MAJIC SHIP - ST (70s pop psych Vanilla Fudge style) CD

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They melded hard rock, pop, and psychedelia in a way similar to fellow New Yorkers Vanilla Fudge

Arising out of adolescent garage band the Primitives, which played primitive covers of British Invasion tunes, the New Primitives came together in New York City in 1966.

Finally their 1970 original LP released on the Bel-Ami label, new liner lotes by the band accompany this improved sound and photo quality of the release.

1     Sioux City Blues     3:01
2     Wednesday Morning Dew     3:07
3     Life's Lonely Road     2:51
4     We Gotta Live On     3:18
5     Where Are We Going     2:35
6     Free     4:20
7     Down By The River - What It's Worth     10:54
8     Nightmare     2:40
9     Too Much     3:38
10     Cosmo's Theme     3:45