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Part of the original series of '60s garage punk collections that began in 1979 (the CD version omits a couple songs from the LP and adds six bonus tracks). The opening number, "Makin' Deals" by the Satans, is a mid-tempo rocker featuring a vocalist who snarled "Can you guess my name?!?" two years before Mick Jagger pranced through "Sympathy for the Devil." "99th Floor," an organ-driven stomper recorded in 1967, features ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. Sons of Adam do a respectable cover version of Arthur Lee's "Feathered Fish"; this is followed by an extra track, a '60s commercial in which the Electric Prunes endorse the Vox wah-wah pedal. "You Rub Me the Wrong Way" is a good fuzz-drenched B-side by the Road from the surprisingly late date of 1969. "So What" by the Lyrics and "Bad Girl" by Zakary Thaks rank among the best numbers in this collection, which probably explains why they were included in the Nuggets box set. "Lost Innocence" by the Buddhas is hyped-up bubblegum rock, while the fantastically crude "Green Fuz" by Randy Alvey & Green Fuz makes the Cramps' cover version sound like a symphony orchestra in comparison. Little Boy Blues, who are from Chicago, do a spirited version of "I Can Only Give You Everything"; Bobby Fuller, who is from Texas, covers "Wine, Wine, Wine," which was a local hit for the Nightcaps; the Dovers, who do "She's Gone" and "What Am I Going to Do," are somewhat reminiscent of the Ju Ju's; and Phil & the Frantics, who do "I Must Run," are somewhat reminiscent of the Zombies. The Choir, one of the better obscure '60s bands (and the progenitor of the Raspberries), do the Merseybeat-influenced "It's Cold Outside" (which can be found on the Nuggets box set). The CD also includes their Rolling Stones-influenced "I'm Coming Home," which is not even on the group's Choir Practice compilation. Other CD bonus tracks include "Be a Caveman" by L.A.'s Avengers (not to be confused with several other bands with the same name, including the '70s West Coast punk band), "She'll Lie" by Satan & D-Men, "Freedom of Love" by Undesyded, "Don't Want Your Lovin'" by Mark IV, and "Crazy Things" by Quid; however, the CD version of Pebbles, Vol. 2 omits the Squires, who do "Go Ahead," and the Litter, who do a Yardbirds-inspired rave-up of Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man." In any case, this is an excellent collection that should appeal to those who are want to delve deeper into the treasure chest of '60s garage punk music.- TODD KRISTAL

Track Listings:


   The Satans: "Makin' Deals

   The Moving Sidewalks: "99th Floor

   The Sons of Adam: "Feathered Fish

   The Electric Prunes: "Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial"

   The Road: "You Rub Me the Wrong Way"

   The Lyrics: "So What!"

   The Buddhas: "Lost Innocence"

   Zakary Thaks: "Bad Girl"

   Randy Alvey and Green Fuz: "Green Fuz"

   The Little Boy Blues: "I Can Only Give You Everything"

   The Dovers: "What Am I Going to Do"

   Phil & the Frantics: "I Must Run"

   The Dovers: "She's Gone"

   The Choir: "It's Cold Outside"

   Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics: "Wine Wine Wine"

   The Choir: "I'm Going Home"

   The Avengers: "Be a Caveman"

   Mark IV: "Don't Want Your Lovin'"

   Satan & D-Men: "She'll Lie"

   Undesded: "Freedom of Love"

   The Quid: "Crazy Things"