ECSTATIC VISION -UNDER THE INFLUENCE(raw,fuzzy,psychedelic slabs of cosmic rock)- CD

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Collection of six raw, fuzzy, psychedelic slabs of cosmic rock. 'Under The Influence' sees the band covering tracks by some of their biggest influences; The primitive stoner doom sounds that came out of Zambia in the early/mid '70s that is known as Zam Rock, the godfathers of space-rock Hawkwind and the early kings of Detroit rock'n'roll The MC5, all delivered with Ecstatic Vision's signature bone crushing, blown-out in-all-the-right-ways recording style.

TRACKS: 1. Troublemaker (Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family) 2. The Bad Will Die (Keith Mlevhu) 3. History Of Man (Amanaz) 4. Born To Go (Hawkwind) 5. Master Of The Universe (Hawkwind) 6. Come Together (The MC5)