COFFIN LIDS - 'Round Midnight (fuzzed out garage LAST signing by Greg Shaw) CD

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14 new fuzzed out tracks from Boston's Kings-o-Trash! ar on Bomp! records. This crazeee garage release also includes the much requested, "I'm Going To Have My Way (with The 5,6,7,8's)" as well as "Creepy Crawl". The Coffin Lids should walk tall as this record is going to be a timeless classic. - Ron Kirsch / Left Hip magazine



1 Frankenstein  
2 Teenage Shakedown  
3 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman  
4 Walk A Mile In My Shoes  
5 Losin' My Mind  
6 Mad Party  
7 I'm Going To Have My Way (With The 5, 6, 7, 8's)  
8 Action  
9 Kick Out Of You  
10 Shake  
11 She's The Bomb  
12 Creepy Crawl  
13 Slave Girl  
14 Tonight You're Going To Die In My Garage