GROWING CONCERN, THE - ST (6os West Coast psych pop) CD

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Although virtually nothing is known of Growing Concern, their only album (Mainstream, 1969) is an enjoyable piece of West Coast psychedelic pop.

The opening track 'Hard, Hard Year' sets the tone for the album: it opens with melodic guitar work, which is joined first by bass, then by excellent keyboards; it also features beautiful female vocal harmonies from group members Bonnie MacDonald and Mary Garstki. 'Edge Of Time' features excellent lead guitar work, as does 'Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled'; 'A Boy I Once Knew Well' is a folky lament, which again features fine vocal harmonies, keyboards, and guitar work. Overall, quite a good blend of folk rock, pop, and psychedelia. The album is brilliantly recorded, and is of a consistently high musical quality. The band surely deserved a better fate than the obscurity to which they were consigned by the bizarre business practices of the Mainstream label.



1 Hard Hard Year 4:27
2 Edge Of Time 4:31
3 Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled 2:48
4 A Boy I Once Knew Well 4:30
5 All I Really Want 2:22
6 Mister You're A Better Man Than I 4:53
7 What Kind Of Life 3:00
8 Other Side Of Life 5:00
9 I Know A Girl 2:39
10 Sit Down I Think I Love You 2:27