RED TYGER CHURCH - Free Energy (psych garage S.F. glam, Dolls style) LAST COPIES CD

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“Glammy, hammy, sexy, silly riffarama is RTC's stock-in-trade, and at least two cuts here could've been plucked from some trove of Mott outtakes : 'Angie Vampyre' is in the lyrical tradition of sassy anthems 'Foxy Foxy' and 'Momma's Little Jewel' even as it channels the music of 'All The Way From Memphis,' while the 'One Of The Boys'-like 'Cherry Cola' conjures a whizzkid Saturday night fueled by easy kicks and cheap tricks.

The Velvets, New York Dolls and Bowie clearly figure in the Tyger's musical lexicon, too; there's even an overt 'Hunky Dory' homage closing the album.

Put Red Tyger Church on the same bill as the Brian Jonestown Massacre and you'd have a flashback worth its weight in mescaline and Mandrax.” - Magnet


1 Spells Against Squares  
2 Angie Vamyre  
3 Cat People  
4 Free Energy  
5 Dawn Of The Phoenix  
6 Cherry Cola  
7 A Strawberry Slowdown  
8 Unicorn  
9 Wolwes Of Sunshine  
10 Welcome  
11 Tears By The Pound