JOHN THE CONQUEROR-The Good Life (great bluesy heavy rock) CD

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There's more soul in the opening 10 seconds of "Get Em" than in most major label output combined in the past decade. - Benjamin Ricci / PERFORMER MAGAZINE


John The Conqueror are the real deal and will not disappoint your blues rock soul!The Fire Note



Black Country? Blues? Deep Blues? Rock ‘n’ Roll? “The Good Life” is American music done with passion and care, drawing plenty from the past and gleaning just as much from the present. Whatever you call it, just make sure you have the windows down and stereo cranked. Deep fried and defiant, John The Conqueror demands you turn up and listen loud. – BLACK GROOVES



1 Get Em'  
2 Mississippi Drinkin'  
3 Waking Up To You  
4 What Am I Gonna Do  
5 Golden Rule  
6 Let's Burn Down The Cornfield  
7 Road To Bayport  
8 You Don't Know  
9 John Doe  
10 Daddy's Little Girl  
11 She Said