HOLLIS BROWN -CLUSTER OF PEARLS(akin to blues-based Southern rock &pure British Invasion-influenced pop)LEMON VINYL LP

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Packed to the brim with sterling songs that measure up to those covers they’re so fond of playing live. – KUT (Austin)

A bracing mixture of something akin to blues-based Southern rock and pure British Invasion-influenced pop. – WYMA

Hollis Brown make music that sounds just as alive today as it would’ve in 1966 and will 40 years from now. – SPIN

Fully honest, slightly bluesy, and all-American. It's a pretty smooth train ride. – ROCTOBER

Ride On The Train is an album that a lot of people are going to love for its multi-generational appeal. But besides that, it’s just good rock music. It’s hard to peg a specific sound on it. There are no “skip” songs on this album though. Be prepared to keep it in your player, on repeat, for a long time. – EAR TO THE GROUND

Through this consistently impressive first long player, Hollis Brown have carved out their own space with a set of timeless, rustic, and eminently tuneful and soulful sounds. – Brian Greene / SHINDIG!

It’s easy to see how Hollis Brown’s sound could be as relevant years down the road as it is today. – PASTE