilation lists eleven highly underrated rare Grooves about the moon. COMP LP $22 SKU:21706

COUNTDOWN 5-UNCLE KIRBY(67-68 Texas garage psych) Label:OUT SIDER Galveston's psychedelic/garage band! Here's a compilation (1967-68) featuring a selection of their 45 sides from 1967-68 on Toucan and Cobblestone plus some amazing studio tracks which were never released at the time. Formed in Galveston in the mid-'60s, the Countdown 5 were one of the leading psychedelic/garage bands from Texas. 'Uncle Kirby' is focused on the psychedelic period of the band (1967-68), including their 7"s in original mono mixes plus unreleased tracks which had never been released on vinyl before. LP $25 SKU:22475

EX NORWEGIAN-Hue SPotting( POWER POP PSYCH) -Label:BEYOND BEFORE On their 10th studio album, Ex Norwegian take a psychedelic trip driving thru progressive pop territories under multi-coloured skies with 10 original tracks sending a love letter to classic British psychedelia. LP $25 SKU:23526

GATEWAY DRUGS -PSA (l.A psych rockers BJM style) Label: FUTURE SHOCK Sounding like a mind bending mixture of Stooges, Brian Jonestown Massacre and My Bloody Valentine, with 'PSA' Gateway Drugs have delivered a truly intoxicating album. LP $25 SKU:23258

HEAVY EYES -LOVE LIKE MACHINES(60s style Memphis based psych rock) (BLUE) Label:KOZMIK ARTIFAKTZ Memphis-based psychedelic blues rock veterans Heavy Eyes' long-awaited fourth full-length. It continues to deliver their fuzzed out, bluesy, hypnotic riffs, this time with the addition of long-time recording engineer, Matthew Qualls, as second guitarist. This extra guitarist enabled the band to collaborate in a different way exploring new song structures, tones, and attaining a bigger sound overall without stripping any of the grittiness and love of '60s and '70s rock that has shaped their sound since inception. Comes on blue vinyl. LP $26 SKU:22749

ILIAS ASVESTOPOULOS & 2002 --The Iron Man( Great Greek psych/prog 1974) SAALE! -Label:APS NOVA (Greece) Ilias Asvestopoulos was a previous member of the garage band Persons (with members of the legendary Socrates) playing mostly covers of known hits (i.e. 96 Tears). He founded 2002 in 1974 (!), and together they recorded two albums. It’s the second LP, "O Siderenios Anthropos" (The Iron Man) that gets people excited. It’s an essential gem with great guitar /organ work. Not a stoned psych jam album here, but a very enjoyable psych/prog LP typical of the period—but really ahead of it's time for the just "out of the junta" Greek reality of this partciular period of history. A mega-limited numbered edition of 250 copies LP $15 SKU:20960