RADIO MOSCOW - The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz w. bonus tracks digipack CD

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Radio Moscow does for Blue Cheer what The Black Keys do for 21st century blues.”- The Austin Chronicle Radio Moscow’s popularity is growing rapidly as more and more fans tune into their unique brand of American psychedelic blues rock.

Their music is rooted in the power-trio sounds from the golden age of rock’n’roll in the late sixties and early seventies. "The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" is the Californian based band’s third album for Alive Natural Sound Records. It’s also a genuinely thrilling follow up to their previous releases, brimming with toe curling Hendrixified guitar soloing and the mariju*na and acid laced caterwauling of Blue Cheer, not to mention some seriously impressive blues guitar work that would make Seasick Stevie green with envy! The wild card and golden boy of the group Parker Griggs grew up in Story City, Iowa. As a young basement dwelling cave teen obsessed with mid-60s garage-punk he home recorded a slew of songs in that vein which saw fruition as Radio Moscow (the moniker having been lifted from Nikiita The “K”’s “Go Go Radio Moscow” from the garage comp Ya Gotta Have Moxie Vol. 2). However, although never tiring of garage-punk, Parker Grigg’s was excelling at the guitar (and drums - which he plays on all of the albums), progressing musically towards the proto-metal blues of Cream, Hendrix, Sabbath and Blue Cheer. This was apparent on the debut on which Parker played everything bar bass. A demo handed to Dan Auberbach after a Black Keys gig impressed the musician so much he landed Radio Moscow a deal with Alive and produced their startling power-trio infused debut. A further album followed the 2007 debut in 2009. "Brain Cycles" adhered to the old adage of if it ain’t broke don’t mend it and saw the teenage guitar assassins smelt gold from their vintage heavy, psychedelic blues licks.

"The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" was recorded, mixed and mastered in analog at the legendary Prairie Sun recording studios in Northern California (artists such as Tom Waits, Commander Cody and Leslie West, among many others have recorded there). In order to achieve the true natural sound they were looking for, the band used vintage Supro, Gibson and Alamo amps, as well as other off-beat gems, while Parker would, at times, run his vocals through a tape echo, a Leslie cabinet or an old Gibson reverb tank. "The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz" is an amazing album that updates an old-school style with craft, passion and plenty of psychedelics! The album art is a throwback to the psychedelic covers of the late sixties/early seventies, and instead of being minimalist, as is the norm these days, the album is a super-sized, gatefold edition that's a trip in itself!



1 Little Eyes 3:45
2 No Time 3:46
3 Speed Freak 3:13
4 Creepin' 3:28
5 Turtle Back Rider 4:18
6 Densaflorativa 3:30
7 I Don't Need Nobody 4:54
8 Misleading Me 3:53
9 Summer Of 1942 2:58





11 Deep Down Below 5:06
12 Open Your Eyes 5:23