CARPETTES - ST (1977 pop punkers )COLOR VINYL LP

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The Carpettes are back with their brand new and first States-side released album.

“This is one of those rare cases where a band gets back together and is as good, if not even better than before” (Alan Wright, Cosmik Debris).

Having started in the now magical year of 1977, The Carpettes all but invented pop-punk, debuting on the Small Wonder Records label with the classic ‘77 “How About Me And You”. After a couple of albums on Beggars Banquet, the group eventually split up in 1981.

Having played some festivals and the occasional gig, The Carpettes released “Fair Play To Em” (2002), their first album in some 2 decades, on a small Japanese label.

“Fair Play To Em”gained critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and The Carpettes suddenly found themselves with a new lease of life. Fans in droves, new and old, tuned in to the super catchy pop-punk sound that has always been the band’s trademark. Make no mistake about it, The Carpettes invented the sound that put Green Day & Co. in the charts.




A1 Nothing At All  
A2 Steal Your Thunder  
A3 I Don't Like You  
A4 Heddy  
A5 Taking It Bad  
A6 Stop Me  
A7 Black/White/Wrong/Right?  
B1 Next To You  
B2 Waiting For The Dark  
B3 Always Wrong  
B4 The Way It Is Today  
B5 Perfect Girl  
B5 Don't Throw It All Away