DUKE ,DORIS - I'm a Loser - RED VINYL LTD ED of 200 remastered! (Swamp Dogg series) LP

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Originally released in 1969 on Canyon records, this record is now considered to be one of the greatest deep soul albums of all time. Produced by Swamp Dogg and featuring Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band on two tracks, “I’m a Loser” was recorded in Macon, GA with a terrific backing band : Paul “Berry” Hornsby(organ), Johnny “Duck” Sandlin (drums), Pete “Beaver” Carr (guitar), and Robert “Pops” Popwell (bass).

A masterpiece of soul singing, song writing, and production. – FUNK MY SOUL

Produced and largely written by the eccentric Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams, the album was praised by Dave Godin, the man who introduced Mick Jagger to R&B, as “the best album I have ever heard”. – NO DEPRESSION

On I’m a Loser convincingly proves Duke is the equal or better than more popular soul singer divas. Every gritty note rings with pain and pride. – POPMATTERS

Released in 1969 to little fanfare, I’m A Loser is now regarded as deep soul in excelsis. – VULTUREHOUND