JESPER LINDELL -EVERYDAY DREAMS -A groovy nugget of throwback soulful rock and roll STARBURST BENT CORNER BARGAIN! LP

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PERFECT VINYL, sealed. Here's your chance to hear some great music at a fantastic price.   A record full of warm sentiments and soulful vocals. Lindell's blue-eyed soul voice that takes centre stage and carries the album from start to finish, equally at home on the uptempo numbers as it is on the album's softer, more intimate tracks. Lindell has obviously immersed himself in that great wealth of music that America has produced. – HARMONIC DISTORTION

A groovy nugget of throwback soulful rock and roll. Lindell showcases a voice that is completely original and well-suited to lead a band. – GLIDE MAGAZINE

A welcome breath of fresh air from a young man still only in his twenties. There are so many influences at play in his work...with a strong away towards Stax-Volt r'n'b. – SUPERFLY