MOTOR CITY IS BURNING 2 (w Mitch Ryder, Ron Asheton's Destroy All Monsters, Stooges, and SCR. 1970 -1998) Comp CD

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More of the best jams, kickin R&R, '77 punk rock, trash, garage, and 50's influenced R&B from the Motor City, all newly remastered. You'll find previously unreleased tracks by Detroit w Mitch Ryder, The Gories with an unheard version of Queenies, The Hentchmen, Ten High, Ron Asheton's Destroy All Monsters, and SCR.

Also a new studio track by ? and the Mysterians. "The second entry into this series strikes a nice balance between old favorites, legendary figures and modern-day Motor City bands.

Iggy Pop and James Williamson's 'Consolation Prize' is here, along with previously unreleased live tracks from Guardian Angel and the Rockets. A previously unreleased 'City Woman' by Mitch Ryder and Detroit also makes an appearance with a rare track from the original SRC, 'After Your Heart'.

Tracks from Question Mark & the Mysterians ('Love Says') Ten High (Kim Fowley's 'Underground Lady'), the Gories (a lo-fi boombox cut of their 'Queenie'), and the Silencers and the Hentchmen complete the package with five extra tracks tacked onto the CD version." - Cub Koda / All Music Guide


1     –Iggy Pop & James Williamson     Consolation Prizes     3:21
2     –Guardian Angel (5)     Soul Mover     2:56
4     –Detroit (2) W/ Mitch Ryder     City Woman     2:25
5     –SRC     After Your Heart     3:18
3     –The Rockets (5)     Saigon Shuffle     4:18
6     –? & The Mysterians     Love Says     4:37
7     –Cinecyde     Tough Girls     
8     –Va Voom     Gimme Some Action     
9     –The Boners (2)     Stupid Jail     
10     –Coldcock     I Wanna Be Rich     
11     –Ron Asheton´s Destroy All Monsters*     Go Away     
13     –The Hentchmen     Take A Good Look     2:36
12     –The Gories     Queenie     2:06
14     –Ten High     Underground Lady     2:17
15     –The Silencers (4)     Rough Rider     3:07