FRANK SODA -Best Of: High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995 ( the Great White North version of Frank Zappa.) CD

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No-brain party rockers like 'Saturday Night Getaway,’ 'Drunk & Disorderly,' and 'Oversexed and Underfed’ from wild and talented Toronto guitarist/vocalist with a frenzied sense of humor, Frank Soda — the Great White North version of Frank Zappa.

Soda’s shows involved bizarre getups and climaxed with a television exploding on his head. Between 1975 and 1976, his band the Imps began to gain a cult following. Frank began writing songs, and 'T.V. People' soon became an anthem in the local Toronto clubs. This marked the beginning of the exploding head gear. Since the song was about getting "screwed up" or brainwashed by watching too much television, Frank decided to illustrate this by exploding a T.V. on his head. In Detroit they got the same pyro equipment that Kiss and Triumph were using. Soon the Imps live shows were known for high energy with outrageous antics.At one point of his live shows, he would do a guitar battle with himself on the video screens, as he ran around the audience drinking beer and playing guitar with one hand. He also added his infamous "electric suit". This had hundreds of bulbs that was powered by a battery, and allowed him to run freely throughout the audience or the stage.