DRAGON - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! -Scented Gardens For The Blind (British ROCK 70s feel.LP

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SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!.

This is the New Zealand group’s second album (released in February 1975 on Vertigo Records) and is a symphonic rock album of very good quality. Dragon have a very British 70s feel. The music is basically a fairly straightforward rock (a couple of "singles" on this album) with organs and guitars. The longer tracks stand out, especially ‘Sunburst' with its excellent melodies and spacey feel. A really nice album and accessible enough for anyone into symphonic rock.” — Expose Magazine
It starts out with psych-tinged tracks, heavy on electric guitar and organ, but soon blows up into a beautiful mix of cool British-styled organ-driven Psychedelic Rock and melodic Symphonic Progressive Rock, with warm vocals and an emphasis on instant melodies. Up there for many in the same league with FANTASY, CRESSIDA, KESTREL. As with most groups of this type and era, songwriting plays a key role; Dragon could write flawless pieces with lovely, atmospheric changes, which makes them a vut above many others. Maybe that’s why this album remains an incredibly sought after collector's item, fetching three-figures in auctions.