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STARBURST VINYL is a process created by the now defunct Rainbo, these are the last copies. Sure to be a collectors item!


Side A
1. In the Desert
2. Hangin' On
3. California Fantasy
4. You're Already Home
5. (I Wanna See u) All the Time
Side B
1. Strange Days
2. Sad Country Boy
3. Kathleen
4. The City Limits
5. I Don't Wanna Lose You

* WE ARE OFTEN ASKED ...  "WHY OH WHY DO YOU BASTARDS NOT HAVE A DOWNLOAD COUPON???"  It's a sad stories kids, we can track the usage and it turns out that we're paying $20 per download, only about 20 are used per 500 coupons!  We'd rather give you the cds for a nice lo price and give the money to our hardworking bands.

A brilliant distillation of 70s melodic pop-rock that never shies away from eclectic sophistication. Melodies that stick immediately to the memory grounded by well-crafted arrangements and impressive instrumentation that will keep surprising the astute listener. – POWER OF POP


If there’s a more perfect song for the Summer of ’17 than “Hangin’ On,” I don’t want to know about it. Here, Rademaker and his gang (which includes Jason Soda abetting Rademaker on guitars and vocals, Jonny Niemann on piano, organ, and mellotron, and Rademaker’s co-songwriter Trevor Beld Jiminez; plus a host of guests from the Beachwood Sparks, Wilco, and Eels extended families) have crafted a timeless tune destined to be on mixtapes throughout the hot months and beyond. – BLURT MAGAZINE


This is a beautifully self-contained piece of work that is a real tonic in this fucked up world. There’s plenty of superb, angry music around as artists respond to the sh-t storm we’re living in, plenty to inspire – but you know what, sometimes you just crave some pure escapism. This is that album, buy it and soothe your soul. – ÜBER ROCK


I also sometimes feel a sunny Kinks vibe when listening to Los Angeles-based GospelbeacH.  – NO DEPRESSION


Five decades of free thinking have merged to make Another Summer Of Love a far-out success. Let it stone you to your soul. – R2 MAGAZINE