GREEN -ST Ultimate reissue of 80s power pop classic ! LION LP

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•The ultimate reissue of this vaunted power pop classic!

•Limited edition of 500 copies  

•Color insert comes with notes, lyrics, and photos from band leader Jeff Lescher

Green arrived on the alternative rock scene in the mid-80s, amidst a Chicago scene that included bands like Naked Raygun, Big Black, and Ministry. While Green bypassed the major label-express that    other bands rode to fame and fortune, they continued to make records their own way, records which were lauded in the pages of Trouser Press, Spin, and The Village Voice, among others.

And with each passing year there are those many who are convinced that their debut LP is worthy of those Mojo/VH1/Spin/ lists of the top 50 or 100 rock albums of all time. Green may be the bee’s knees for power poppers, but they deserve much more notice than that.

They were an all-embracing band, with a taste for punk, glam rock and soul—and with the twitchy sort of energy that burbled around in the late-80s, pre-grunge underground (a little Feelies anyone?). It remains a mystery why so many other bands are fixed in the collective memory as the era's best; at the very least, Green should make a list of top obscure pop groups of all time! C

According to one astute reviewer: "Green darts through decades of pop history as impatiently as the 'Spiral Scratch'-era Buzzcocks, with band leader Jeff Lescher’s voice ranging from Princely falsetto to gravel-tinged field holler, but most often sounding as though someone stepped on Paul McCartney’s toes in 1965." Another reviewer quite rightly added, "This is such a flawless pop masterpiece that I’m not even ashamed to trot out terms like 'flawless pop masterpiece.'"


A1 Gotta Getta Record Out 2:22
A2 She's Not A Little Girl Anymore 3:29
A3 Technology 2:19
A4 Curry Your Favor 2:58
A5 Baby Why? 1:41
A6 I Play The Records 3:15
A7 Better Way 3:45
B1 If You Love Me 2:43
B2 I Don't Wanna Say No 3:20
B3 For You 3:03
B4 Hurt You 3:29
B5 She, Probably 2:27
B6 Not Going Down (Anymore) 2:17
B7 Big In Japan 3:18