ROCK EN AREQUIPA - ST (Rare singles from 60s Peru ) COMP CD

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The first regional rock compilation from Peru's rich and mostly undiscovered musical history, but certainly not the last!

Twenty-one tracks (72 minutes), the best of the rare singles recorded by bands like Free Love System, Los Texao, Los Incógnitos, Madera Fresca, and Opus who thrived in Arequipa, Peru during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Arequipa? yes, Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru, up in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 2,380 meters (7,800 feet) above sea level; Arequipa, nicknamed La Ciudad Blanca (The White City), nestled beneath the snow-capped volcano El Misti. Arequipa.

Get your Peruvian beat fix with groovy tracks from Los Incógnitos and Los Texao. Want some face-melting psychedelia instead? check out Los Texao’s ‘Stone’ or their fuzz-guitar laced instrumental ‘Swarlb’—both a musical style called "Niebla" (Fog), because of the effect produced by the band’s rotor amps and reverb and echo effects. (Los Texao were the first group in the province to record using FuzzTone effects, using powerful Dynacord amps imported from Germany).

Prefer a more laid-back style? then you’ll love Free Love System. Looking for some heavy grooves? ‘La pelea del gobernador’ (Los Texao) or ‘Un paseo por el recuerdo’ (Free Love System) might do it for you.

Sixteen-page booklet has mini-biographies of all five bands in Spanish and English; all tracks are from the master tapes, with the exception of Madera Fresca’s freak out ‘Any Time’—a classic at parties—and their acoustic version of ‘La lenta que apura,’ both rescued from the obscurity of a rare cassette.


1     –Los Texao     La Pelea Del Gobernador     
2     –Los Texao     Nunca Cambias     
3     –Los Texao     Stone     
4     –Los Texao     Algun Dia     
5     –Free Love System     Un Paseo Por El Recuerdo     
6     –Free Love System     Correteando Añoranzas     
7     –Free Love System     Déjenme Seguir     
8     –Free Love System     En La Ruta Del Silencio     
9     –Los Incógnitos (2)     Ya Será Tarde     
10     –Los Incógnitos (2)     Te Amé A Primera Vista     
11     –Los Incógnitos (2)     Siempre Te Recordare     
12     –Los Incógnitos (2)     ¡Oh! Delita     
13     –Los Texao     Nada De Nada     
14     –Los Texao     Pobre Gato     
15     –Los Texao     Coge Mi Mano - Gimme Little Sign     
16     –Los Texao     No Time     
17     –Los Texao     Swarlb (Instrumental)     
18     –Los Texao     Sookie Sookie     
19     –Madera Fresca     Any Time     
20     –Madera Fresca     La Lenta Que Apura     
21     –Opus (20)     Va Y Bien