JAMES LEG - Blood on the Keys (heavy kick ass punk blues rock former BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES)CD

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This is without doubt some of the rawest soul/blues/punk rock ‘n’ roll and coolest Fender Rhodes electric piano playing you’ll ever hear, along with the dirtiest Whiskey-smoked growl that has ever been put to tape. Yes, folks, this album is a winner. It’s dirtier and louder than most other things, and just fucking awesome. It’s the future, the past and present, all rolled up into a tight joint, ready to smoke, get high and just rock the fuck out. There are no disappointments here. – I-94 BAR


One third of the eternally awesome Black Diamond Heavies and akin to personal favorite the Immortal Lee County Killers, John Wesley Myers aka James Leg returns with his 3rd solo effort on the great, Alive Naturalsound RecordsBlood On The Keys. If you've ever heard a James Leg record or better yet have never seen the man perform live, blood is the last thing to leave on the keys of that Rhodes piano, everything else has been poured out by record and/or shows end. Not a terribly big man in stature but fire up the PA and set him on a keyboard stool and you're best to find the nearest bomb shelter. Stacked high with voracious punk blues with his piano at center stage, Leg stands 90ft tall and rising. NO DEPRESSION


In the Black Diamond Heavies, the Immortal Lee County Killers, the Cut In The Hill Gang, he was John Wesley Myers. Now, you can lose the formality and call him- simply- James Leg, a moniker for a sneering, whiskey fueled, son-of-a-preacher, punk rocker of a long gone order. Barely off the heels of his 2015 sophomore release, Below The Belt— for which Elmore dubbed Leg “Part Howlin’ Wolf, part Iggy Pop… the new standard-bearer for the rebels”—Leg is getting ready to release his third solo album, Blood On The Keys, September 30th via Alive Naturalsound Records. Like Below the Belt, he took to Masonic Sounds- located in a Masonic Lodge- in Dayton, KY, then sent the album to SodaCuts in East LA, where it was mixed by Jason Soda, who’s worked with GospelbeacH, Everest and Jakob Dylan. ELMORE MAGAZINE


1. Human Lawn Dart
2. Huggin The Line
3. Mighty Man
4. St Michel Shuffle
5. I’ll Take It
6. Aint You Hungry
7. DogJaw (Do Some Things You Say)
8. Tao Te Leg
9. Blood On The Keys
10. I Should've Been Home With You