NEUTRAL SPIRITS -ST (1972 private press psych jewel) CD

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One of those privately pressed jewels from 1972, with a great weird garagey PSYCHEDELIC sound, we are all hunting after.

Doors-inspired music with great fuzz sound and distorted guitars. Their songs range from songs of protest such as 'Speaking Freeley' and Flying' to the 7 minute fuzz-fest 'Flower'.

Only 500 originals were pressed 400 of which were destroyed in a fire, so remaining originals are very hard to come by and go for the 4 digits in bucks, and still hardly ever pop up.

Featuring nice photos and story of the band.


1     Flying     3:04
2     Power City     6:50
3     Look What You Done To Me     4:36
4     Speak Freely     2:39
5     Scenic Void     2:03
6     Holding On     2:26
7     Can't Leave It This Way     3:21
8     I'm Calling Chicago     2:18