FILET OF SOUL - Freedom (60s Chicago blues psych) CD

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Great Chicago based band that mixed Chicago blues with the prevalent Psychedelic sounds of the late '60s

. Their sound and unique personality is beautifully showcased on the rare and classic 1969 LP, 'Freedom'.

Produced by Lenny LaCour, co-owner of the legendary Chess Studios, this reissue brings forth the great talent of Mike Peace, formerly of The Huns.

All tracks taken off the master tapes.

1     Freedom     4:25
2     Come To Me     1:55
3     Here's Where I Get Off     2:45
4     Tell Her No     2:03
5     Sweet Lovin'     2:46
6     Treat Her Right     1:58
7     Big City USA     2:51
8     Standing At The Wrong Machine     2:25
9     Get Ready     2:48
10     Steppin' Into Your Fire     3:34
11     Learn How To Love     3:13
12     Do Your Own Thing     2:58