BROWN ACID - The 16th Trip (long-lost vintage '60s-'70s proto-metal and stoner rock) -RED VINYL COMP LP

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Sixteen trips might fry the fragile psyche of your average teenager, but the hoary old heads at Brown Acid boiled their brain pans long ago! As such, they're bringing you EVEN MORE hard rock, heavy psych, and garage rock rarities from the North American wasteland of the 1970s. From L.A. to Youngstown, OH, from Toronto to Charlotte, 'The Sixteenth Trip' has got you covered. As always, original copies of these 45s would cost you a pretty penny-if you could find 'em in the first place. And by now you know the drill: This ain't no bootleg.

All songs are officially licensed. SIDE 1: 1. Seeds - Shuckin' And Jivin' 2. Nothing - Young Generation 3. Macbeth - Freight Train 4. Sarawest - Saturday (Hot & Heavy) 5. Brotherhood Of Peace - Feel The Heat (In The Driver's Seat) SIDE 2: 1. Attack - Dreams 2. Secret Track 3. Lance - Marilyn 4. Headstones - Snake Dance 5. Clinton - Midnight In New York