JEREMY DORMOUSE - The Toad Recordings (Legendary 1967 Canadian hippie psych rarity) CD

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With liners & original cover art .

One of the hardest to find album collectibles there is.

This recording also features a very young Lynda Squires (Reign Ghost) and many other Canadian notables of the day. Original cover art is here as well as liner notes.

The master came from the band and sounds great, with male/female interplay throughout. Standout cut is 'Believe Me', a folk gem. There's also a haunting cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne' that is right there as well. This project is also related to the 'Rejects' LP, another lost Canadian rarity.



1 Baby Blue 3:31
2 Young Face 1:53
3 High Flying Bird 2:29
4 Portrait For Marianne 2:12
5 Just To Hear The Bells 3:29
6 Sometimes You Ain't Got Nothin' 2:33
7 By The Way 3:00
8 I Need A Friend 2:13
9 Suzanne 4:56
10 Believe Me 3:20
11 October Morning 2:23
12 Small Man 3:21
13 Who Do You Love? 3:22
14 Apple Annie 2:34