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 We venture into the great Bluegrass State of Kentucky, which has been no stranger to Gear Fab through the  years!!

Featuring dozens of never before compiled tracks, this double CD promises to be the best of our previous 24 installments:

    Disc One

1) I Realize- The Casuals   2) Bring Your Love To Me- Berkshire 7   3) Everyman- The Emotions   4) Mistakes- M’PAX   5) Wait For You- Sole Society   6) Me And My Girl- Sounds Of The Zounds   7) No You Won’t- THEM U.S.A.     8) Listen To The Music- The New Dawn   9) Two, Three Or Twelve- The Misfits 10) Can’t Get Enough- The Mags   11) Laws And Restrictions- The Marquee Monsters    12) I Don’t Need Her Now- The Scavengers   13) Please Don’t Go- The Moxies   14) I’ll Go Wandering- The Saxons   15) Do Me Right Now- Clock Work Orange   16) Gonna Put You Down- The Clydes   17) Still On The Run- The Exceptions   18) Act You Age- The Nite Owls   19) Winds Escape- The Outcasts   20) Next Time- Sir Arthur & Co.   21) The Alligator- The US Four   22) Her Kind- THEM U.S.A.   23) All That I really Want- The Tempo’s   24) Day In And Out- The Waters   25) The Perfect Girl- The New Lime   26) Now I’ve Gotta Stay- The Pepper Crystals   27) About That Time- Unit VI   28) World Of Love- The Young Vibrations   29) Four Inches Above The Knees- The Blue Vistas   30) All Over The World- The Alphabetical Order   31) Remain Unknown Girl- The Fabulous Shantels
Total Time: 76:16
Disc Two
1) I’m Gonna Stay- The Moxies   2) Does  She Or Doesn’t  She- The Merseybeats U.S.A.   3) You Better Stop- The Maltese   4) Sunny Covington Avenue- The Sunday Funnies   5) The Look In Her Eyes- Pop-Korn   6) Loving You Sometimes- The Outcasts   7) She’s All Wrong- The Saxons   8) I’ll Cry- The Ovations   9) I Feel Like Crying- The Sound Extraction   10) It’s Best- One Of Hours   11) Goin’ Away- Male Species   12) Say Now Baby- The Jades   13) Bright Lights- The Fanatics   14) Doncha Wish You Could- Jack Holiday   15) The Harm I Do- The Hearby   16) Children Of The Midnight Sun- New Musical Express   17) I Long To See Her- The Children   18) I’m The One- The Chateaus   19) Now Who’s Good Enough- Elite U.F.O.   20) King Of The Soap Box- The Bad Seeds   21) You Don’t Want Me- The Dingos   22) Come On- The Exiles   23) She’s Still On My Mind- Sir Arthur & Co.   24) Wrong Side Of Love- New Musical Express   25) Your Golden Touch- Clock Work Orange   26) Silver And Gold- The Indigos   27) I Can’t Walk Away- Pop-Korn  28) It’s Me Not you- The Torques   29) Bad Girl- The Vibrators   30) Children Of The 3rd November- the Rogues   31) Why- The Wanted & Co.
Total Time: 77:17