LEFT LANE CRUISER - Beck in Black ("spiky slide-fueled mayhem and gutbucket garage grit") RASPBERRY VINYL

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Retrospective of early LLC material with original drummer Brenn Beck!

Remastered and featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks. BLOODHOUND, MAYBE, and CHICKEN.

If their classic cocktail of spiky slide-fuelled mayhem and gutbucket garage grit ain’t enough, this has a six-pack of leftovers, capped by a wicked cover of The Pusher. Gawdamm. – LONDON FREE PRESS

As a taster for the band ‘Beck In Black’ is a great place to start and the older songs have certainly motivated me to check out their earlier albums. However it’s a strong album in its own right with plenty of classic Left Lane Cruiser to enjoy, with a few songs offering a more mellow side to the band. – MAXIMUM VOLUME

Beck in Black is a great starting point for Left Lane Cruiser virgins. If you are a fan of hard rocking, down and dirty, post punk blues rock you will want get to know Left Lane Cruiser and Beck in Black is a the perfect introduction. The Review: 8.5/10 – BLUES ROCK REVIEW

In this case, “outtakes” doesn’t equate to “fillers.” There’s some dope punk blues in here, recommended whether you’re new to Left Lane Cruiser or already a big fan. Beck In Black is a new place from where to get your Sausage Paw fix. – SOMETHING ELSE

Beck In Black, a loving collection of LLC material from the onset line-up of Freddy J IV on the vocals and guitar crunch and Brenn Beck on the boom bap drum kit and blowing some harp – a fleeting piece of envelope pushing Blues to add to your collection alone, if not for only 800 copies on limited edition metallic gold vinyl courtesy of Alive Naturalsound Records, of course. God Bless Record Store Day! – Scott Zuppardo / NO DEPRESSION

Not a “new” album as such but a compilation of favourite tracks, as nominated by former drummer Brenn "Sausage Paw" Beck, “Beck in Black” hangs together really well. Six of the 14 tracks are previously unreleased and a few others are re-mastered so there’s plenty of value here for glued-on fans. – I94 BAR

(The PUSHER) Originally released for Record Store Day (where it received the gold vinyl “treatment”), Left Lane Cruiser’s chugging, soulful cover of the Steppenwolf classic is coming to an album format near you next month, appearing on the band’s upcoming Beck In Black long-player. God damn the pusher man, indeed. – CLASSIC ROCK

Beck in Black demonstrates Beck’s skills behind the kit, from the frantic trash-can percussion of “Zombie Blocked” and jittery drive of “Crackalacka” to the bluesy groove of “The Pusher” and the near-funky skip of “Chevrolet.” – ALL MUSIC