LAS ANTORCHAS - ST -Paper mini slv replica ( 60s Mexican acid punk w liner notes, and a poster insert CD

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The CD features 18 tracks in all _ their famous EP, plus a host of great singles

This edition has liner notes, and a poster insert that replicates the Orfeon EP art.

Las Antorchas were formed in 1965 by five college students in Mexico City. They released only one EP on Orfeon, but had recorded enough material for an album. They split around 1968/69, but after a line-up change they continued under the name of Antorcha. Thanks to the persistence of VAM Records and record producer Manuel Alvarez Valdez, we now have all known material of Las Antorchas, including their Orfeon material.

Their early sounds are rock/beat influenced, with most relying on organ and vocals. But the excellent •Dime is a really great acid-punk track.

Truly underground Mexican rock, waiting to be discovered. _ with titles that include "Opus 14 Interior 12", "Dime", "Shake", "Confesion", "El Soldado", "Sabia", "No Lo Hagas", "Canta Conmigo", and "Substitute".