MILITIA -Released ( legendary 80s Texas underground heavy metal group) CD

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Comes with a 24-page color booklet with band history, tons of photos and liner notes

Unearthed collection of 1980s recordings from Militia, the legendary Texas underground heavy metal group out of Austin who released the record collector holy grail EP “The Sybling” back in 1985.

Featured here are the all-time classic 'Regiments of Death' demo, tracks from the Sybling EP, and more dusty relics!

Fans of Watchtower, Juggernaut, SA Slayer, Karian and other groups with that South Texas metal sound rejoice!  “In a perfect world – and for fans of high-pitched Metal voices – Soliz would be recognized as a god of wrath, way more than a dozen of now established names. A real siren, with immaculate melody and epos in his throat, too, Soliz raises the song’s value to another level by any means” – Metal-Temple. A trip back in time to the early 80s and the good old days of tape trading and collecting demos. Lose your old Militia demo tapes when your mother or the old lady tossed out your shit? Here they are!