COUNTDOWN FIVE - Complete Recordings (Galveston’s Premier 60s Psych/Garage band) DBL CD

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 Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band.

All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969.

With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!!

Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!!

Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! The reissue tracks are:

DISC 1 Released 45s, Acetates, Compilation Appearances, And Alternate Stereo Versions  Total Time 53:12

1)  Bamboo Hut  2) Shout  3) Do What You Do Well  4) My Own Style Of Living  5) Uncle Kirby (From Brazil) 6) We Are All One  7) Speculation  8) Time To Spare  9) Elevator  10) Maybe I’ll Love You  11) Willie And The Hand Jive  12) Shaka Shaka Na Na  13) Money Man  14) Uncle Kirby (From Brazil), Stereo Version 15) Time To Spare , Stereo Version  16)  We Are All One, Stereo Version  17) Money Man, Stereo Version 18) Something On Her Mind   19) Candy 20) Sweet Talk

 Disc 2 Unreleased  Walter Andrus Studio Recordings From 1966-1969  Total Time- 52:59

 21) Don’t Buy Meat From The Milkman  22) Big Big Man  23) Unfair To Me 24) Good Woman 25) Beneath My Rug  26) We’re Just People  27) I Gotta Keep What I Take  28) So Pass Me By 29) What Can You Do When You’re Down  30) When I’m Gone Away  31) Legs 32) Sallazar  33) Sally Greene  34) Stone Fire Garden   35) One Way Traffic  36) These Few Things  37) I Gotta Leave You 38) Hair 39) Countdown’s Radio Commercial 40) New Years Eve Greeting