COSMIC TRAVELERS - Live At The Spring Crater Celebration (70s psych with Drake of Paul Revere and the Raiders) CD

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Between 1965-67, Drake Levin made his name as the lead guitarist for Paul Revere & The Raiders during their heyday.

This Ultra-Rare live 1972 recording of them in the extinct crater of  Diamond Head in front of 7,000 fans is full of long, crazed fuzzed out guitars, thundering bass, and pounding drum jams. The liner notes are written by Drake’s widow Sandra who was there with them and tells the whole story of this psychedelic adventure in the tropics!

Joel Christie played bass as a session player for Lee Michaels. Dale Loyola was the drummer for Hook and many other LA-based bands. In 1972, they formed The Cosmic Travelers and relocated to Oahu, Hawaii.




1 Father Up The Road 9:08
2 Move Your Hands 6:40
3 Jungle Juice 3:41
4 Look At You Look At Me 10:08
5 Soul 6:40
6 Soul Reprise 2:20


Original on Volcano Recs 1972