COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 4 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) COMP CD

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Color Tapes unearth another prime, hugely diverse haul of post-punk and minimal wave peaches from their precious archive, including the return of stars from previous volumes such as Beserk In A Hayfield and WeR7.

Up there with V-O-D selections, the Color Tapes series so far has provided invaluable insight to hidden or much lesser-known currents of the ‘80s cassette subculture which gave birth to myriad artists, styles and industry conventions whose influence can still be felt over 30 years later. 

Thanks to Denis Blackham’s exquisite re-mastering, Volume 4 revitalises all 11 songs to sound as good as they’ve ever done, meaning, unlike many inferior compilations, the dancefloor potential of these cuts is really allowed to shine thru, especially in the likes of Beatmixer’s super taut, unreleased electro stingers, Danse Electronique (1986) and The Beatmixer (1986) or the breathtaking electro-pop of Berserk In A Hayfield’s Start Of Something (seriously, this one’s going right to the front of the DJ box), whilst the likes of Silicon Valley and WeR7 tend to more abstract concerns. Highly recommended!