IMPALA SYNDROME- ST (ultra rare 60s Venezuelan Cream style psych gem) mini lp slv CD

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Reissue of ultra rare psych gem.

Finally, on Compact Disc and in Mini-LP Cardboard Sleeve Format, the classic and ultra-rare 1969 recordings from this Venezuelan band that made more impact on 1960’s Psychedelic Music than most American-born bands

Sounding very much like Cream, their effective blend of melodic, laid-back songs combined with fuzz guitar numbers left a resounding impact on the American Pop culture of the 60’s

 Track List:
1) Too Much Time   2) Love Grows A Flower   3) Children Of The Forest   4) For A Small Fee  5) New Love Time   6) Let The Try It   7) Land Of No Time   8) I Want To Hug The Sky   9) Leave, Eve   10) Run (Don’t Look Behind)

Total Time: 34.26