ONLY IN AMERICA Vol 2 (Zany and downright weird Nixon era period pieces ) COMP CD

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Strange! Incredible! Fans of RE/SEARCH should be forewarned! Zany and downright weird period pieces mostly dating from the Kennedy/Nixon era.

Music that defies description-any description.

Includes Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog, Forbidden Five, Appleton Syntonic Menagerie, Mr. Love, Beagles, Mysterious Clown, & never before heard live version of "Foot Foot" by the Shaggs!

Plus entertaining 16 page booklet illustrated by Wayno!



1          –James "Rebel" O'Leary*      Rebel Star     

2          –Tangela Tricoli         Stinky Poodle            

3          –Miriam (39)             In 1967         

4          –Nora Guthrie            Emily's Illness           

5          –The MSR Singers     I'm Just The Other Woman

6          –William Howard Arpaia*    Listen, Mr. Hat          

7          –Harry Burgess (2)   Chicago Policeman   

8          –Phil Phillips (3)       The Evil Dope           

9          –Unknown Artist       McDonalds Funeral Home   

10       –Earl Coleman           Hippy Heaven           

11       –Roger Bailey             Did She Break Your Heart   

12       –Rodd Keith   The Green Bug         

13       –James "Rebel" O'Leary*      South Bound 81       

14       –Buddy Max Cheese Eating Flea Market Cowboy           

15       –The World (We Wish)        Laughter Part 1        

16       –The Electric Lollipop           Lightning Bug           

17       –The Langley Schools Music Project*          Little Deuce Coupe   

18       –Melvin Kaiser          Heap 'Lil Injun          

19       –Uge (2)         Mad Charles

20       –Monocles*    The Spider And The Fly      

21       –Lou Berrington & The African Kamp        The Kwella Stroll      

22       –Sacramento City College Stage Band        LSD '67          

23       –Georgie Leonard      Ernie The Narc         

24       –Lost Dimension        Purple Haze  

25       –Lucky Charms          Wipe Out       

26       –Ed "Moose" Savage             Gut     

27       –Jim Fassett   Symphony Of The Birds/Second Movement (Buffo)       

28       –Don Wescott            Shimmering Glimmering Tube       

29       –The Decibels (3)     Star Spangled Banner