MUNDAYNES - LOVE IT (garage punk)- CD

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Are you looking for a bit of new rocking punk with just a touch of garage thrown in for good measure? Well if you are then The Mundaynes debut album 'Love It' should satisfy your needs. Recorded during Summer 2021 on the front line of Bexhill-On-Sea, 'Love It' is stuffed to bursting with 15 great songs. With a pedigree to be proud of, The Mundaynes have within their ranks musicians who have played with such punk legends as The Cravats, The Ploy, Apocalype, The Von Trapp Family, Room 13, Jello Biafra & The Alchemysts. There's no filler here, every track is a potential hit single. Singer Tony Page is not one for holding back. He attacks these songs as if his life depended on it. Guitarist Paul Bearer follows suit sounding like his tungsten plectrum is on fire. Songwriter and bassist N. Mundayne (Nick Saloman) lays down a pounding foundation, underpinned by the savage drums of Candice Hostettler. Old friend Ben Diagram guests on Vox Continental organ on four buzzing tracks.