GEARS - ROCKIN AT GROUND ZERO w bonus ultra-rare three-track EP from 1979 !CD

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Reissue of legendary 1980 album from the final days of the original Los Angeles punk rock explosion of '77-'80.w ultra-rare three-track EP from 1979. New, improved punk rock cover art!


1 Baby Runaround  
2 Let's Go To The Beach  
3 Don't Be Afraid To Pogo  
4 Elks Lodge Blues  
5 Teenage Brain  
6 Wasting Time  
7 Darlin Baby  
8 Trudie Trudie  
9 High School Girls  
10 The Last Chord  
11 Heartbeat Baby  
12 Rockin' At Ground Zero  
13 I Smoke Dope  
14 Keep Movin'  
15 Last Chance  
16 Let's Go To The Beach  
17 Hard Rock  
18 Don't Be Afraid To Pogo