MC5 - American Ruse - 60'S DETROIT ROCK! WAREHOUSE FIND ! Just a few CD

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Found a few of these kicking around the warehouse from long ago and far away!

 The American Ruse is comprised mainly of Back in the USA studio outtakes with and without vocals, rounded out by “I Believe To My Soul” and the totally out-there ”Black to Comm” from “Dialogue ‘68.” It may not be suitable to throw on during a party, but you can test people’s knowledge of MC5 lyrics with impromptu karaoke sessions. I’m serious: just try to sing along and you will soon have even more respect for Tyner’s vocal prowess as you realize how tightly on a dime he had those lyrics nailed—especially “Teenage Lust.”

1     Tonight (Instrumental-Alternate Take)     
2     The Human Being Lawnmower     
3     Looking At You (Instrumental-Alternate Take)     
4     Looking At You     
5     The American Ruse     
6     The American Ruse (Instrumental-Alternate Take)     
7     Call Me Animal (Instrumental)     
8     Tonight     
9     Tutti Frutti     
10     Teenage Lust (Instrumental)     
11     High School (Instrumental)     
12     Back In The U.S.A.     
13     I Believe To My Soul (Live Sept.8 1968)     
14     Black To Comm (Live Sept.8 1968)