REICHEL & MACHINES, ACHIM - AR 3 (70s Legendary underground freakout) CD

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A superb album with no major flaws, indeed an excellent addition to any prog/psych music collection.

Especially recommended for fans of spacey and psychedelic music, and essential to Krautrock enthusiasts. Happy listening..." "For Achim Reichel's 1973 release, and first on his vanity label Zebra, the talented Okko Bekker and noted Krautrock producer Thomas Kuckuck were invited along with many others, with the results being a higher-level mix of echo-guitar excursions, imaginative ensemble playing and kosmische folk-blues. Essential A.R.!"


1 Warum Peter Nur Noch Ferien Macht (Why Peter Is Only On Holiday) 7:26
2 Tarzan’s Abenteuer Im Sommerschlußverkauf (Terzan's Adventures In The Summer Sale) 5:20
3 10 Jahre Lebenslänglich (10 Years Life Imprisionment) 7:26
4 Die Tochter Des Frostriesen (The Frost-Giant's Daughter) 2:19
5 Die Eigentümer Der Welt (The Owenrs Of The World) 6:46
6 Heute Ist Es Wärmer Als Draussen (Today It Is Warmer Than Outside) 3:15
7 Auf Deutsch Heisst Das Gewissensbisse (In German We Call It Conscience Bites) 3:49
8 Wie Ich Mir So Ich Dir (I ... Me Like I ... You) 2:20
9 Alles Geht Nach Goa (Everybody Goes To Goa) 5:20