RADIO ONE -ST ( 77 style a la early Clash-old school sound with high energy) CD

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Cool skate punk from OC. Radio One's self-titled debut album comes from veterans of the punk rock scene- formed by ex-members of the Pushers and the Bleeders and fronted by Ruben of the punk clothing company Dogpile on vocals.

This record is a lively, catchy, and rocking sound of 1977 rock a la early Clash-old school sound with high energy. This would be the sound if The Clash and say U.S. Bombs spawned offspring.

These guys crank up the volume and put a kick back into the scene with a well crafted consistent sound. "Radio One plays guitar-driven 77-style punk that we've all heard before, but they tackle it with such exuberance that it's like you're hearing it for the first time." - Slug