MC5 - Human Being Lawnmower- 60'S DETROIT ROCK! Maddest and Baddest-WAREHOUSE FIND - CD

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Found a few of these kicking around the warehouse from long ago and far away!

Okay. After all this razzmatazz, probably the best place to start is with the recent Human Being Lawnmower: The Baddest and Maddest Of MC5 CD, which collects many of the best moments off previous Total Energy releases along with the best sounding live cover version of Ray Charles’ “I Believe To My Soul” ever, a brilliant sounding “flat mix” of the A-2 version of ‘Borderline” and a poignant Sonic Smith acoustic demo of “Over And Over.“

Rounding it all off is J.C. Crawford’s “What Is Zenta?” and well, what more could you ask for? (Besides the tracks they left off Kick Out the Jams, the pre-Landau run-throughs at Elektra of “Human Being Lawnmower,” “Call Me Animal” and “Teenage Lust,” I mean…)  ARTHUR MAGAZINE
1     Skunk     
2     Brother J.C. Intro     
3     Motor City Is Burning     
4     I Believe To My Soul     
5     Looking At You     
6     Gotta Keep Movin'     
7     Rama La Fa Fa Fa     
8     Borderline     
9     Over & Over     
10     American Ruse     
11     James Brown Medley     
12     I'm Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver     
13     Human Being Lawnmower     
14     What Is Zenta?