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With "Get Humble" Handsome Jack digs again into the classic American musical lexicon (blues, soul, country, rock'n'roll) to craft a timeless rock album ideal for house and block parties. “Get Humble” is packed with soulful vocals, swampy guitars, countrified rock, and west coast vocal harmonies. Their most accomplished album to date.

Hailing from Lockport NY, the trio plays a fusion of boogie soul rock and roll that has earned them the admiration of fellow rock travelers Chris Robinson (CRB, Black Crowes), Neal Casal (CRB), Zachary Gabbard (Buffalo Killers, The Black Keys), and Ben McLeod (All Them Witches) among many others.


“… more fun than the first Black Crowes record—which from an influence/aesthetics standpoint, it oddly evokes—and were it to bear a Harvest Records imprint and a 1970 copyright date, no one would bat an eye. Which must mean it’s really good." – ROLLING STONE

“This record rules. It’s an album for people who want stanky, swampy, dirty boogie. This one’s a keeper; trust us. You want standout tracks? Try all of ‘em.” – PERFORMER MAGAZINE

“Yield of slow-burning, swampy blues and warm, soulful boogie rock.” – ELMORE MAGAZINE

“A great call back to those who were there the first time around or who carry the fire even if they weren’t.” – AMERICANA UK

“With their tight harmonies and willingness to experiment with tone and beat, Handsome Jack transcend the limitations of the power trio.” – NO DEPRESSION

“There’s more than a hint of CCR in the twangy, bluesy guitar at work here, and that’s just fine by us.” – CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

“If you like your blues rock with no shortage of attitude, this may be just what you've been looking for.” – ALL MUSIC