PSYCHEDELIC CROWN JEWELS VOL 2 (previously unrel. obscure 60s garage with 10 page booklet)COMP CD

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29 tracks from 65-69 from bands never before heard!! Plus a 10 page full color booklet of who these bands were-right from the mouths of the band members themselves!! Includes 9 photos too!! 75 minutes in length.

Show Credits
1     –The Counselors     Love Go Round     
2     –Joel Tessler     Why     
3     –The Northbridge Co*     Strange Land, Strange People     
4     –Edwick Rumbold     Come Back     
5     –The Rockin' Roadrunners     Urban Meadows     
6     –The Mark V (3)     Over You     
7     –The Marauders (2)     Our Big Chance     
8     –The Baroque Monthly     You Are Your Only Mystery     
9     –The Jelly Bean Bandits     Salesman     
10     –The Menn     Things To Come     
11     –The Hustlers (7)     If You Try     
12     –The Sons Of Joseph*     It Won't Rain On Me     
13     –The Checkmates (4)     Talk To Me     
14     –The Rogues, Inc.     People Say     
15     –The Illusions (5)     Shadows Of You     
16     –The Prime Mover     When You Made Love To Me     
17     –The Grapes Of Wrath*     Have A Good Time On Me     
18     –The Off-Beats     Tired Of Crying     
19     –Gang Of Saints*     Yes, It's Too Bad     
20     –Substantial Evidence     Death Angel     
21     –The Phantoms*     Story Of A Rich Man     
22     –The Barons (10)     Drawbridge     
23     –The Joint Effort     The Third Eye     
24     –The Kracker Barrell Komplex*     Different Than Me     
25     –The Rockin' Roadrunners     Go Away     
26     –The Stix And Stones*     Bad News     
27     –The Individuals (3)     She's Gone Away     
28     –The Jaguars (4)     Two Can Play     
29     –The Viceroys (5)     Five Steps To Hell