MYSTIC EYES -OUR TIME TO LEAVE! (primal 60s garage rock sound)CD

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4 bonus tracks.  

If ever there was a band that could do justice to a ‘60s folk-rock chestnuts like “Clam Me Down,” it’s the Mystic Eyes. And on this LP, they prove it yet again. “Clam Me Down” is not only faithful to the original in form and delivery, but also recreates the feel of the primal  ‘60s garage rock sound.

But as good as their take on the Human Expression hit is, it doesn’t compare to the absolutely breathtaking originals that they churn out on this LP. 14 songs in all including a couple choice covers.

1     She Don't Cry No More     2:14
2     I Lost My World     2:22
3     Calm Me Down     2:38
4     Baby, We're Free     3:16
5     No Reason To Complain     2:25
6     I'm A Nothin'     2:58
7     Movin' Out     2:01
8     My Time To Leave     2:44
9     Judy     2:45
10     I Have     2:03
11     I Believe You     2:13
12     I'm Glad I Walked Out That Door     2:14
13     I Thought I Saw A Tear     3:20
14     Share     2:03
15     From Above     2:54
16     I'm Free     2:30
17     Enough Of What I Need     2:05
18     I Can Only Give You Everything     2:57