MORAZ, PATRICK - Out in the Sun (1976 MOODY BLUES member) CD

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Swiss born Patrick Moraz is probably best known in rock music circles for his membership of two of the world’s biggest rock bands, Yes and the Moody Blues.

He was also been a member of the progressive rock band Mainhorse, forming the band with bassist Jean Ristori in 1969 and releasing one self titled album in 1970.

By the time of the release of Moraz’s debut solo album in early 1976, he was firmly installed as the keyboard player in Yes. Following the release of Relayer all the members of Yes embarked on solo projects thus ensuring that his “The Story Of I” received maximum coverage in the music press. He then released his second solo album in 1977 (“Out In The Sun”) before joining the Moody Blues. As can be deduced from the title the second disc on offer here is a pairing of the first two Future Memories releases gathered together on one release.

As with all the albums in the Patrick Moraz reissue campaign, this album has been re mastered for release by Moraz himself from the original master tapes. (Time Wave)

1     Out In The Sun     4:27
2     Rana Batacuda     5:33
3     Nervous Breakdown     3:23
4     Silver Screen     4:32
5     Tentacles     3:33
6     Kabala     4:58
7     Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You     4:52
    Time For A Change     9:03
8-a     Time To Fly     
8-b     Big Bands Of Ancient Temples     
8-c     Serenade     
8-d     Back To Nature     
9     Batacuda XXX (Bonus Track)     5:09