IGGY POP & the STOOGES - Double Danger -Iguana Chronicles- live 73 -LAST COPIES! DBL CD

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Soon to be gone forever, these will never be repressed, less than 15 copies in stock!

More Iguana Chronicles with two of the last, and greatest, live recordings from their final tour: Latin Casino (Baltimore) from 11/73 and the Academy of Music (NYC) from 12/31/73. Both include rare tracks not normally featured in live recordings, and both are among the most vicious, and best-recorded performances preserved on tape.

The CD is a double, with two complete live discs


  Live, 11/73, Latin Casino, Baltimore 64:01
1-1 Raw Power  
1-2 Head On  
1-3 Gimme Danger  
1-4 Rich Bitch  
1-5 Wet My Bed  
1-6 I Got Nothing  
1-7 Search & Destroy  
1-8 Cock In My Pocket  
1-9 I Need Somebody  
1-10 Heavy Liquid  
1-11 Open Up & Bleed  
  Live, 12/31/73, Academy Of Music, NYC 42:41
2-1 Raw Power  
2-2 Rich Bitch  
2-3 Wet My Bed  
2-4 I Got Nothing  
2-5 Cock In My Pocket  
2-6 Search & Destroy  
2-7 Gimme Danger  
2-8 Heavy Liquid